how long until I get over this flu/flare hurting bad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    hi friends - i am typing from bed. I was feeling overly tired yesterday driving home from the store and then my legs buckled I thought I was going to faint and became very dizzy. My heart was going between a fast flutter to beating out of my chest (hubby could feel it). He asked if I should go to the ER. Have been in bed since.

    My muscles hurt so bad and I am so weak. I feel dizzy and the pain scale is at a 10. It hurts to move or lie still. I assume this is the FLU.... ANy advice on how to recoup sooner than later? I have so much work to do and need to get thru this as soon as possible.

    I know rest is neccesary and I do not have a choice anyway - but just wonderign how long it takes you out and what may have helped you get thru it.

    Thank you
  2. wish_to_be_healthy

    wish_to_be_healthy New Member

    I don't know how long it will last, sorry.

    Not having a good day either : (

    Take care...I hope someone will have some answers for you,

  3. suz45

    suz45 New Member


    Sorry about the flare, we all very in out itme response once it starts. For me I find that it usually is at it worst for about 3-4 days than some relief or decrease insymptoms.

    I'm feeling bad today too. Not sure suspect the weather is playing a part.

    Try keeping yourself hydrated with teas or water it seems to flush out the bad stuff faster. Rest and relax...try to not fight the pain.

    Thinking of you,


  4. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    My daughter has in been in bed for 2 days now as well. She thinks it's the weather! We are in Indiana, how about the rest of you?
  5. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Sorry to hear you picked up one of the rotten bugs going around. My kids, huband & myself all got sick with it about 6 weeks ago, and they are all better , I am not! I still have some chest conjestion, and my body is achy & weak. I could not take the antibiotics prescribed, as it made me even sicker.
    I hope you get better much faster, but what works great for the kids is good old fashion soup, extra vitamins, take Ester C instead of regular Vitamin C as your body absorbs much more of it, lots of fruit and juice, and if you can get antibiotics quickly-that isn't always easy these days. My doc likes to let the bugs ride themselves out, but knowing my situation gives in much faster.
    I do hope you get well soon, Laura
    PS Don't forget about extra sleep!
  6. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    thank you all for your caring thoughts and advice. I guess I cannot fight it, I cannot seem to get out of this bed. Hurting way too bad. I do have ester c here and took one. DO you know how many I can take daily?

    BIg hugs to you all - I DO appreciate it and hope those of you who are also feeling lousy feel better soon.

    Gentle Hugs
  7. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Sorry not sure of the recommended daily dose. My capsules are 1000mg and I take 1 a day. Two when I fee the flu bug or cold coming on. My naturopath told me it was great for my varicose viens. I would check, even call a local pharmacy. Take care & wishing you well! Laura
  8. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    i will check with the pharmacist about the c.. thank you

    donnaeil - we must have been typing at the same time. Wow - I had no idea, I will call the doc right now..
    Thanks & Hugs
  9. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    I am so sorry you're feeling bad! WOW! I have to admit, what you described sounds like what I feel like 90% of the time. I get low grade fevers, I have the dizziness all the time, constant high pulse rate/blood pressure, body aches, electrical pains all over, pain in chest, weak limbs, nauseous and have a bad taste in my mouth which varies. I know it's scary when your legs give out on you. Though I've only had it happen a couple of times. My advice is to stay in bed. You could be going through a really bad flare up of FM/CFS which mimics the flu. Though if you think you have the flu for real then call your Doctor. You're in my prayers!
    (((soft huggies)))

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