How long does the relief from TPI last?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wanderingbluedragon, Dec 1, 2006.

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    My Dr. scheduled me for trigger point injections and I could not find too many posts on it. I was just wondering if anyone who's had it could share how long the relief lasted, what it was like and if they could function the rest of that day or if I should plan to be down for the rest of the day afterwards. Thank you,

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    hey blue------try to do a search-------use trigger point injectins--------------title and content-------------box is in left side----------------thats how i found my info-----------had them about 2 weeks ago----------------helped my upper back------not lower where i needed the most-----------but i read that they helped a ton of people-----no you will be fine afterwards-------i drove myself home------------good luck-----------take care---------------love to all-----------laura
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    I had been getting TPI's- they worked for a while when the pain was mild to moderate. I learned to take pain meds BEFORE the TPI's because I was really, really sore a few hours afterward; I was pretty sore the next day, too.

    Doctors can use different meds in the injections. Typically, my doc used meds in the "caine" family- lidocaine, zylocaine, ... The TPI's are usually a combination of meds, including steroids, to help last longer to relieve pain. You and your doc will have to "experiment" with the TPI's to find the right combination of meds which give you the most relief, without side-effects.

    I would usually get anywhere from 12-18 injections in the same day! My doc used a topical "freezing" spray to numb the area before the injection. The key to the TPI's benefit is to have the injection site "rubbed-out" for about 10 seconds after the shot; this helps to avoid "knots" and to spread the medication into a wider area for more relief.

    I would get the injections in my mid-back, across the shoulders, in my neck, and in the base and sides of the skull- this helped with migraines, too.

    As my pain continued to increase, the TPI's didn't seem to help as much. Injections were given with alternating meds (at different appointments) and increased to the max dosage. Finally, my doc prescribed Lidoderm Patches- NOT Duragesic, but Lidoderm. They too, are in the "caine" family and can be used on a daily basis for constant levels of med without the hassle of going into the office for TPI's. The patches can be cut and placed on different parts of the body. They seem to work better for me than the injections -and- no pain associated!

    A bit of advice, see a doc who is trained in giving the TPI's- the depth of the injection, the angle of the needle, locating the "knots", etc.

    Hope this helps some!


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