How many have had chronic yeast infections most of their life?

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  1. BonnieQ

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    I have always had problems with yeast infections and wondered if they played a part of this fibro crap. I would get rid of one, just to keep getting another not long after. I wondered if I ever really got rid of one entirely. My mother and grandmother always had trouble with them also. Now my sister who is 2 yrs. older than I never had but maybe 1 her entire life and that was after a treatment of antibiotics. I have tried all the yeast creams, suppositories, pills, yogurt, acidopolus, etc. Anyone else?
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  2. BonnieQ

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    I have always had problems with yeast infections and wondered if they played a part of this fibro crap. I would get rid of one, just to keep getting another not long after. I wondered if I ever really got rid of one entirely. My mother and grandmother always had trouble with them also. Now my sister who is 2 yrs. older than I never had but maybe 1 her entire life and that was after a treatment of antibiotics. I have tried all the yeast creams, suppositories, pills, yogurt, acidopolus, etc. Anyone else?
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    I am so convinced this is the key right here, candidiasis, look up, look in the new message board, look specifically at "Matt" postings, one called candida cure, I am into my 3rd day of this treatment right now, it is physically a gross thing to go thru but holy cow, it is amazing, I am going thru a lot of discomfort for a week or two here but I truly believe 100% that it is saving my life. I bought the primal defense, am taking also an immune support product, lots & lots of water, you have to do this to flush out the yeast, and I do mean the yeast does come out. It is disgusting but I have probably lost 10 lbs in 2 days, I think our problem is not that we are fat but we are invaded with this icky slimy sticky yeast everywhere, it is really serious what it can do. In my opinion (and I amy be looney) it is beneath all these diseases, it attacks our immune system, invades everything making us susceptible to everything. Also if you go back on this site in the library inder research articles and look back several yrs, thru 94 or sooner you will find several articles of research linking candida to this and a host of other immune system diseases. Good luck & stay in touch.

    In the search engine type in "systemic candidiasis."

  4. Cheka

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    I am 47 years old and have only had 1 yeast infection my whole life. It was in my twenties after I had undergone an antibiotic treatment.
  5. JaciBart

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    please just look it up, you may have it and not even know, it is not just vaginal, I have only just recently been suffering vaginal, however it is everywhere else as evidenced by what I am "getting rid of". It is most definitely yeast, I can see it, 10 lbs of it or so in 2 days. I am noticably smaller everywhere, even my arms, my wrists have been so incredibly puffy. My face is puffy every morning, under my eyes. It goes to every cell & takes over. I will shut up now.

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    It is normal to have yeast (candida) in your body, BUT to what extent does a person have it? I did LEAP testing--which is where blood is drawn and measures sensitivities to food, common meds and preservatives. Anyway, my candida count was really high. I mostly get thrush--from antibiotics, asthma meds (steroids) and a weakened immune system. I basically take probiotics and garlic. I use Mycelex troches or Nystatin liquid. I haven't tried things like Primal Defense lately, because the die-off process nearly kills me along with the strict anti-candida diet. I got really weak and sick--I couldn't get out of bed when I did this years ago. My FM/MPS is fairly moderate now, so I fight the candida only mildly, but better than not at all. Best thing if you can get a level of your candida either by blood or stool testing. I had a hard time to get any of my doctors to do this testing---I had to go on my own. LEAP is expensive, but I learned a lot about my sensitiviies.
  7. kadywill

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    I had vaginal symptoms only during my pregnancies years ago and after antibiotics, but when I've had urinalysis tests done, I always have yeast in my urine. No thrush ever! I am always puffy and sluggish, but I have hypertension and take meds., I have edema in various places throughout my body, my eye area, fat pads in my knees, wrists, arms, thighs, and neck after all the Prednisone I've taken. What you've said makes sense to me, but I don't know if I have this problem. Suggestions????


    p.s. I HAVE taken doses of Diflucan now and again just to be sure.
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  8. JaciBart

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    Go to, the new message board, then just go thru it, start with page 1. Do the search on candidiasis, as best as I can tell only Primal Defense works, I did diflucan last week, 200 mgs, two days in a row, it did nothing. I never had yeast probs till recently, or actually, as I now believe I have had it a long time, just got it figured out, started with athletes foot a few yrs ago, as I look back, my feet are very dry, cracked, icky yellow gunk under toenails, etc, anyway, look it up & start there. As far as the suffering with the die off I think it is terrible too but I want my life back, I am just willing to go thru it, I am sick also, however the payoff will be nice, and it is also very disgusting what is happening to me in the bathroom but I have to go thru it, I am convinced it is saving my life, the yeast attacks all of our system & is fatal. Very scary. Also, I cut out immediately sugar, bread, pop. fruit juice, fruit, etc, typical yeast free diet. Please just check it out, it is worth it.
    I am just obsessed right now, I am sorry, I just want everyone to be on the road to recovery as I am convinced I am.

  9. BonnieQ

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    I really feel exhausted right before I get these yeast infections, I can always tell something is going on and bam Another yeast Infection. It does make you wonder what else it is doing to your body and where all it is!!
  10. garyandkim

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    Luckily, I've only had 2 or 3 in the past 10 years. I did notice that in my 30's I started to get less of them and in the fourties have had 2. I drink a lot of cranburry juice and honey and tea to keep it all going out asap. Now I only get these past ones of my later 30's forward from anti bios.

    Hope this helps. Kim Gary never gets them.
  11. SharonR

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    Yes, I have, am also allergic to mold, can sense it a mile away. Am on Probiotics.
  12. JaciBart

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    I just started the probiotic thing, can you tell me how long you have been on them and did you do the intensive "die off" for bacteria? Do you think that has lessened symptoms? Any trouble with them? Have you tried prescription meds? I go to Dr tomorrow and I am afraid of the long term treatments for yeast.

  13. Lynda B.

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    As long as I can remember. I think even a couple of years before my period started. They find high yeast counts in my mouth and in my stools. I obviously have vaginal yeast infections constantly. I use so many remedies.

    But, the answer is yes.

    I even had one as a very small child, like between 1 - 2.

    Lynda B.
  14. dlizard

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    I get oral yeast every few days weeks months... it's wierd! I also have noticed that I have many more mental symptoms when I have the yeast, like the fog is thick ,, you know!! I get the female type only after antibiotics...Good luck!
  15. tired42long

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    Hey Jaci, I have been reading alot about this in Sherry Rogers books. But never imagined THAT much yeast could take over!!BBLLLECCHH! I've always had yeast infections after antibiotics...had several of these last year for strep, sinus infect, etc. Tongue is coated with white,but they say in book yellowish, grayish, or even black indicates some sort of fungus. A friend said to have doc RX diflucan, but it sounds like that isn't strong enough? Or isit people don't give up the yeast and sugar and it just keeps coming back. I am visiting the site yoiu recommended but will tread carefully. How long has this tx been around and what side effects if any (other than the die off you get from flushing any rotten organism, poisonous metal, etc.) Thanks for reply.
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  16. allie2

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    I have not had chronic all my life. However, for the past year I have. My gyno say it is due to the antibiotics I take. Certain antibiotics do not differentiate between good and bad bacterias. Thus fighting them all and leading to chronic yeast infections. I was told to take over the counter yeast pills twice a week along with my other meds.

    Good Luck
  17. AFnomad

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    New to the group...hi! And need some help...
    Hope I posted this correctly.
    Just came back from the Rhuem. Dr. (again) today...and he told
    me I do have FMS. Duh, he's the third one now. When is someone going to actually help me!! That's why I've been wondering myself about this Candida (yeast take-over thing) myself.
    Feel lousy all the time, family thinks I'm a hypo-condriac (sp?), and this latest attack has affected my heart. Every day
    for 8 1/2 months now, I've had irregular Palps & rythms. And this horrible acid-flush feeling in my chest everyday that just completely knocks me off my feet. I feel like I'm dying. The Dr., just wrote me off. Does anyone else feel this way? Could it be yeast? I'm going to my regular Dr. Thursday and going to ask to see a Endocrinologist.
    I've been on antibiotics more times than I can count for various problems, starting in the 4th grade to just a couple months ago (mostly lung stuff...Pluerisy, Pnuemonias, Pulmonary Embolism...). and recently prednisone (a test run).
    So what do ya'll think? Do I have a case? And of what?!
  18. sunflowertgp

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    I used to have yeast infections all the time. I still do from time to time, but my mouth feels like I have eaten a glass sandwich about twice a month. I think it is fibro related, plus hormonal changes. I have been suffering with mouth ulcers a lot in the past few months. They are very painfull. Best of luck to everyone.
  19. JaciBart

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    I have had the thrush mouth thing so many times recently, it is sickening, however, after about 5 days on diflucan & the probiotics my tonge is healed & it is actually looking pink again!

    The die off is not that bad, well worth it, you just have to build up on the probiotics though, don't just start off on 12 a day. Work up to it. I feel so much better, maybe this is my first time at being "without" a flare, I have been incredibly miserable since I started this, May 18th, 3pm.

  20. tired42long

    tired42long New Member

    Well,,,went into doc today and discussed yeast. She said unless you show signs of yeast like vaginal yeast infection or a REALLY bad case of mouth thrush, the "western medicine doctors" do not prescrbe any type of RX. She did not believe that it could overtake your digestive system. I was told by my old ortho doc to ask my doc to put me on Diflucan (and of course the yeast free diet for a few months). No such dice. Hands are tied even IF she would have believed in the overtake of yeast in system. I know there are other approaches, but from what you said above,,,,it sounds so unbelievable that so much can actually gush from your body during "cleansing" with these pills. It was stated in the site you recommended that others may think you are reducing too much of this yeast and that others in the "flora"? will simply take over.(Excuse my ignorance,,I am just beginnign my journey of learning about this stuff. I am convinced I have a problem with it and just wonder how you rid it without a docs guidance and is it safe? There are some that would react in a bad, bad, way...just like reacting to every OTHER thing under the sun. How do you know you are not ridding body of necessary elements along with the bad??? All that stuff coming out of a person would scare the BJesus outa me! Any background you did on it first....Like REALLY a LOT of background....?I'm so wanting to take control of these things but am so scared I'm going to make my illness worse. Talk about FEARFACTOR! From one big Wisconsin CHICKEN!