How long have you had symptoms? Anything help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AmyLR, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. AmyLR

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    How long have you all had symptoms? I noticed all this start really sudenly in the summer of 2000. Hit me like a frieght train. Up until then Id always been a high energy (although rather fat) person.

    I dont like takeing pills at all. Infact the closest thing that I get to medication is icy hot for my poor hurtin joints.

    Its wierd how it will hurt so intencly in one place that I think Im gonna die... and then the next day, its some place else...
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    Dear Amy:

    It started about 10 years ago when I use to dance I noticed I would get dizzie and very fatigued. I think my Fibro was prompted by a total hysterectomy that I had a few months prior. At least the worst part of the FM. I had a lot of the other symptoms like migraines, severe acid reflux and irritable bladder for many years.

    I wasn't actually diagnosed with Fibro and CFS just like you until 2000. There isn't much that helps me as far as medicine is concerned. Deep tissue massage is very good, but should be done by a Theraputic Massage Therapist that knows about FM. Hot baths and heating pads. Thats about it, it helps for a few days but then I am back to the pain. It is a vicous cycle.

    Maybe someday there will be something for us that will really take away the pain.

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  3. Francey54

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    Bumping for you Amy
  4. JLH

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    I have had fibro and lupus for 44 years - ever since I was 10 years old, only the docs did not know what it was then!

    It got so bad that I decided to take early retirement. I retired at age 48 with 30 years service. I am now 54.

    What helps me most:


    Heating Pad
    Hot Showers


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