How many doctors opinions for disabiliy

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  1. Marianne10

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    How many medical opinions are required to build a case for disabily?
    What are the tests that show the evidence that they want to see?
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    Hi Marianne, I learned the hard way, but what I did was try to go to specialist and keep copies of all your medical records at home in a folder (have several copies) they come in handy. Be sure the Dr. writes down that your disable and why. another thing show that you can't sit for long period of time (15min.) and can't stand for long periods ( 15 min) show that it's diffcult. In case you go before a judge, that way he'll see the sitting,standing. if you don't do this, Most judges will ask if you can or be sure a doctor helps you with this.ask around find the right people. they're Doctors that won't help at all. so ask people in area about it. good luck
    P.S. I saw a rhumatologist, neurologist, pain management I even saw a psychritist. but when I won I saw on the report the psych. didn't help at all. And I never went back to him. but even after you win you still need to see Dr.s and they check about every 3 years for you to fill out papers. It's always a fight to the end . JUDY [This Message was Edited on 07/11/2003]
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    claims. I had a statement from my PCP, my rheumatologist from a Fibromyalgia Clinic, and a statement from the Vocation Rehabilitation Department saying I was unable to work. I also had a form completed by my rheumatologist for functional assessment. All of these combined helped make the case. I don't know what your age is, but I do know that if you are considered "Advanced Age", 55 and over, they don't re-evaluate you but once every five to seven years. At least, that's what my paperwork from SSD said. I had a sleep study done, a growth hormone test, and of course the trigger point exam from the rheumatologist. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Marianne, My lawyer also told me that when a person gets close to 50 or over the rules change for winning a case. just make sure you get your doctors to say in writing that you're not able to work. and sooner or later you will get it. Good Luck