How long has it been around and a diagnosis?

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    Can anyone tell me how long CFS and FM has been around?Because all of my symptoms lean toward Gulf War Syndrome and I wasn't in the war.All of my problems started in 1990.I haven't been diagnosised with either one but I don't know if I'm seeing the right Dr. I'm just tired all the time with joint pain. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Takesha

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    when it comes to all this, but I will share what I know.
    FMS has been around quite awhile, it was known as fibrosis at one time. There is a Dr. Garth Nicolson who believes that CFS/FMS are Gulf war a search on this site for Dr. Nicolson and you will get loads of info.
    I do know that it is often very hard to get doctors to diagnose both of these DD's, and some don't believe in them at all. The best thing I can suggest is reading the resources in the library here and do a web search of FMS/CFS. There is tons of info on the web.
    Also, I would recommend keeping a daily journal of your symptoms and taking it with you to the doctor. Especially, of how frequent, how intense, and how often your symptoms occur. Hope this helps some.

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    They've both been around a long time.

    There was a mysterious outbreak of something like CFS in Florida in the early 1900s (don't remember if it was the teens or twenties). It's possible that Florence Nightingale had it as well. Don't remember which doc wrote it "The Disease of 1000 Names" (or something like that).

    It's also possible you were exposed to something during the time they were vaccinating all the soldiers for the Gulf War. Or were exposed to one who had an active infection or something.
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    Fibro has been around a long, long time. It was first described in medical writings in the 1400's. It has been known by many names.
    I once read a British murder mystery written in 1938 where the main character had fibrositis.
    When I was dx'd with a classic case of it in 1986, it was still called fibrositis by most docs.
    Many of us here have mothers and grandmothers,etc. who had it.
    IMO, It has become a bigger problem, because my generation, the baby boomers, were the first women to go out of the home to work in large numbers. While we may be able to barely manage this at home, and nobody sees our messy house when we feel to ill, etc., at work you cannot lie down and stop working, or you will be fired.
    I do believe the incidence of it has grown, due to the impossible demands our current society makes upon us,esp. upon women.
    However, if your pain is primarily in your joints, I think you should see a Rheumatologist to rule out forms of arthritis first, also for a definitive dx of fibro, if that is what it is.