how many have had relief from cutting out wheat and dairy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Sep 11, 2005.

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    And to what extent did it help you? Has cutting out any other foods helped and how?
    Thanks so much,
    Love Shelbo
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    It hasnt cured my lyme disease but long before I finally got the diagnosid I saw a naturopath about the life long bloated tummy and continual flatulation.

    She put me on an elimination and when I added back the wheat and dairy all the problems revved up again. Its so wonderful not to be in such physical discomfort all the time that I have no problem avoiding those foods.

    Finding the probiotic, Primal Defense, several years later made the little tiny tummy I had left go completely flat within a few days. I dont eat any sugar anymore either
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    Wheat and dairy are out of my life completely; so is sugar, caffeine, alcohol and anything with gluten. I eat organic as much as I can and use natural products.

    Swimming and walking are great low inpact excercises.

    I'm feeling tons better!!

    It took awhile though; don't expect it to happen over night; you might want to consider a 30 day colon cleanse to detox yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Shelbo,
    Yes I'm feel tons better. First let me say I'm a type A blood type and I'm dealing with EBV Chronic Fatigue. I dropped wheat, dairy, white sugar, all red meat from my diet. I'm adding fish to my diet, yuck I don't like fish. I do use honey and organic brown sugar but very little. I eat lots of green fresh vegtables (organic when I can) and jump on a mini tramp several times a day just for a couple min. at a time. I drink tons of water.
    Hope that helps