How many have found ticks this spring?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by highcotton, May 12, 2008.

  1. highcotton

    highcotton New Member

    i NEVER find ticks on myself -- that is, not until this week -- I have found two -- ewww.

    I'm in NC where we *dont* have Lyme Disease. seems like global warming is making them more numerous!

  2. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    My MIL called last week to tell me that she found two ticks in her house. She is sending them off to be tested.

    We live in Michigan where there is lots of deer but most drs say no lyme!!!

  3. highcotton

    highcotton New Member

    I also found a tick on my neck about a month ago. that makes three. Freaking out, I flicked it off onto my floor and could not find it.

    dar and pepper, it's downright scarey! that's really interesting about the high tick levels predicted.

    I keep thinking of that horrible video of the poor moose being eaten alive.

    --how do you send off ticks for testing? and is there a charge?[This Message was Edited on 05/13/2008]

    I'm editing to report yet another tick -- in my bed. this is so creepy.[This Message was Edited on 05/15/2008]