How many being treated or were treated with neg. Lyme tests?

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    I have had only 2 co-infections come up thus far for Lyme. No Lyme tests have come up positive. The two co-infections are not the ones I have symptoms for. One of my doctors suggests getting tested through Bowen. I asked him if most people weren't positive with them. He said yes. How is this going to make me feel better? I have one doctor hollering CFS and one yelling Lyme even with no +. I'm tired and have been treated for 2 1/2 years now and don't know how much more I can take.

    There is really no symptoms that differentiate the two. That makes it even more confusing!

    Has anyone had successful treatment with just the diagnosis and no +? Any comments or sugesstions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have read posts by many who were treated on the clinical picture, and have gotten better, albeit it may take months to see progress. No test is 100% reliable - even the CDC says doctors should treat on the 'clinical picture', ie, symptoms.

    I also have read posts where people have gotten negatives on the Bowen test, so don't know why the person who 'invented' it says there are no longer any... but in any case, I would think people as a last resort are getting tested with the Bowen. Dr. Lida Mattman, one of the few who have been able to grow stealth pathogens in culture, verified 298 out of 300 positive Bowen tests with Borrelia Burg./Lyme.

    I am about to get whole family tested with the Bowen... just to see, may repeat with son as he came up positive on Western Blot and still not doing well anyway after 16 months of abx.... but it can take 18 months at least to penetrate cell wall form of Lyme.

    Hope that helps. Reading info at and here can help educate yourself...

    all the best,

    PS: There is also a huge overlap anyway in symptoms of coinfections and Lyme...
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    Hi Victoria!

    You have such wonderful information to share! I sure do appreciate it!

    I hope others will share as well!

    Have a good weekend!