how many have racing heart or panic attacks?

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    I found an article explaining that fibro patients have a different form of panic attacks. and that it will not kill you. and there is a different machine that tests for it. has anyone read that article? my son has been getting bad panic attacks. says that it feels like his heart is beating out his chest. and he feels like he is going to die. just got him diagnosed with fibro. I showed him this article and told him to try and relax and not to run to the hospital. but his friend called the ambulance last week. now I find out it is related to the disease. comes with the territory.
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    Man do I ever have those. So many times I wanted to call 911, or have someone drive me to the hospital because I thought that they were going to make my heart stop. My heart races, and races, and starts skipping beats. I get so uncomfortable in my chest, and my mind wonders. Very scary.

    What is sad here is that my family just ignores me when I am having them. I have no support group at all. My husband has brain damage from the years of being around parts cleaner from work, and the suicide attempt in 05. I am his care taker! My oldest son lives here, but I never see him. He has his own issues with depression, and its really frustraiting to do this alone.

    I am going to see a psychiatrist next week, and I just pray that they understand fibromyalgia, and all the side effects of fibro. I have had so many doctors in the past, telling me to "just live with it". OMG.

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    You are right. I learned to lie down and not be afraid of it.

    But that only helped for a couple of years. I finally had to get
    on heart med to control the rapid beats. That helped a lot.
    I had lost down to 108 lbs when it got that bad.

    I hope you son finds a knowledgeable doc.

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    you know a good support group is so amazing and helpful. and I am the only one that can relate and understand what my son is going threw. even though I have cfs and he has fibro. my symptoms are different. but I am his rock right now. I told him I would not stop till we can get him somewhat better.
    he always tells me his heart feels like it is beating out of his chest. and for these people to tell me to see a psychiatrist!! hello he did not have anxiety attacks or racing heart until his fibro developed. he is not the type to have anxiety problems!!!!
    I took him to my support group and he was not too sure about going until minutes into the meeting he realized these people understood everything he is feeling. but he lives in another state and does not have the money to come down.
    so you should try a support group!