how many Canadians here have received disability monies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrappinkat, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. scrappinkat

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    I asked my doctor about applying for a disability or something(anything) since I can not work. Heck, I can barely manage taking care of my kids and myself. But he said that since I am only 33 (33 maybe I don't keep track) that I shouldn't even bother applying since I wouldn't get it anyways as I was to young and they just don't think FM is grounds for disability.

    Is he right and applying for Canadian disability is a waste of everyones time or do I need to be more agressive?
  2. Aeronsmom

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    if you feel that the fibro is keeping you from working..then apply for disability, I am 38 and I haven't been able to work in almost 2 yr altho I have been denied 2x for O.D.S.P. and I just applied for CPP disability. disability will fight you BUT as long as you have a good lawyer you will win the lawyer said I will win my next appeal as I have him to fight for me, (Legal Aid)
    Who dx you with fibro? do you also have C.F.S. do you see your Dr often for pain? make a journal everyday of how you are feeling. YOU ARE NOT wasting your time for disability, my brother got on disability at the age of 22 and he has a sore back. Anyways good luck to you and please keep me posted on your decision. Ann
  3. springrose22

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    Don't let any DR. tell you what you can apply for or not. You are the only one who knows how difficult your life is. I applied for CPP disability on Nov. 20/05, and by Jan. 15/06 or so had received approval in the mail. First application. My Dr. had filled in her part, but I think what convinced them is the part of the application that I filled in myself. I also did a few other things which I would be happy to share with you. But, I am afraid that right now I have to go and lie down. I also had another DR. tell me that it was next to impossible to get CPP disability, but I pushed along anyway, and did it my way. And it worked. Maybe talk tomorrow if you want. Love, Marie
  4. Pianowoman

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    I also received CPP Disability on my first try. Your age has nothing to do with it. What counts is whether you can prove that you cannot work due to your disability.

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  5. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    You're on the right track. Will write more tomorrow. Have to lie down now. Marie
  6. dragon06

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    My mother has had Fibro since I was 9 (I am 30 now) she is Canadian and has been on disability since I was 10 or 11.
    Canadian disability is easier to get on than the USA equivilant.
    Go ahead and apply, change docotrs if yours won't sign.

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