How many buy most of their supplements

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    from Prohealth.

    I am 2 months into tx. based on Dr. Tietelbaums protocol.
    I bought the initial recommended supplements from the Wellness Center I am going to.
    I just got signed up for auto delivery from the Prohealth Store and ordered the Energy Enfusion, sublingual B12 and one of the sleep formulas.(the one that seemed to be the closest match to Dr.Tietelbaums formula.)

    I was wondering how many of you have cross referenced your supp. to Prohealths brands and found good matches with the same effectiveness.

    I would like to substitute as many as I can at this point and have the convenience and the cost saving that Prohealth offers.
    I do not want to sacrifice effectiveness though so am carefully matching the brands I bought from my health provider to what is online here.

    For now I am interested in anyones input on Prohealths sublingual B12....Sleep formula...Vit.D and what enzyme product you use from here.

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    Don't I know you from somewhere??? LOL
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    to those who responded.

    Not sure who that Tonakay chick is...but thanks to you too.:)

    Holly..sorry you are one of those that has a hard time swallowing pills.
    I am fortunate that I can gulp down a whole handful..otherwise I would have to start my day an hour earlier at this point just to take all the darn things.
    I also like the idea of supporting the board and other organizations by ordering from here.
    BTW...nice to hear from you.
    I remember you from when I used to come here more often.
    We are fellow CT.'ites.

    Hayley...I have checked out a number of websites but not the one you mentioned. Will look at it but think I will probably stay with Prohealth for now.

    Dancin...there are a few things I will be buying from a local healthfood store also.Liquid fish oil for one. Just hard to factor in extra stops anywhere or even have the energy to make them at times, you know?

    Anyone else with input...bring it on!!

    Hugs, Pammy
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