How Long Til We Feel Better W/ ABX ? Any Encouragement ?

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    I have been on doxycycline about 6 weeks and feel MUCH worse, which I hope indicates that my body is disposing of mycoplasm bacteria. The symtoms are like the herx reaction I think. For those on antibiotics , how long did you feel worse before you began to feel better? I continue with the doxy because I am hoping for improvement at some point, despite the fact that I am feeling intensely fluish and achey and having sore lymph nodes and having head aches.
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    Just like with the Herxing, it all depends on the person and how long he or she has been sick. No one can tell you how long it will take.

    The new protocol is for at least six months on the Doxy before pulsing off for two weeks and back on for six. If symptoms emerge again before the two weeks is up, the Doxy should immediately be restarted.

    Since being on the Doxy, my IBS, migraine-type headaches, swollen lymph nodes, low-grad temperatures, and chronic sore throat are gone. So far, the longest I've been able to go without the Doxy is about three weeks. I've been on it for about two years. I've been sick 13 years.

    Good luck with this treatment.

    Love, Mikie
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    Each time I swear I will die before dawn's light I somehow don't. Up until the local EMS, together with my 'loving' daughters, threw me all over kingdom come, ignoring completely my 11 year old son's admonition, I was beginning to think...gee, maybe I don't have this nightmare...well, after an anaphalectic reaction to morphine, the discovery of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, with hypoxia, life has not been the same!
    The hopes of a morphine shunt in my spine bit the dust; the amnesia was devastating; my dear daughters razed my home..for the 2nd time atleast in the last 4 years....I came home afterwards to a full hospital bed, w/spinal mattress and a presc. for a crappy, I don't recommend it, front wheel drive Bruno mini-powerchair! I have gone round and round about this chair...I prior had a rear wheel drive powerchair, Quickie200!! BIG difference to you folks who work your FMS/Collagen disease up into a frenzy and end up with SERIOUS nerve entrapment...spinal stenosis, DDD et al and it progresses because you have no caretaker to help you much less singly raise a beautiful eleven.
    I come here as often as I can, being a member since 2001, to remind myself there are others hurting more than I am and reinforce my fear of dying is only this horrific disease I would not wish on my worst enemy!
    The last week of fighting w/equipment providers, corrupt social services coordinators....laws upon laws that cause our doc's in s. texas to be treated as drug dealers....I am just about had it!
    Don't come to this county for Pete's sake. I conserved my electricity...last mo. it was 390. My bill Monday was going to be $540. by the time my SS ck hit....Yes, my usage was down, the City Mgr. confirmed. Well, I'm on O2 and O2 concentrator...C-PAP et al. ceiling fans which cause migraines/allergy hell! My CS does not even cover a bill like that! I cannot even afford to rent the apt., should such a dumb thought like that ever enter my head!
    If FMSCFICSMPC/CPS and the subsequent ailments we generally get doesn't kill us; the economy will. CactusLil'
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    I have been on ABX for over 4 months now, and I still feel sick and fatigue that is so crushing, that it keeps me housebound... The doc says a year til one starts feeling better, go to roadbackfoundation (edited to remove URL) and you can get a better Idea... I read about a woman feeling better after 9 months. I know how you feel, I am there still. I was just prescribed Provigal for the fatigue, Ill keep you in my prayers, God bless, Iggy
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    Concentrates on using ABX for treatment of RA. If you look up Dr. Garth Nicolson's articles here or go to his website, you can see the protocol for people with GWI, FMS, and CFIDS.

    Seems no one gets completely well in less than six months and people often have to take ABX for a year or two or even longer (I've been on Doxy for two years). It doesn't necessarily take that long to see results, though. A bunch of my symptoms disappeared right after my first Herx. We are all different. I would say that most do not get well before a year, but many see the benefits before that.

    Love, Mikie
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    Some Lyme patients take Doxy for months and months like Mikie said. Is Doxy for mycoplasma stealth infections? (If someone already said so, sorry, I have major FOG today.)

    If I'm comprehending things right, this antibiotic helps both people with Fibro & Lyme as long as the right doctor prescribes it for the right lenght of time.
    (fibro dx)
  7. Mikie

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    Yes, I am taking the Doxy for stealth mycoplasma infection. My illnesses were triggered by an active infection 13 years ago. If I had been given the right ABX for the right length of time, the mycoplasma would probably have been defeated and not gone stealth in my body. Now, it's going to take some time. I am back on the Doxy right now and am in complete remission. I have energy, no pain, no cognitive problems and am moving with grace and fluid movements instead of moving stiffly.

    I found out by a fluke that I had a reactivated Herpes-family virus in my system and pulse Famvir as well. I am currently not taking the Famvir.

    I don't know about treating Lyme's Disease as I tested neg. for it.

    Love, Mikie