how long were you ill before applying for soc sec benefits

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    first and foremost thanks for responding
    ive been ill and off of work on disability for 9 months and have seen 10 doctors with about 4 different dx's.
    i guess im in denial because somehow i think i will get better soon ?????????? should i be applying for ss now ? how long was it before you applied. GOD BESS FOY
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    I have been off work since September of 2005. I have private disability which required me to apply for SS disability as soon as my disability was long term. I applied last March, was denied in June, and am now awaiting the decision on the reconsideration phase.

    I understand how you feel. I did not (and sometimes still do not) want to admit that I am "disabled." When I stopped working, I really thought I could rest and recuperate for a few months and I'd be back to my old self. Unfortunately, that has not happened so far. I have good days but then I always crash back to my worst state.

    If your doctors agree that you are disabled and you do not forsee returning to work for at least a year, you should go ahead and apply for SS benefits as it is usually a long drawn out process to be approved.

    Good luck to you and I hope you have lots of good days!

    PS Just read your profile...I've also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder - Sjogren's Syndrome. What's yours?[This Message was Edited on 11/06/2006]
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    Hi Foy,

    I understand where you're coming from, hoping to get better.

    I applied for SSD in 2001, but went back to work, dropped the SSD claim, and tried my best to work.

    Well, I just couldn't do it. I worked 2 different jobs and after the 2nd one, I finally gave up. I didn't care what happened to me, I just knew I couldn't do it anymore.

    So, I filed all over again in April 05, and waiting for ALJ Hearing now, and was told it would probably be another year or year and a half. It takes such a long time.

    I know it's difficult but do what you think you need to but again, it's a long, drawn out process.

    Good luck,

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    I applied a month ago although my doc is farting around with no definite diagnosis. I can't work, whether or not my doc is capable of doing what he is supposed to do. I have been to 3 physicians, and I have a diagnosis of PTSD so I filed on grounds of that.

    I have lost trust in docs, and don't give a darn if I have a fool proof diagnosis of CFS or not. I can't work, and I know it.

    I don't know how long this will last, but I know I can't work tomorrow, and without a doc treating me properly- I don't expect getting better anytime soon!

    I got sick(er) right after my daughter was born in April, 2004.
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    to the denial part of all this???? Wanting to get better...teh "better" days providing nothing but a tease..adding to the denial....and who wants this "stigma"??

    Anyway, I started finally almost immediately as I had read something on and requested their packet that has so much good info. BUT I lost all my info online; couldn't retrieve it; had a lawyer telling my husband we needed to wait a year; got irritated/frustrated iwth husband listening to lawyer instead of me; os anyway, we just got our first denial. I have been off work since 03Nov03...

    Start eth paperwork!! You will get a denial first and probably even second time. Get it in the works now. Sooner you do, sooner you get to the part of the process that is the hearing; better your chances are at that point.

    Hope this helps, Rhonda
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    It started in 90 after being in bed for 8 months and on welfare after having to drop out of work and school. I applied for SSD because my husband, then fiancee was taking out money on our credit cards to make our mortage payments (we had bought a house right before I became really sick)...and he didn't want to worry me, so I didn't know for months!

    I applied after finding that out.

    ...then I thought I was "well" and went back to work at the Guthrie Theatre...then became too sick to work, when I got my first denial...Then a second denial for benefits...about the time I had to give up my place in a graduate program, because I was still too work, or go to school.

    Then by the 3rd time around, I was fortunate to have a case worker who was undertanding about Lupus...but couldn't at that time get me OK'd for SSD for that diagnosis, so she used PTSD...and I got it under that diagnosis...that was 92.

    I was bothered every 2-3yrs to prove to Social Security's doctors that I was still sick...and I would try to work on occasion...finally with my pregnancies, and all of the complications and flares...I guess they finally believe this is here to stay, long term...and they no longer have me come in to "Prove" to their doctors that I am still sick.

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    I had symptoms long before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Absenteeism was a big problem with my jobs. In 2003 and 2004 I was working for two pediatric physicians. It was at this time that my symptoms started worsening. I attributed it to stress at work since it was a very stressful position and also the fibro. I missed a lot of work during that time and finally quit. I began working at home doing transcription in May 2005. My husband was having difficulty finding and keeping jobs during this time and I was forced to increase my hours to 65 or more hours per week to make ends meet. Over the past year the pain has become unbearable, the headaches became daily instead of weekly, and so on and so on. Although I was working for a specific company for the transcription work at home, I was considered an independent contractor and therefore self employed. I just couldn't take it anymore and stopped working in July 2006.

    I applied for SSD as soon as I made the decision to stop working. I thought for a while that I would take a year or so off and rest and recuperate but I have come to realize that's not going to happen. Things are just getting worse and no amount of rest makes it better. I contacted an attorney before actually filing for disability so that I would have assistance through the entire process. At this time I have received my initial denial (in October) and am in the reconsideration process. My attorney has been very helpful and given me lots of advice. I would definitely recommend getting an attorney. But get one that does not require payment unless you win your case.

    Finances are still a struggle since my husband, after finally finding a good job, is the only one working right now but I'm willing to stick it out. Being self employed, I had no medical insurance and did not get paid for sick or vacation days. In fact, I didn't get paid at all unless I actually typed something since pay was calculated per word. As much time as I was having to take off work I was losing money and bills weren't getting paid. I made the decision to file for disability benefits so that I would at least have money coming in every month no matter how bad I felt and the bills would get paid.
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    I struggled the last year I was working. I had to quit my job Nov'05. I worked as long as I could but the cognitive problems didn't get better. I was an inventory analyst - numbers and computers all day long, I did ordering for a major retailer. I was in denial for a over a year, thinking I would get better. Hah! I was in a major flare for that last year because of the stress. This was not a job that you could mess up and be forgiven. I was forced to quit or be fired.

    I applied for disab. March'06, have been denied and I'm in reconsideration stage. I hired an attorney to help me with my appeal and he says I'll probably be denied again, as I don't have documentation from a specialist (rheumatologist). It may another yr. before I get a hearing date. In the meantime, I need to get an appt with rheumy. The attorney says this is important to my case.

    My advice - apply now.


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    I worked for 4 years with this DD before I realized I was killing myself. My last day of work was June6,2006 and I applied for SSDI in August, '06. I was approved in October, '06.

    It's worth a try. Go for it!
    Just google social sec. disab. and all kinds of good articles to get you going will pop up. There's even a starter kit you can print out. I also talked to a lawyer before I applied, and he agreed to represent me if I was denied.
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    of denial that some how i was going to wake up and be better.after cutting my hours AND HAVING MY HUBBY HELP ME (i worked in the home )when the dx came i knew it was time. im still waiting for my court date it should be soon. charlene
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    Im pretty sure you are going to need a definite diagnosis with alot of support from your doctor that you are disabled. Maybe you could get a second opinion on the matter, and maybe a different doctor might think of something your first one didnt. You would also have to fit the CDC criteria for CFS. I looked at your bio, have you seen a nuerologist??
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