How many Californians still fighting to get SSDI?

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    I was just curious if there are any others in CA still fighting to receiving SSDI benefits. I applied in 2004, went all the way and was denied. Reapplied in 2007, denied, denied and am now waiting for ALJ date.
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    I don't know your circumstances, everyone is different when applying. There is a very good website with alot of information called

    There are just so many factors that can cause a problem, including your doctors notes to support your claim.

    My brother in California applied and was approved in a few weeks. I know that is unusual but he studied the website I am talking about before applying. He said it helped him. (He has cervical stenosis).

    Below is info from their website.

    ***This information may help claimants with representation, as well as claimants who are not represented by an attorney or non attorney representative.

    Understanding how the Social Security Disability system works can make the difference between winning or not winning the continuing disability benefits and backpay to which a person is entitled.

    To win a claim for ongoing and past due benefits, claimants should learn about the disability process to improve their chances of winning benefits.



    Does Social Security deny you a certain number of times before you are approved?

    This is absolutely not the case.

    Just as social security disability cases are not automatically denied on the very first application, neither are they denied a certain number of times before they are later approved.

    Actually, if you take about a hundred social security disability claims, you'll find that, of them, about thirty will be approved initially (i.e., at the initial claim level). What happens to the remaining seventy? Well, that depends on what the claimant decides to do in each case.

    If the disability claimant decides to start all over with a new application for benefits, they will, most likely, get denied all over again. And if they keep filing new applications, they will get denied again and again...and again and again. (I've seen individuals go through this cycle as many as 17 times!)

    However, if the claimant makes the right decision and appeals, they will have the chance of eventually getting approved---assuming they are disabled and their medical records attest to this.

    Of course, approvals in most cases tends to happen after attending a social security disability hearing with a judge (represented, of course).

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