How many fair skinned blondes/redheads out there?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jodi_B, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Jodi_B

    Jodi_B New Member

    Several years I briefly attended a local Fibro. support group and it was striking how many fair-skinned blondes/redheads were in there room (the vast majority of us)!

    I just browsed a few profiles and all but one of the pics I saw were of, you guessed it, fair skinned ladies.

    Wassup with that??

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I am very fair-skinned. My father is a redhead and I have his skin.

    I haven't pasted a pic yet.

    Don't know how...(-: DH will help if I remember to ask.


    PS I am of English, Irish, and Polish background. I added this after my original post when I read about the ethnic connection. I do fit...and my hair has a lot of red in it, also (and a lot of gray, also...I'm 58.) I also have green eyes...very green. [This Message was Edited on 09/01/2005]
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  3. baybe

    baybe New Member

    Fibro is found in women with Celtic or English backgrounds. It seems to be part of the picture so that would fit with that coloring. It is my coloring also. I went to a fibro convention in Washington, if you didn't know better it could have been a family reunion!
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I am ultra-fair, blue eyes, and have dark blonde hair. When I was a child, my hair was almost white, then as I got older, it was blonde. Now .... a really dark blonde!

    My mother's family are part Irish, I think. My brother has done the geneology on my father's side, but I can't remember our hertiage on his side--I would have to look it up.

  5. kgtexan

    kgtexan New Member

    I'm a fair-skinned redhead. My mom & daughter both have FM too. Mom's a strawberry blonde and daughter is fair-skinned blonde.

    Maybe you're on to something here! I'd never heard that before.
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  6. learning2live

    learning2live New Member

    DH is EXTREMELY fair skinned with light brown/prematurely gray hair. His mom and aunt, whom also have fibro, are fair skinned with light brown/gray hair.
  7. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Yep me too. I am fair skinned with thick auburn hair,(lots of gray coming in though, got to keep coloring it, uggh. Have big blue/green eyes). My dad is Irish, my mom is English/French.

    Since I can't put a pic in my bio (have an ooooooooold computer) to give you an idea, I look alot like the White House News Correspondent who works for MSNBC, her name is: NORAH O'CONNEL. We have the same hair color, hair cut, face. eyes. It's uncanny, I wonder if she is a long lost half sister? Hmmmmmmmm!!!

    Curious what Baybe said about Fibro being connected to Celtic and English backgrounds. I didn't know that. Was there studies done on that??

    Veeeeeeeery interesting....

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  8. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Uh-huh . .

    I too give nature a little help these days, but was always a "golden blondie", turning reddish with blue eyes a fair skin. I don't tan very well, just burn! Hmmmm . . . Never thought of this angle.
  9. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    I have very fair skin and fair hair with red tint in it. I am a drak blonde but used to be much lighter when I was younger.
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    and I never could tan either. I was blonde but my hair has darkened with age so I have to help mother nature out a bit too. My background is mostly Irish.

  11. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    on both!
  12. yes both, blonde and fair skin, blue eyes. hmmmmmm interesting.
  13. rainbowluv

    rainbowluv New Member

    I was born with auburn hair which turned very blonde until age 16, and it started getting more of a sany blonde, and I have light skin with green/blue eyes. Very interesting.
  14. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    I have fair skin and my hair is red.
    My sister is also a redhead and fair skinned but she does not have either FMS or CFS.
  15. Lurlasgirl

    Lurlasgirl New Member

    My skin is very fair, but I used to have very dark - almost black - hair. Now its almost white (at the ripe old age of 53) - so I guess I AM fair haired and fair skinned now :)
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  16. aquabugs

    aquabugs New Member

    green eyes with lt brown hair with a reddish tint
  17. ckk

    ckk New Member

    i to have blond hair blue eyes, fair skin! what do you think is going on?????????????????!!!!!!
  18. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

    Born a red head. Now a bit more strawberry blondish. Scottish/Irish decent! cousin, who also has FM is from the other side of the family and is more dark haired. Hmm.
  19. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Dark brown hair. Mostly Norwegian, but some English on my father's side and Irish on my mother's. Same profile as MS?

  20. gabdeb

    gabdeb New Member

    green eyes and fair skin here.