how many have had a c-section?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onesmileymyley, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. onesmileymyley

    onesmileymyley New Member

    I was wondering how many of you that have had this surgery noticed that you have large lumps and stuff around the area of your c-section? I have several large ones and I am going to have another baby in September and that has to be a c-section as well....
  2. sharie

    sharie New Member

    I have had 2 c-sections. When I had my second the dr. told me that there was a lot of scar tissue. He removed what he could, but after that I am still lumpy and bumpy.
    It does not hurt and I assume it is new scar tissue.
    Good luck with the baby!!!
  3. fibrorebel

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    I have had two c-sections and a hysterectomy all within 6 yrs. and also am a great scar tissue builder. When you have your new little bundle in Sept. (congrats by the way!) they most likely will remove the scar tiss. that they can. As you heal this time try to gently massage around your incision and do not overdo using those muscles before they heal and repair themselves. This helped alot when I had my 3rd surgery. Best of wishes to you! love, Rebel
  4. onesmileymyley

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    for all the reply's. I am due Oct.5th but they are going to take baby on Sept.23rd. I wanted so bad to have this one naturally but my doc. say's no way. This is my 6th child and the first 4 I delivered fine but my 5th was to big and she said that every one of my babies had broken collor bones and that could be very dangerous for me to do a normal delivery. Something with the babies get cought up on my bone and that put's me more at risk for utrin rupture. So tose of you how had more then one c-section did you notice that you healed better and faster with the second? I was told that because they open the same incision that you heal faster and better.
    I am having a little girl, We are going to name her Ireland Rose....
  5. Nikki

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    I have lumps and bumps in more places than I can count . . . but not nearly as bad w/those 3 incisions. Probably b/c my surgeries were sooooooooooo very long ago ('68, '73 & '77). Definitely listen to you dr. about the c-section. My neighbor wanted to have hers naturally, and ended up w/a ruptured uterus . . . I don't think her dr. was all that great (duh?!?).

    I healed very fast w/the 2nd one and the hysterectomy (even tho this was back in the stone age). May God bless you and Ireland Rose (pretty name) and the rest of your family. Keep us posted.

  6. Notonline

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    Yes, I have that lumpy, bumpy feeling too, although it felt worse in the first two years after the c-section. Just one C-section when my son was born 4 years ago, but 3 months after his birth I went to have my tubes tied, and they were unable to do the procedure without opening me up again at the same spot due to "masses" of scar tissue.

    Dr. told me she couldn't even find anything without first removing some of the scar tissue. So I am assuming some of us just form more scar tissue than others.

    Congrats on your new upcoming "bundle of joy"!

  7. healing

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    I had 2 c/sections and one hysterectomy, all through the same loooooonnnnnggg incision that runs nearly from my bellybutton all the way down to my pubic bone. My first c/section (30 years ago) was an emergency so I didn't get to have the "bikini" incision. I had staph infections after both my c/sections because I had hematomas that caused my incision to open back up again. The second time, I had to be restitched and was desperately ill. My abdomen is a battleground of scar tissue.

    That said, I have no bad memories, and the difficulties I had . You have already experienced the joy of coming home after major surgery to a house with small children in it. I think that's the biggest challenge you have to face. Just take it easy and let others help you as much as you can. Don't overdo it! Happiness to you and your little one.
  8. Achy-shaky

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    I had 2 c-secs in less than a year! Yep, after my first emergency one due to my son's fat head I went and got pregnant again with son #2 so it definitely had to be another c-sec. For me the 2nd one was easier since it was so soon after. The scar tissue was the worst in the first few really is better now but still there and I still can not use those muscles very well without pain so I know I have lots of trigger points built up but haven't been able to get rid of them so far.

    Love the name for your little girl. Best wishes for a easy time - get all the rest you can now!
  9. tiredTina

    tiredTina New Member

    I've had 2 c-sections, and my stomach is just so stretched out and lumpy, bumpy. It was easier the second time around. The doctor had to go through sooooo much scar tissue, but for me that was surgery #5 on my abdomen. He just kept saying " still cutting.....still cutting....still cutting..." But, the recovery was alot quicker, and it wasn't so bad cuz it was scheduled and I didn't go through 13 hrs. of labor beforehand like the first time with my daughter. I was up walking quicker, and off the vicodin sooner. Good luck to you and congratulations!!!! Keep us updated on little Ireland Rose!