How many are on Prednisone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jennifer, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    I have been on it for 7 months, 5mg. 3 times a day for really bad inflammation in my whole body. My Rhuemy gave it to me and said I would probably have to be on it for 2 yrs or more. It helps the burning in my body from nerve pain, muscle pain, bone pain and pelvic pain from endometriosis and 2 rectal surgeries, and adheshions pain. I know the good and bad of pred. I also have really bad fibro and post polio and polymyalgia and osteo and neuropathy. Herniated discs and really bad diverticulitis and cistitis of the bladdar wall. Lots of pain, pain, pain. I have not had relieef from these problems ever more than prednisone. To my surprise, it really helps my breathing. Like some of you have mentioned, the lease little exersion, I could not get my breath and my heart would really pound. An electrical problem in my heart. Anyone else out there, and I know there are some, please jump in here and give me some feed back. I feel like I am all alone on this subject. I realize, most doctors won*t go this route. But mine told me, if you don*t do this, you will never get rid of all the inflammatiion in your body. the test she gave me for it was really bad. So she finally convinced me, since I just had a very bad colon infection that took a lot of treating to get rid of it and was told if it kept commong back that part of my colon would have to be removed. Thanks, please answer if you have had this kind of treatment. Sherry
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi jennifer wow we suffer from many of the same issuses including post polio.

    I see a rhemy dec.30th and was going to ask about predisone. I have taken it in the past and hated it but it was at a higher dose. Just a hunch that I need it right now.
    What was the test?

    Sorry you are not feeling well. It is a challenge with PP and all that goes with it then to be whammyed with fibro. Breathing is hard with both diseases.

    LOL just noticed Sherry at end of message sorry. jennifer(my name)
  3. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I have been on it on and off for 8 yrs. I have FM and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. The only long term side effect has been some weight gain. I have accepted that. It is better for me to be plump than to be in unbarable pain.

    There are risks with long term use as you are aware, but like you the benefits far outweigh the negative. Untill that changes I will continue to take it,

  4. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    To 3gs so glad to talk to someone with post polio. Not many of us out there. It is rare to come across someone like you. We feel alone and misunderstood. So much muscle and nerve pain and beeing so nervious. Lots of symptoms just like fibro. I was 4 when I got polio. In my spine but never paralyzed. Lots of back pain and no strength . I agree with the pred, I will put up with the bad to get some relief. and yes the breathing alone is worth taking pred. It is very hard to get the doctors to give it to you. rhemys are so different. Mine said yes to predisone as I said before and then she left and left orders for me to stay on it and the other rhemy that I had to go to said she was all wrong wouldn*t even take the blood test and treated me horrible. I got some from my primary dr. I don*t know the name of the test, I see my primary dr Tues and I will get it for you. I had to go on a 2nd rouond of anti for bad bladdar infection on Christmas Eve. was so glad to get to the lab before noon, before they closed or I would have had to go to emergency on Christmas. Lots stay in touch. Jjam, thanks for the reply. I tried M.S.M about a yr ago. I was allergic then. I may try it again to see, I got it before at Costco. I like natural things. I am allergic to so many things as most of us are with fibro. I took a very high dose of anti not long ago for very bad infection in my colon and it felt like the top of my head was on fire and a hammer was hitting it. It took a long time for that to wear off. Meds are very scary. Msnova Thanks for the reply and helping me with understanding why I take pred. Yes I have weight gain but my other fibro meds and female meds and low thyroid keep weight on me so not much differrent, I know it makes me have more of an appitite. But like you, with all our horrible pain I had rather take this and take care of a lot of problems than take pain pills and be constipated like I would be. I wouldnIt even take pain pills after my f2nd rectal surgert because of constipation. But I nearly went out of my mind with pain. Now I am faced with maybe a third one. My rectum is closing up again. Never say never, I said I would never have another one but, I will let you know as the bad infection has come back in the colon and can put a whole in the colon and kill you. As I said lets keep in touch. God Bless us all, and 3gs Our youngest daughter is Jennifer. we have 3 girls, 4l, 43 and 45, I am 65. I have been on this board for probably 8 yrs, but I need to start joining in again insead of just reading. Oh, Sherry that I sign off with is my real name. I use to say Sherry from Ca. cause there was another Sherry here, probably still is

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