How many have Endometriosis?

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    Interesting slide show about the connection between
    Lyme and Endo:

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    Knowing the link between dioxin exposure & endo... and then knowing that about 80% of those with endo end up with CF...

    my guess is the toxins are lowering our immune system's responses...

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    It was the main reason for my hysterectomy in 92 or 93 - it got so bad I was unable to walk before and during my periods. I read somewhere about lyme causing cysts and adhesions awhile back...

    They found that my left ovary was adhered to my intestines by scar tissue and the right one had a huge cyst that was all wrapped up with scar tissue -- (I'd opted for through the stomach surgery rather than through the vagina as I had a lot of pain where appendix was and had been told that endo gathers there so thought might as well get that out as well and they didn't do the appendix with vaginal --The surgeon said after, that was a good choice as if they had started that way they would have had to switch anyway, to remove the ovary and scar tissue from the intestines.

    When I had my gallbladder out the surgeon said "your gallbladder was adhered to your liver"

    It made me wonder if everything inside of me is all stuck together. I have all sorts of pains in there, and it's tender everywhere to press. I've been concerned about that for years --I mentioned it to my regular doctor years ago and he didn't seem very interested.

    I also have the same pains I had PRIOR to gallbladder surgery but have been told it is from scar tissue.....(the gallbladder did need to come out - he said it was infected and oozing and I'd have ended up having emergency surgery rather than laprascopic?)
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    I had pain like someone else described where I couldn't hardly walk/stand just before my period. I had a partial hyster in '98.

    For the theorists on chemical exposure.....I grew up in the town with one of the largest chemical plants in the world. You can imagine our exposure. When we played outside barefoot the soles of our feet would be totally black. I ate PBB contaminated beef in the 70's. But, none of the other women in my family have what I have. NONE! They are quite a bit older than me, so these things would have already shown up. It seems unfair, in a sick way.

    So, I give Lyme all of the credit. In my case.

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    That is an interesting slide. I had stage 1 endo that was lasered in 2000(laperoscopy). I had period pain since I was a teen. Since my lap surgery I feel much better.

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    I've talked to about 75 women with Lyme since Jan '08.

    I started making a mental note of who I talked to with both Lyme and endo. When I ran out of fingers to count on I started keep better track of this.

    Women from about 25+ phone calls have had endometriosis but that number may be even higher. Some of the women
    didn't chat about hysterectomies and endo on the phone. Now I'm making it a point to ask.

    I don't have a chance to post here as much as I'd like. Been busy with:

    As a kid, we lived on the dividing line between two towns. They sprayed for bugs in one town on one day and a week later the other town sprayed. Don't know what was in the spray.

    My younger sister and I both have endo. We used to sleep on the front porch which was an enclosed room with 10 windows.

    We'd wake up choking on the bug spray from the mosquito abatement program. My other two sisters don't have endo. They didn't get an extra blast of pesticide.

    My sister always thought our poor health was due to "in breeding" but we can't find any evidence of that. Now I wonder if we all didn't get a dose of Borrelia before we were born.

    My brother PJ1954 and I both got bit by ticks. This added to our possible prior congenital transfer of Borrelia may have really done a number on us.