How many crowns ? (teeth)

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  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    does it take to make a queen~ ??

    Hi all~
    Just throwing this out there,....
    I either NEED to get 2 more root canals and crowns,(plus other work,..fillings) or get dentures.
    (I have 8 teeth that need work)!!!
    I'm still weighin the pros and cons.

    I was just wondering,... If I go ahead and get the needed
    work done,.. I'll then have 5 or 6 teeth that are crowns/caps.
    Is there anyone here who has as many or more in their mouth?
    I'm just curious :)
    Thanks for your help
  2. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    two gold and two porcelain. All in the back of my mouth though. I need more work too.

  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I had great teeth til I hit 18 and everything has gone bad.
    I had a cap but it kept falling off after the 3rd time I had them just pull the tooth.

    I think that once you get a root canal its just a matter of time til you get more problems.

    I think we spend to keep them and will spend to get rid of them at one point when do we count our losses and just buy all new ones lol
  4. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I have at least seven. My teeth were relatively good when I was young, but had a lot of fillings after my first pregnancy. Those fell out, ended up with root canals, recent surgery to correct one failed root canal etc. I have had both good and bad dentists, and that makes a big difference in how successful everything is. My big expenses have been spread out over the years. When everything happens at once it must be tough.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  5. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have 3 and need 2 more.

  6. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I have one (so far), but my Mom has 9!!!!! Gold in the back and porcelain in front.

    Madame Curie
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm thinking hard on what to do~

    Having all that work done is gonna be so much time and agony. and many times they fail (so I've heard)
    I just don't know if its worth it.
    I'd hate to go thru all the saving only to lose em soon anyways~ too much stress.
    and lining the dentists pockets~

    BTW: I've taken better care of my teeth than I think the average person has. it just did'nt matter in my case.
    I got boned by the tooth fairy ;)
  8. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    16 altogether...

    That includes empress porcelain, gold and abutments...

    I had all this done in about 2 1/2 years, my dentist wanted them to look as natural as possible so I would be as happy as I possibly could...We did them in steps and when done looked like the perfect smile I always dreamed of...

    I had my parents handmedowns when it came to teeth...Crooked and would break over and over...Fix one, get root canal, put temp fillings in only to have another break in the meantime...After thousands in 'repairs' by incompetent dentists, a friend recommended one local to me that was supposed to be "FANTASTIC"...

    Imagine my surprise when he told me had just one previous dentist pulled the proper back teeth when I was younger, the teeth coming in would have fit...Seems my mouth was too small for ALL THESE CHOMPERS...My hubby didn't agree...tehe

    And the grand total was $20,000...They are guaranteed for 20 years and being my gums were so healthy and I was willing to forgo all the torture of all the visits and pay of course, we went ahead...A dream I had since I was young and that I was able to fulfill due to owning my own business and all was complete just a few months prior to having to give up everything due to these dd's...

    I guess it was in the cards for me to have this done and I am very pleased with the result...Nothing like a beautiful, healthy smile when you look into that mirror and more importantly, no more constant pain...So many nights I cried myself to sleep from the pain cause we couldn't afford a dentist way back when. Both my parents were disabled and living on SSDI with 3 kids...My father used to cry when he heard me in pain from my teeth...I guess I did it for him really although he wasn't here to see me in person, I certainly felt himwith me at each appointment telling me "It will only hurt for a little bit, it will go away just the way it came", I kept repeating this while in that chair...

    Sorry, I went off for a little bit but it means so much to me to finally have a full set of teeth...Silly things make me happy...tehe

    Hope you make a decision that's best for you and you are happy with the result as much as I am...

  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    What are abutments?
    I never heard the term.

    and,... Do you have a few crowns in a row?

    are caps and crowns the same thing? just different names.
    Are any of your 'fake teeth' front teeth?

    one more question! I'm loaded!!~ lol
    for every crown did you need a root canal? or was it just to fix imperfections.?

    I'm so happy for you !!
    I always have wanted nice teeth too.
    Its what I notice most on people ,.... a nice smile :)
    I am jealous of beautiful teeth.
    If I were rich thats the first thing I'd buy for ME!

    Oooo-ooooh one more,..
    you had one done at a time??!!! you musta been at the dentist twice a week!!
    Congradulations!! I'm sure it was worth it~
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Second only to Mamadove.......... I have 13! because I had a crooked dentist while I was a teenager with braces, grrrr, took advantage of me and my parents, had me convinced my teeth were rotten! Until I moved away... then suddenly my teeth were remarkably fine!

    In the past year I just had all the crowns and all mercury replaced as so many of the crowns were old (originals)... did 1/4th of a mouth at a time... painful but over! Well, almost - did re-sensitize a few of them, sigh, to temperature changes.

    BUT I know it's better than not having my own (well if you can call them my own lolololol).


    PS: you might want to make sure you get the Clifford blood test, where dental materials are tested to see if you get an allergic reaction.

  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    your both queens in my eyes :)

    you've earned it~

    I might be earning my queen status soon~

    only if insurance will cover most of it or all.

  12. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    OH, was it a painful 4 years!!! It just seemed like one after another. My dentist and everyone in his office knows who I am!!! I always had to go in as an emergency, as I had abcesses. It was horrible. I have also had 4 teeth pulled.

    I could never understand why it would take like almost a week for the pain to go away, now I know why! FIBRO!!

    I always took care of my teeth, went to the dentist every 6 months and rarely had a cavity!!

    I also grind my teeth horribly. I think I have TMJ. You can see how worn down my bottom teeth are and I have ground right through I don't know how many mouth guards.

    Wow, nice to know I am not alone!!!

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  13. mrsED

    mrsED New Member

    and I need at least 3 more. There are 2 teeth that cannot be saved.They will need implants or there will just be gaps in my teeth. I just don't want to get dentures. My front teeth are mostly very good. I am having one tooth done at a time. It is so expensive even with dental insurance. It seems like my teeth just started to fall apart a few years ago.

    I say if there's anyway to keep your own teeth, I would try. Just my opinion.

  14. beverly20024

    beverly20024 New Member

    Like mamadove, I inherited very bad teeth. I have that very strong bacteria that just kills my teeth.

    In 1990, my husband and I both had good dental plans and they covered crowning every single one of my teeth. I must say, I'm really lucky to have a straight smile.

    Before the crowning, I had to have every tooth root-canaled. My teeth roots would "blow up" from the air pressure on airplanes! I wouldn't wish my old teeth on anyone.

    Also they pulled 9 of my teeth when I was 13 and had bacterial meningitis. Somehow the meningitis infected my teeth and they just pulled them, leaving me with major TMJ pain.

    Finally in my 30's, I found a very kind, caring, amazing dentist who solved my problems at that time. I ended up having 5 implants inserted, every tooth root canaled and crowned. But, it's 15 years later and my crowns are breaking down and need replacing.

    I don't have the resources I had then as I can't work, but my kind husband INSISTS I get the work done. Teeth are so imperative to my health it seems. I just had two new implants inserted and bridges and crowns placed on top. Nobody can tell and I think implants are the greatest invention EVER. Better than your own tooth roots.

    I was in a lower removeable "partial" for a year while I got dental implants and waited for the implants to integrate with my jaw bone. I cried with relief the day I was able to throw that partial away. It was so uncomfortable and drove me to a deep depression. I LOVE my new bridge; it looks completely natural and it's not removeable. One of the best days of my life.

    Sorry I've gone on and on. I'm so passionate on this subject. I believe that if you have healthy bone in your jaws, forget bridging, and have an implant inserted instead. They should last your lifetime and the crowns on top of the implants also last at least twice as long as crowns on your own teeth.

    Also, as we get older, our teeth become more brittle, etc., and like to break off, especially if you're prone. If it happens to me again, I will choose an implant over a bridge every time.

    Ask any questions anytime - I think I've experienced most dental woes.

    Take care!
  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Your replys mean the world to me~

    Wow! some of you's musta been at the dentist every week!!
    to get the needed work done. God Bless you~
    I'll most likely go for it~
    tryin to fix my teeth, get the crowns/root canals.
    I just hope it all works out cause I've heard of some people needing to come out afterall. Failed root canals ?? maybe.?
    it does'nt help that I have a fear of dentists too. I get panicky. due to past bad experinces with dentists/butchers. :)
    Hugs thanks/Hugs
  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    for mamadove
  17. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I saw your questions lastnite but my brain was fogged out so I couldn't reply...Sorry this took so long but I'm sure you understand...

    Now to try and remember the questions you asked...

    Abutments is the same as saying multiple units together, so for me if I was missing one tooth and the two surrounding it were acceptable to crown, we put in a 3-unit bridge, they ground down the surrounding teeth and prepare them for crowns...I had one 4 unit, one 3 and one 5 I think that's right...

    I had an overbite supposedly from having a 'bipple' in my mouth (that's the reason for all my posts having the lil sucking guy, that was my comfort back then) and I hated my front teeth...Bucky beaver was a cute nickname growing up but it got old quick esp. when it wasn't THAT bad...

    I needed one crown in the front right and then the tooth next to it wouldn't have looked right so he crowned the one next to it to 'match' and adjusted the gumline and an eye tooth on the other side to make them look 'original'.

    My dentist doesn't like these STARK WHITE teeth that everyone wants and neither do I so we used color charts to match my original teeth which I did whiten somewhat with creststrips just to brighten them a little and then did the front crowns the same shade...

    It was a long, very hard and costly process...I made appointments in advance every time I went we would set up the next phase...

    Before I forget, I was also offered the option of replacing the missing teeth with implants, which would have been much cheaper for me BUT I also have severe TMJ at times and the arthritic changes would have compromised the success of this option so after much research and the docs input (no guarantee of success and the possibility of a future surgery to correct jaw issues) I chose the more expensive way...

    I think I had something like 20 visits for measurements, color matching, molds, prepping and most important checking gums for any problems...I found that was a great concern and luckily I was blessed with very healthy gums...Thank goodness something on me is healthy...

    The worst part (aside from the empty wallet) was all the pain lying in the chair and the mouth opening...HOLY MOLY!!! Being that my illnesses are usually flaring anyway, the added discomfort was sometimes more than a 'normal' could take but I toughed it out for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...

    My hubby always tells people after they notice my teeth and comment that his fishing boat is in my mouth, if you look in there you can see the captain waving at you...tehe...

    He is going to need lots of work in the near future due to gum issues from taking meds for his condition only he wont be looking at crowns, they will be pulling his fronts and I guess dentures are in his future...He had GORGEOUS teeth, never a cavity or toothache EVER, then he took dilantin for epilepsy and within months everything went bad...He has been putting it off and I am sure I will have to hold his hand through the whole thing, men can be such babies ya know...tehe

    Oh shoot I just remembered another question you asked but then forgot again so I have to finish off now and go back and check your post to me...I'll be back...Too bad you can't reply to a specific post in a thread, it comes up as the original starting post...Not nice...But I'll be back!

    The root canal question...I had probably six or seven root canals up til the age of 35, always putting temp fillings that would wear away before I could crown them, some eventually rotted underneath then were pulled...I even had teeth 'explode' when touched by the drill from all the decay underneath that built up pressure on the root and nerve (I think someone else mentioned this too) but during my exam with this dentist there was only ONE questionable tooth that we still watch...I go every 4 months for cleanings and check ups...

    Hope this helps you and again, let us know what you decide, I hope you have a similar experience to mine...I am very happy to be able to smile and mean it...It makes a difference not just in your appearance but for me, it makes my heart smile too...

    Me again, I checked your profile and saw you were in NY...I'm a long islander now living in Maine and unfortunately ALL my bad work happened in NY so I couldn't refer anyone there...If you would consider coming to Maine for it, my dentist only takes referrals from certain patients and I happen to be one of them, I would be happy to help you OR I could ask him for acceptable dentists in your area if you care to share where you are...I wouldn't hesitate taking his advice EVER, he has gained my respect and trust after what he has done for me...

    Good luck~Alicia
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