How many are not working due to FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by julesjz, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. julesjz

    julesjz New Member

    Diagnosed early spring, but Doctor and I believe I've had early symptoms since I was a kid, I'm 33 and haven't worked now since April and wondering if I can ever handle a full time job again...I was reading a lot of posts today, since I just signed up, (great site) and it seems like a lot of people don't work because of this, correct? And if you do, how do you manage it? FMS has been so unpredictable and having a job seems really scary right now, just looking for some input and stories of others..
    thanks so much,
  2. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Welcome. I hope you find the support and information here that you are looking for. I have been sick for 15 years and have not worked since the fall of 2000. I was able to work part time the last few years.

    Some people seem to manage it and I hope you hear from them. One thing I do know is that if you get the right treatment early in your illness, you have a much better chance of significant improvement. Some of that treatment includes lots of rest and pacing. I think you are doing the right thing right now. Don't push it for a while until you start to feel better.

  3. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I work 1-2 days a week on the weekend. I am a massage therapist and the place that I work at is only open on the weekends. It is a scrapbook retreat center.

    I like being off during the week, but massage therapy is very hard pyhsically, so I am usually down for a day or so afterwards.

    I use to have a nail salon and work full time, but the unpredictability of this dd interfeared with my job and commitment for so much overhead and trying to be there when I just did not feel like getting out of bed some days.

    There were times that I would try and push myself to get up and get to work, but would have to just turn around and go back home and get straight back in the bed. So, working 1-2 days a week is a lot easier to manage for me.
  4. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I haven't worked for 2 years now. Since I first came down with this disease. BUT, I also have a degenerating spine, and have had 4 spinal surgeries.

    So, what doesn't affect the fibro, affects the spine. It's a no-win situation for me, especially in the career I chose-nursing.

    As the previous poster said, this disease is so unpredictable, you just never know when you're going to wake up and have a decent day, then a day or so later, be bed-bound. At least in my case that's how it is.

    I do know people with milder cases who have worked, and just took sick time off when they had to. OR, if you're lucky enough to be able to call your own hours, or, like the other lady, work just a few hours a week, that could be different.

    Unfortunately, for me, the stresses of my job would not allow me to do anything. I've been on disability since the 6th month I left my job. Good luck! PG
  5. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    in about 2.5 years now. I also believe I have had this dd my whole life as I can trace symptoms back to childhood. I am 31 now.

    I used to work full time and run my own business but over the last couple of years I have gotten worse and have not been able to work. The unpredictability is the biggest problem. I also find that even small amounts of work really tire me out so I am not sure I could do a full "shift" as it is.

    I am not in a position where I NEED to be working so I am not really aiming to get back to work right now. I am concentrating on getting to a manageable level of pain.

    If that happens and I can work then I will talk to my doctor and consider going back but right now I am just concentrating on my health. I know not everyone has that option unfortunately.
  6. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    Fortunately for me my children were grown..and we could organize our fincances so that my income wasn't needed...Not everyone can stop working so easily! I , even at 53, have thought about going back to work....but the reality is ..I would probably end up being "let go" at some point..because I don't think I could be reliable to any employer! This illness has slowed me down to a point that I do not think I will be able to have a paying job again. If you have a financial need...then my best advice would be to get creative and try to find something you can freelance with that you can work on when you are able to work.Good luck!
  7. Dainty45

    Dainty45 New Member

    When my symptoms started affecting me physically in 2003, I kept hoping I would get better. I went back to work with pain, just ignored it, but it did not go away. So, when I found out I had Fibro in 2004, I was in denial for one and a half years, I kept working. I could not maintain my hours, they were very part time, and easy, but I still could not handle it. So, I left, and have not been back since. Much less stress at home.

    Take Care and nice to meet you! SB
  8. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Not working either, I stopped Dec 2004. my job then entitled me to use alot of thinking and good memory as well as being fast,

    well thanks to Fibro that all stopped about 12 yrs ago, I can't sit or stand for long periods of time and I need to lay down alot and take naps and I have the worst balance ever.

    I walk into walls and stagger often so I can imagine what people think of me when they see me doing this stuff. I applied for disability almost 2 yrs ago and finally have a hearing on October 17th. Mind you I really miss working it can get very boring at home.

  9. kaymac

    kaymac New Member

    I just posted a week ago on issues about when do you know to quit working....

    I've had FM/CFIDS about 5 yrs now and I have continuted to work. I consider myself fortunate to be more mobile than most here...but I am now sadly at the point where I am having to make decisions to stay or go home.

    I don't have a physically demanding job, I can sit and do most of my work, more office manager like work. 2 days a week or hectic and more challenging where I am up and down alot and helping patients more. Those leave me exhausted.

    I have gotten worse this past year however and now I work, and go home and crash. I have 3 children, my youngest 14, the others are old enough to help themselves, and a wonderful husband who is very helpful...but my housework, cooking, and socializing is gone. So I've been battling the decision myself as to if I can keep this job up or plan to go home soon.

    Those here are so experienced with life dealing with FM that their opinions and helpful advice will help you greatly. Stay tuned here and best of luck.

  10. kimkane

    kimkane New Member

    I filed for disability 3 years ago. I won last August.

    I haven't worked in 3 1/2 years. There is no way I could work again. I am just to unreliable. Its so hard to plan for the nest day because I never now how I will be feeling.

    Take care, KIm

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