How long does it take to recover from this junk that I have had

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    My daughter was ill witha bad cold on christmas eve, she came to visit for a day on a thursaday I have been losing days with having high fevers, But of Wed. of this past week I took mom to the doctor who told me to see my own doctor,I did and what he had to say was not good, as I have asthma and COPD I am really prone to phemuonina and the doctor told me that if I didn't watch this I would have the phemumonia and it would be bad, I think that when I started to cough up a rusty mucus that the pheunmonia had won and I had lost the battle. I didn't know that you can cough up so many different colors of mucus or cough so hard that it feels like your coughing your lungs up.

    Yes i have been given a antibitoic but I had coughed so hard that it comes back up so I am still trying to get it to stay down so it will help me,I hae a low body temp of 95.6 andit did get up to 103 so I was really confused as to how High my temp got to be. I would call the doctor and he would ask how high my temp is and I told him that normally is very low and now by mouth it is 103. So I am really confused as to how high it really got> I can't figure it out as to how to calulate what it was.

    I have been usuing my asthma in haler but it makes my heart just run and go fast . And the doc was concerned about that too.. I have spent so many nightw thinking that my fever was breaking as I was sweating and would soak my pillow.And nightgown, I had no energy and felt so weak and have had no appitite at all but I have tried to eat soup and broth but it is so hard when you aren't hungery at all.

    I don't ever rememeber being this till since I was in myearly 20's when I had antibotic induced colitis. And was putin the hosptial and went in weighing 145 and came out 4 days later weiging 118 , and it took me so long to get the idea of eating agian.

    I astill hurt to breathe and my head has ached so badly with this junk, I still feel like I have been beaten up with a base ball bat. And I don't cough for hours than suddenly I have a coughing fit that will last for up to 20 minutes and leave me gasping for air so I will use my inhaler and it seems to make it worse or I have the feeling that I can't breathe. I don't know what is going on with me. I am so weak from this and my chest hurts to breathe and to touch must be the chosochronditis too. And even some pleusry too who knows.

    All I know that I have been one sick person and my husband has had this too so we have not been to gether he hides in his room and I would sleep for hours when I could and them all of a sudden I was wide a wake but felt so tired that moveing was a no no.
    It has been a week today since I saw my doc. And I really don'feel much better than I did that day. He did say tht the cough would get worse before it would ge better.

    So as I leave you feeling like I have been hit by a mack truck along with some other big rigs, I still feel so weak that walking to the bathroom is a workout. I hope that you don't get this stuff that I have still going on. I may be getting better but I am far from better. I can feel each breath that i take sometimes I can hear my self breathe and I don't know if what I am hearing is from my throat of my lungs as I can feel a wheese and rattle in my upper cheast it rattles too and at the end of the breath there is a long slow wheeze that will whistle and crakle, So I don't know what it is i have but don't get it, it is really nasty.
    HOpe that you all are feeling well and have had a happy new year May god bless you all for the support you always give to me.
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    Get to the doctor.......sounds bad.......could be several problems and a overlap of another problem.
    Do you smoke?
    Get it taken care of ASAP.....or complications can sit in..........
    Wishing you the Best...
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    I didn't have it quite that bad, but it was about 3 weeks.

    Be sure to use a humidifier~that seemed to knock it out the best in the end. We put a ton of humidity in the air- we used one in the bedroom at night, fired up the jacuzzi tub a few times during the day, boiled pots of water, anything to get it up, and it helped A LOT.

    Also, we got some of those Shower Soothers that give off the eucaplyptus scent in the shower and stood there and did that. It was sort of like doing a spa treatment, and they are found at the drug store. Pretty cheap, too.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

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