How many buy their Supplements thru ProHealth?????

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  1. LBinCA

    LBinCA New Member

    Hi there folks, a short survey to find out how many purchase their supplements thru this wonderful site? I love their product and pricing specials!

    Please give your opinion...Thanks a Bunch!...Love, Lori
  2. LBinCA

    LBinCA New Member

    Hi there folks, a short survey to find out how many purchase their supplements thru this wonderful site? I love their product and pricing specials!

    Please give your opinion...Thanks a Bunch!...Love, Lori
  3. stix

    stix New Member

    I am new to this site, although I have been on other support message boards. Do you have to buy the supplements on this website to be a member here? I'm afraid I'm too poor to buy anything from anybody. I am curious though.
    What supplements do you take?

  4. Sindy-Uk

    Sindy-Uk New Member

    I am in the UK. I get the order delivered to address in USA and get friends to bring the stuff when they visit here. Their products are wonderful and so is the service.

  5. MicheleF

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    and have purchased glucasomine & a complete vit/min/supp from my rheumy, I have not, but I have mentioned that I want to try the ZMA once I'm used to taking what I am now. I've heard a number of people swear by this.

    Welcome, Joy, and no you don't need to purchase to be a member, however, the costs here seem very competitive for the quality products they offer. Yes you could go to your local supermarket and find less expensive products, but I've found over the years, that many of these don't do the job they claim...many vits, for example, are made in such a way that they aren't absorbed well, so you've spent less money, but wasted it.

    Best wishes to both you & Lori

  6. PMangels

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    but I'm not sure which ones to use. I'm on medications and I've heard you can have problems with herbs if mixed with the wrong meds. Does anyone have a general list of meds that are not to be mixed with certain Herbs?

    Thanks ahead of time. (((Hugs)))

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  7. brightlights

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    I was doing some research and found this site.

    I requested a catalog, as it was hard for me to read all the information I wanted on the computer. The catalog is very helpful in explaining everything.

    I hope that I can be of more help as time goes by.

  8. metoo110

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    i've bought the double strength pro energy. it has 51mg. of b-1, 51mg.b-6, 52.6mg. of magnesium (as mag. glycinate), 1200mg.malic acid, and 75mg. of l-tyrosine. this is the amount for three capsules. your to take three capsule twice a day. i've been on this for about a month and i really do feel some benifits from it. i think it's helped my muscles. i will be buying some more. several people here take this. there have been some thought as to which mag. was better. there are many, most common is the oxide. i've chosen to go with the glycinate as it was thought better by some.

    i've also bought the nadh from here (the above pro energy is from here). i didn't get the energy i was looking for from it, but i seemed to notice i was thinking more clear. i took it for three weeks or so and have run out. i do plan on buying some more.

    the other one i've bought from here was zma. i didn't notice much. only used it a couple of times so i probably didn't give it a chance. i am sleeping better, but that was before the zma. i think the pro energy is what helped my sleep.

    hope this has been helpfull, and you do receive your stuff fast from them.

    good luck to you
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  9. caring

    caring New Member

    I buy some of them here but also try to support the local health food store run by wonderful people. They have quality products and so does this site.

  10. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I buy most of my supplements from Pro Health, have been buying Pro Health's products before I came on the board. Found the name of the catalog in a book on Fibro about two years ago.

    The other supplements and herbs I use, is from various other companies, as Pro Health does not carry them.

    Am so glad they now have ZMA! My husband and daughter also use Pro Health's products.

    They are the hightest quality, and the prices are reasonable also.

    Shalom, Shirl
  11. jbg

    jbg New Member

    I use FM relief, Timed released melatonin, ZMA and just started using the weight loss products. I have gotten product else where and have found the ProHealth products are wonderful. I live in Wisconsin and get my order in three days. And I use the discounted buyer program to save money. Just remember you get what you pay for. IMO.
    Have a wonderful Day!!!
  12. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Did you order the 'Chitosan' from Pro Health for weight loss?

    My husband uses it, the first time I bought it is cost me $60.00 dollars for 120 capsules, from a shopping channel. Pro Health's product, has the exact ingredients, and it cost $10.99 for the same amount, he is on his second bottle now.

    Its working well for my husband, who has to lose another 50 lbs, he lost 40lbs so far with the Chitosan and Suzanne's Summer's diet.

    Good luck, just though I would let you know it worked for my husband.

    Shalom, Shirl
  13. selma

    selma New Member

    Great, Big Yup!!!!!!! Great Fast Service

    And a Thank-You to Pro-Health for Sponsoring this board.

    Going to look at Cuddle Ewe on this site. Thanks !

    Love, Selma