How many had "Growing pains" as a child?

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    WakeMeUp has a posting on how many were sick as a child. I have often wondered about "growing pains". How many had those and what age? I was around 8 or 9 yrs. old. Was healthy before this and continued to be except for the painful legs......

    What I posted on Wake Me Up's posting:
    Many with growing pains 06/14/06 03:41 AM

    Many with growing pains here. I also hear that from Fibro/CFIDS suffers other than this I have often wondered.

    After waking up and throwing up and feverish as a child, I was cleaned up and settled back in bed. In AM I was told that I could not go to school. I really felt okay and demanded that I go. I had many perfect attendance awards.

    On the way to school my legs started hurting and all of a sudden I could not walk and fell in the street. school was close by. Kids ran to school and a teacher came and carried me to the parking lot and layed me on a car seat. My mother had been called and she showed up and took me to the hospital.

    Dr. said.....LOL.......a stomach flu......that never made sense to me......never. I was to stay in bed three days and could only have tea and toast. I do not remember if I had any meds or not. (My stomach felt fine, legs did not).

    My legs caused me problems off and on after that, and is still with me. Throbbing, burning, hurting. I was told "growing pains"...another LOL.......I am now 5 ft.tall.

    Some Drs. and nurses over my adult years say that it might of been a mild strain of Polio. It was in the 1940s......

    ============ I never made a deal out of my achy legs as no one seemed to think it was anything but growing pains. After a while I just accepted it. Most people did not know that my legs hurt. Susan
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    To be honest, I don't remember if I had the leg pain as a child. However, after I gave birth to my son when I was 19 years old, the leg pain hit me big time. I'd be laying on the couch just rubbing my legs because they ached soooo badly. I'd have tears in my eyes, but for some reason I just figured it was normal to have pain like that. Now, 5 years later, I still get that pain when the weather is bad or if I've overdone it. It gets to be excrutiating, and nothing helps the pain. It usually makes me feel sick to my stomach too, because its such a deep aching, like bone pain.

    Gentle hugs,
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    I had leg pains, too, as a child. The only one in a family of four children. I remember my mother rubbing them while I lay in bed. I was a sickly child anyway, unexplained fevers, allover body pain. My family would say I had the "punies". I am now 40 years old and my siblings just recently told me that they all thought I was going to die when we were children. My father was military, so the only care I got was from military hospitals. Of course, I saw a different doctor every time. Kind of outgrew the "punies" when I was a teenager, then about 4 years ago, I had an ovarian cyst rupture and now all hell's broken loose. It was incredibly painful , and I feel like my body's never recovered from the trauma. Diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago. So now I'm search the internet looking for answers and to connect with others who feel the same way, because when I talk about my pain to the people in my life, I can see their eyes glaze over and they look like they want to get away.
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    Hi ! that's a good question ! My Mom used to brush off any complaint of mine with "Those are just growing pains"....
    I'm 66 now, and have FMS, so I tell myself these are just "growing OLD pains".... Naturally, I know that much younger people than me have FMS. I just remember my Mom's wisdom.....
    Hugs, Psyche

    ANNXYZ New Member

    as they would keep me awake at night.
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    I also had "growing pains" My mother was a RN and we would all 2 older brothers & parents be watching a movie at night and eating popcorn and I would be laying on the couch crying cause my legs ached so bad. I remember my brothers asking my mom if I would be ok. She would say " yes I am a nurse and this is just growing pains". I also had a time with sour throat problems and still have my tonsils I had to take alot of penicilin as a child. I would cry myself to sleep many nights. I am now 36 and stil do. For the person who had to ovarin cyste. At the age of 21 I had to have a hystrectomy for Endometriosis very painfull. I feel for and I had 5 operations in all 3 for the endo and 2 for scar tissue removal.I have fms /cfs and some other things. IF anyone finds answers please post thanks Beth
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    I had them in my legs, mostly between the ankle and knee.

    The worst, however, was in my heels. The back of the heel and the bottom where the bone feels fairly close to the skin.

    Doc first said it was bone bruises and they put padding in my shoes. Then, when it persisted, he called it growing pains and said it would get better. It did, but now I have trouble with it again.

    I am 52 but I like the "growing old pain!"

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    But I had restless legs which were sometimes painful.
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    I had serious pains in my legs as a child - I was about 11-12. I can rememeber them as if it were yesterday. I have often wondered what they could have been as they were so intense and no-one else seemd to have them except me.
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    Ok iam jusut going to write ditto on here because as i read all these i feel like you all lived with me as i have had everything but the falling down,very bad throat,fevers no less than 102 and got as high as 105,wake up crying with legs mom had to rub them intill i fell back to sleep always sick missed so much school knots in hair every morning no matter what short hair mom brushing it every day and night,and i mean knots the size of fist,(talk about a sore head),anyway you think they would put this all together and come up with what we have now fibro and for me anyway 5 outher things,well sorry dident mean to make this so long,take care all angelkisses
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    Ya right!!!

    I have vivid memories of sitting on the kitchen counter in the middle of the night as my mother dug in the cabinet to find the aspirin or other pain relief.

    Absorbine jr. in the sponge tip bottle was my regular friend.

    When all else failed she would give me a small glass of red wine.

    Those memories go back as early as I can remember.

    The terribly sad thing is that my little grand daughter wakes crying and screaming in the night with 'legs hurting'. She just turned three in May.

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    I also had 'growing pains' as a child. I remember, too, that my Mom would brush off any complaints by saying it was just growing pains. I don't remember them being incapacitating. I also had severe headaches as a child but I 'grew 'out of those until about 15 years ago when I got CFS/FM.
    This is an interesting thread.

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    I had excrutiating leg aches as a child and they continued into my early adulthood. I still get leg aches, but not as bad. I was once told by a doctor when I was about 19 that I have spina bifada and to bend my knees when I exercised. I have to admit, it did help somewhat, but I don't exercise now (touching toes, etc.) and my legs still bother me.

    I also had terrible pain with my periods and wound up having a hysterectomy when I was 33 and had severe endometriosis. I also was born without a breastbone. It grew in by the time I was a year old. My sister had a sunken in chest that was surgically corrected when she was 5. My mom has had many problems, including being diagnosed with collagen vascular disease in her 40's and with fibro in her 60's. I was diagnosed with fibro and connective tissue disease (collagen vascular) in my 40's. My mom is very double-jointed.

    I guess my point is I think it is interesting how it all seems related to hypermobility, connective tissue issues.

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    Holy Cow! I had leg aches throughout my childhood too, but i still have them. They're a different feeling than restless legs. I'm 5'2" and also had an ovaryian cyst burst about the five years ago, which hurt like heck. I now have another syst, but it's going to stay in it's place as two surgeries has now caused scar tissue and lesions (sp?). It's weird to me that we all had leg aches throughout childhood. My mother also had them and still does to this day. Neat Post!
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    I am not surprised on the replies. I expect more to answer also.

    I see another thread going through this. I had many female problems and operations too when I got older.

    I often wondered if there is REALLY such a thing as "Growing pains"......or is it because they do not know?
    Blessings to all........Susan

    Oh I forgot,,,she is 5ft. 10" tall to my 5ft. I do not know of any reason to ask such, but who knows?[This Message was Edited on 06/17/2006]
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    Had them all throughout my childhood, mostly at night. My mom remembers (and I remember) her having to bring hot washcloths for them for me to get some relief. The pain was unbearable and I would cry and cry. This was well into my teens, too. It was always brushed off as "growing pains" . For as much pain as I felt, I should have GROWN to about 6 feet, but I'm only 5 feet! I also had unidentified aches and pain throughout childhood and was labeled a "hypochondriac" - but the pains were REAL.

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    Oh ya also had to have a hyesterectmy? i always had BAD monthlys,so much pain and heavy bledding,my oldest and youngest daughter have the same troubel,(poor things),has anybody seen that we all shre a very simuler life?growing up and now,maybe these drs should give us all thses questions together an they could put 2 and 2 together? take care angelkisses
  19. JLH

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    ME! ME! ME!

    Oh my gosh, did I have growing pains!!! I used to lay on the couch and just cry and cry with my legs hurting so badly when I was in early grade school.

    My mother took me to many specialists. One said I probably had M.S., some did not know, and a couple said that I "just" had growing pains and they would go away as I got older.

    Wrong! Everything got worse as I got older!! Ugh!

    I also started getting physically ill from the sun. Every time I was in the sun, I got sick. Even when I got overheated.

    Turns out as an adult, that I also have systemic lupus.

    Even my Social Security doctor who performed my SSDI exam said that I probably had the fibro and lupus as a child, when I told him this story.

  20. Tibbiecow

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    Yep, me too.
    I was 'the hypochondriac', too.
    I never had perfect attendance because sometimes I just felt too tired and 'blech-o' to go to school. I would sleep all morning, and then do the schoolwork that my sister would bring home for me for the day. My parents werre divorced (3rd grade) and he was always upset if I stayed home 'sick' when there was 'nothing wrong', but my mom saw me sleep all day and knew I needed to be in bed, though for the life of her she had no idea what could be wrong. I guess she kept being told by docs that there was nothing wrong, but in her gut she knew I wasn't quite right. Also, she didn't let me have friends over or ride my horse in the afternoons, when I almost always felt better.
    I've just started having problems with cystic ovaries. I wonder if there is a connection between that and the growing pains, somehow.