How many have lap tops vs. the other kind of computer.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. gapsych

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    Obviously I am having a BF(brain fart) as I can't think of kind of computer that has to stay in one spot. Well, unless you are changing furniture, or moving. Oh you know what I mean!!

    If you have a lap top, how many have wireless? Can the other kind have wireless?

    I am asking this because I love the convenience of a lap top with the wireless networking. I think it would be too tiring to sit in a chair very long with the other kind.

    I am curious.

    However one person's convenience is anothers hardship!!

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  2. lgp

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    I could not live without it!! I have wireless access throughout the house, so I can bring it from room to room. I like to bring it up to bedroom and do my Pilates and Yoga DVD's there, without interference from anyone else. I have to do that to get away from my cat--when I do yoga and go into the corpse pose (flat on my back) he nosedives for my head and bites my hair and head!! Without my laptop, I wouldn't be able to get away and concentrate. I write alot also, and I need the sanctuary of my bedroom. I also prefer the laptop because I can check my mail at the kitchen table while I am having my morning tea. I also keep a huge recipe file on my laptop, so sometimes when I am cooking, I have it on the counter with me. The advantages to the laptop are endless--just have to handle them with care. One of my college student daughters fell asleep wit the laptop on her dorm bed and kicked it onto the floor. She lost alot of stuff--my hubby found a "recovery" company to restore the data, but it cost $300 to do so. Now all of her stuff is backed up onto a seperate hard drive that he purchased for her. The kids store so much music on their laptops and it takes up way too much space.

    I do sometimes use the desktop computer, which for me the only advantage is the screen is much larger. Also, all my files are backed up onto a shared drive thru the desktop, so if I lost my files on my laptop, they are backed up. Hubby takes care of all that--I don't know too much about that!!

    everyone in my house has their own laptop and the printer is in the basement. If we send something to the printer, you have to run reaaly fast. The cat gets very excited when he hears the pitch, and he will get your document and run away with it! Last week he got my youngest daughter's homework, ran up the stairs and under the bed with it!! He almost goes into a mad frenzy from the scanner--if someone has to use it, another person in the house has to hold hem and bring him to another room, it makes him that crazy! Oh, and his sweet face is the screensaver on my laptop!! LOL!!


  3. rockgor

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    Maybe the term you want is personal computer? I wouldn't really know
    as the computer wasn't around when I was born. Neither were other high-
    tech objects like the ball point pen, the slinky, the dome light in the car or
    cake mixes.

    I just learned the other day that laptops don't have a mouse. Gordon told me
    laptops cost a lot more than non-portable machines.

    When we get a car smogged, we walk next door to the coffee shop to wait.
    It is the kind place that Yuppies love. You can get a muffin or a croissant w/
    a cup of java for about $7.

    The place has wires in the ceiling to connect w/ the internet. 90% of the customers
    have a lap top on the table top. (Is that cheating?)

    If you go to youtube, you can see cats and printers in action. Just search for "cat, printer".

  4. stick2013

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    I had a desk top, and finally sold it. I LOVE my laptop. I lounge on my couch and do email, and whatever else... I house sit alot, so it's great to just pack it up, and bring it with me. Wireless is so nice.

    I didn't find the cost of my laptop very expensive at all. You can pick up a basic laptop with a good size hard drive, and 2 gigs of ram for $400-500. I think that's pretty reasonable.
  5. jole

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    My kids wanted me to get a laptop when my old computer bit the dust, and I nearly did. They had all the right reasons...take it from room to room, to the camper when we go to the lake, does everything the "big" one does, etc.

    Then I used my daughters, and had a hard time with the smaller screen, and the scrolling. Also, with my bifocals it seemed really hard to read in all the different positions.

    So I got another desk top...and am happy with it...but sometimes regret not getting the laptop. Who knows???
  6. lgp

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    I think it depends on the brand of laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron which is very easy to read and navigate.

    However, my three daughters have Apple MacBooks and I do not like them at all. I know what you mean about reading in all the different positions, the screen seems to jump around and automatically lightens and darkens for energy efficiency so my eyes are always adjusting. And I do not like the scrolling features on the MAC either. My personal laptop is showing signs of wear and tear, but I will eventually replace it with another Dell, never a MAC book. So there are differences in laptops. Go to a place like BestBuy where you can really get a feel for one before you purchase, and remember, not all laptops are alike.

    Good luck!!


  7. Doober

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    on if desk tops can have wireless connections.

    Yes, Many people use this because when the move their furniture around, the connection does not reach or what ever room they want to move the PC to does not have any cable connections at all.

    This just simply requires the purchase of a wireless router. One peice is connected to the incoming connection and the second peice will connect to your computer. This can also be used as sort of a network hub. Meaning any laptops you have can use this as well.

    Go to a computer store or best buy or even on-line. There are many options and lease make sure what ever you get has a good security feature with good encryption software. I say this because wireless networks if not secured are an access point for hackers to access any computer you may have on the "Network" and other people who look for free wireless signals to access the internet. The free access to the internet is not a bad thing unless the person using it does anything illegal, it get's traced back to your access.
  8. Pippi1313

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    When I'm not travelling with my laptop, I use it on my desk, just like my old PC. To solve the problem of "scrunching over" to use it, I simply sit it on top of 3 thick textbooks, so it's at a comfortable level for viewing & typing.
    I dunno about the screen light changing intensity. My toshiba stays at whatever brightness I set it for.

    To prevent it from sliding around on top of the textbook stack, I cut a small piece of shelf liner (like the kind ya stack glasses on in the cupboard) & laid that on top of the books.

    I couldn't do w/o my laptop cuz I take it to the hospital with me & jack into their phone line (I'm still on dial-up).

    Good Luck!!!
  9. SPR30

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    A tip for anyone wanting to go wireless. Routers can be expensive and not all routers work with all internet providers. Furthermore a compact router may be a more inexpensive option and can work as well as a larger model.

    I have a 2,000 sq ft home and I have been using a compact (or travel size) router for several months with no problem (and we have a few computers in different areas of the house). I got mine for under $100 new in box on Ebay.
  10. 3gs

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    My first computer was a Gateway One. At first thought it was really cool,it was a computer/tv combo. Then things started to go wrong.

    Long story short,buyers were being used as test market! They didn't even have a support team no one had been trained!

    I yelled loud enough and got a refund. Then got my laptop which I love.
    POrtable and wireless. Mine is a 15" screen so great for watching movies etc.

    Oh on Qvc I got a stand that u can adjust heights and has storage under it. very light weight makes it grest because u are not looking down. works for books too. It was about 17.00