How many are having a bad day?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmcdelaney, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    It sounds like everyone is suffering today...

    I started feeling yucky yesterday. Tingly achy muscles. Feel like crawling out of my skin. I thought it was because of the rain...but it can't be raining everywhere.

    How many feel yucky today?

    Better yet, does anybody feel good?

  2. TallMOM

    TallMOM New Member

    The weather in MI has been cold and damp, which always is a problem.
    But my real problem has been that knife in my back from NIH, CDC, CFIDS of AM. The big news spot that was not. The name Chronic F you sets us back 10 years or more.
    That money should of been use for reserch.
  3. TallMOM

    TallMOM New Member

    The weather in MI has been cold and damp, which always is a problem.
    But my real problem has been that knife in my back from NIH, CDC, CFIDS of AM. The big news spot that was not. The name Chronic F you sets us back 10 years or more.
    That money should of been use for reserch
  4. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    I had a pretty good day yesterday and then today was horrible.

    I decided to start back up on my 5 HTP today because I think that I am not getting into a deep enough sleep. I have been off the 5 HTP for 4 weeks as I had surgery 2 weeks ago and had to go off everything. I stayed off as I thought it would be good to give my body a rest from the 6 years that I had been taking it. I really believe that it was helping me with my pain and sleep though.

    I live in the NW and it has been raining continously here for the past week. I sometimes wonder if one of those special lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder would be beneficial. If anyone has experience with those lights, let us know.

    Take care and we will all get through this flare up eventually.

  5. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Yes, BAD day, bad last few days/months etc.

    I too feel like I want to crawl out of my skin.

    It's not cold here in Texas so it isn't that.

    I spent an hour getting ready to go out with family to watch them play pool and I ended up not feeling well enough to go, sigh!!!

    Take care,
  6. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    bad past couple of days.
    my bad days tend to come in clusters.
    Very fatigued, Weak feeling throughout body, anxious and irritable.
  7. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I have not slept in 3 nights. I am very irritable and just yucky feeling. Wish it would pass.

  8. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    I havent had a good week either, my hubby and daughter swears its the full moon causing so many problems this week.

    Hubby works at the police dept, and my daughter is a nurse, and they both have commented on it.
    Love Brenda
  9. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    but I had an infant in tow for a couple of hours and now I am paying for it. It may be the impending weather change, but who knows. I have been feeling like I am gonna go into flare again... stumbling on words, fumbling with my hands, falling to one side... ya just never know when it will come.

    I hope everyone feels better tomorrow.
  10. Liz919

    Liz919 New Member

    I'm going to vote that it's just going to be a bad week!
    Monday was yucky and then I went through the touchless car wash only to find out my sunroof no longer seals...and once you're in you can't get out so I and my car interior got completely soaked. Not cool!

    Tuesday it rained. I hiked all over campus in the rain and everytime I drove anywhere someone almost killed me. Lost my ATM card AGAIN. People kept stealing my parking spot making me walk farther in the rain. By the end of the day I was soaked to the skin. Horrible.

    Today I went to one class and then slept all day. Not good. Now I'm going to be up all night even though I have to be up at 8:30 for class...which means I'll just have to pull an all nighter. Bad.
    However I have cinnamon life to munch on so I'm slightly feeling happier.
  11. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    Maybe the answer to Jill's sad stomach is munching on cinnamon life!

    I too have begun to wonder if my bad times have to do with the moon...I my muscles always are at least a bit uncomfortable, they get much worse and I haven't found a pattern yet. At first I thought PMS time was worse, but then I've had occassions where the bad days have lasted longer than that. I've had bad weeks when it's not PMS, when the sun has been shining for days on end. Can't figure it out.

    I like the idea of a sad stomach...Maybe chocolate would cheer it up!

    Here's to hoping you all feel better today!

  12. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    been in sciatic pain. I usually feel yucky and full of pain around TOTM but that was two weeks ago and I have had the sciatica EVERY DAY since. Ugh and double ugh. My whole body is tensing up every time I want to move around because I am expecting that PAIN.

    Had scans yesterday for the ladies' troubles and the thyroid, the tech was a wonderfully patient lady, which makes all the difference.

    Promised to take my kids to the agricultural fair this weekend, alrady bought tickets to the horse show. They have been warned that WE WILL BE PACING OURSELVES and when I say it's time to sit awhile they will be sitting too!

    I am sooo tempted to go buy a cane but I am only 41 and don't want to be accused of malingering. So I just lean on walls and doorways and generally stagger about. Once the pain eases I can walk and walk, but it's just not letting up right now.

    weather is cool, foggy when it's not raining, and DAMP, not the bitter cold of last week but still unpleasant.
  13. s--raquel

    s--raquel New Member

    Sunday was great!!
    Went to Church...had lunch with family....wonderful...

    Starting monday...

    joints hurt everywhere
    burning when i pee
    weak,no energy
    hip,leg,knee,foot,&toe pain
    gas,diarea,abdominal pain
    neck and shoulder pain
    tingling in fingers
    nausea and heartburn
    nervous and scattered

    I try to hide all this from family and friends b/c it's
    just too much AND unbelievable...even by me that so much
    can go wrong so fast!!!!!!........

    so yea, it's been a bad couple of days...I know it will
    get better...I just feel a litle overwelmed and useless right now..........

  14. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    I haven't decided if its a bad day, yesterday was...Luckily I saw my chiropractor who worked out my trigger points on my left side of my hip/lower back and shoulder. Felt better but therapy always leaves me a bit sore for a day or so. The weather is improving here in upstate NY so I'm not as stiff like yesterday. But not as good as last week. Somewhere in between. I think I was going into a flare yesterday and the trigger point therapy may have stopped it. So today like yesterday I will pace myself and drink lots of flush out the toxins from yesterdays treatment.

    I hope and pray the rest of you are feeling better soon.


  15. mrsrails

    mrsrails New Member

    Rain here in Florida is what I thought set me off, but I don't know... wish it would ease up some!

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