How many HAD many throat infect as child,or head injury???

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  1. kerrymygirl

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    I did not hear from previous post, guess I did not form my interest correctly about working with numerous Just wondering how many had alot of throat prob. from strep to severe tonsilitis. Or head injury, I was dropped 2 times and fell on my head I was told, I was just a baby. So of coarse only way I would know is family. We talk about stress related which I feel brings out any illness that we may be prone to. Spoke of in last post. I feel so for all your pain!!!! Be good to yourselves!!! (Hugsss to all)

  2. Mikie

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    If you will do a search here in head injuries, you should be able to pull up all the replies I got to my inquiry.

    Love, Mikie
  3. kerrymygirl

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    Yes, Mickie I remember now... Alot of people might not have asked there family if when they were babies if they had head trauma. I was just talking to a friend who did not know till she asked and found out she had injury as baby. I also had poss. ebv all bands. Throat was my only real illnes as child. Many of my fm pts. had alot of throat prob. The younger ones had recent mono then fm or cfids.Just curious......Thanks.....
  4. bejo

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    I remember having strep throat a lot when I was a child.Also when I had xrays and brain scan to diagnose FMS it showed that I had a flat place on my scull.Since I had not been injured that I knew of the Dr. said I had probably been dropped as a baby.My mom and dad were already dead so I couldn't ask anyone about it. bejo
  5. healing

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    I never had strep as a child but of course had tonsillitis and had my tonsils removed. My rheumy says many folks had their tonsils removed but they GROW BACK! Who knew? And then they can be sources of infection in the body.

    I did have a head injury as a child -- fell off a porch railing onto a cement floor and knocked myself out, woke up in the hospital. That's my only memory of it. I've read some theories that head injuries can play a role in diseases such as ours and MS too, but haven't seen anything recently on it.
  6. scottabir

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    When I was 4 or 5 my brother ran into me with a bike and I knocked my head on the sidewalk, I had to have stitches.

  7. ozgran

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    throat infections as a child. Spent nearly 12 mnths confined to bed before they finally took my tonsils out aged 6 years. Have had some throat type infections since and right now recovering from the current "bug" I am still experiencing sore throat probs. Again as a child my father all but knocked me out when he accidently hit me on the head with a hammer-hard blow- but I walked in his way. 1983 was in a road accident and have suffered bad dizzy probs etc since then.Know this is not childhood but may be relevant anyway. Love Ozgran.
  8. jakota

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    Hi Kerry- I don't know about as a child (other than strep as a kid), but I've had numerous head injuries as an adult. I've wondered about that too.
  9. LinnFam

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    My son fell from a second story onto cement when he was
    7 months old. A friend was watching him while I ran next door for a minute. I arrived home just in time to see him bounce off the metal spiral staircase and land. I have grieved so over this all these years. Shortly after, he started episodes of screaming, holding his breath and trying to bang his head until he passed out. I believe this was because of headaches, which he still suffers with daily at age 23, along with severe fibro.
  10. Connie3

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    I'm new here and hope I do this right. I was diagnosed 16 years ago and have learned so much. I, too, was plagued with throat infections which really started to be worse while in college. To this day, in my 50's, I have to have tons of rest or I get a throat infection. I am taking good meds for fm/cfs and just started guaifenesin protocol after reading "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA".
  11. IngaDinga

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    I had horrible problems with my tonsils as a child and had them removed at the age of 7. The doc who did it said they were "rotten" ewwwwwww! and that he had never seen anything like that before. Oooooooooooooookay....

    At 17 I was struck by a car while biking and sustained a severe concussion. So count me in as ~ yes ~ to both.
  12. Nellie2

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    I had several throat infections which turned into ear infections for years. I did not get relief from tonsilitis or throat infections for 20 yeas. I finally got my tonsils out at 22. Whew! I feel like the other person who posted EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! The tonsils were rotten.

    I don't have any history regarding head injuries-I was adopted at 5 years old. I do know I had a punctured ear drum at 3 years old and that's it.

  13. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    At the clinic that had mostly fm/cfids pts. There was not 1 that did not have throat problems, I mean mor than childhood norm. This was 1 of their major illnesses besides for neck or head trauma. A doc from Johns Hopkins,friend now with fm. just trying to connect the dots to see if it has any meaning. Thanks!!! Sweet Hugsss to all....
    P.S. Severe tonsilitis included
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  14. Mewsley

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    Hi. Yes I had yearly throat infections. Both tonsillitis and strep throat right through to my early 20's. I also would break out in hives occasionally which no one could figure out why.
  15. karen_dean

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    I also have two head injuries as a child..and many reoccurances with strep and severe tonsilitis..Take care all
  16. 2girls

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    Yes - many throat, ear infections, tonsillitis (tonsils taken out at age 7). My Mom tells me I was a very sick baby - in and out of the hospital until age 6 with recurring pnuemonia.

  17. ladybird1

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    Had chronic bouts o ftnosilitis as a yout, but my doctor refused to remove them. Said my infections would just move
    into my bronchial tubes. Geuss what, After I got older I would get bronchitis. Now I have a tendency toward pleurisy.
  18. mapessd

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    I had strep throat all the time when i was a kid , Then i came down with Rhmatic Fever and Saint Vitas DAnce , And now i wonder if alot of this w/fibro started out from some of that? The Rhmatic Fever did come back on me several times .
    Good luck with your ?s

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  19. swred5

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    I never had a head injury, but as a child I would have many bouts of tonsillitis every winter. I think I was about 10 the year I had tinsillitis about 13 times, the doctor finally said that if I got it once more he was going to have to remove them. Never had tonsillitis again!! Maybe it was all in my head! lol
  20. kerrymygirl

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    My uncle was a doc at Cleveland Clinic and knwon as a great diagnostitian with little testing. He listened to pt. When I fisrt got into med field always wondered why docs did not listen to pt.s, I had always said if they listened most pt. will tell you what is wrong. I asked my pts, if they felt as a child if they felt they had signs when young, Most did alot of throat and linked with odd leg pains other kids did not have. People would tell them growing pains???What does that mean? I knew kids growing alot bigger than me that did not have. By the way my friend had rheumatic fever and later in life got fm. and arthritis. Please take care yourselves!!! hugssss

    Also curious about the crimson crescents in throat which I have too, also no gag reflex left. Any correlations?????
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