How many have started using canes,walkers,or chairs??

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  1. contessa

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    I force myself to walk on my threadmill because I know it's all I've got. Could walk around the block but with the machine I can get off early if needed and not have to find strength to get home. I've gotten to the point where my husband always lets me push the shopping carts so I have something to lean on. I'd be using a cane already if I could find one that didn't look so frumpy. Any one know a place to find a 'fashionable' cane?
  2. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I force myself to walk on my threadmill because I know it's all I've got. Could walk around the block but with the machine I can get off early if needed and not have to find strength to get home. I've gotten to the point where my husband always lets me push the shopping carts so I have something to lean on. I'd be using a cane already if I could find one that didn't look so frumpy. Any one know a place to find a 'fashionable' cane?
  3. TeresaBnGA

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    I am like you are, I have to have the shopping cart when we go to the store. I use a cane when I am having a bad flare. I got mine from and then you just type in your search "cane".
    Hope this helps!

    Soft hugs!
    Teresa :)
  4. toniad

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    Hi Contessa

    After a year of using one of those big huge UGLY silver canes, my doctor got me a littler one, with black and grey parts, much nicer to look at.

    I got bored one day and decided to make myself a "cane cover". I went to the fabric store and got some really cute leopard fabric, many people have complimented that. If you like, I could make you one for your cane. Let me know, I'd have something else to do on my break from school.

    Hugs and well wishes
  5. Achy-shaky

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    they are much more stable and help when trying to pull yourself up from a chair. Wal-mart sells them for only $13 and they don't look to old fashioned like some.
    It helps a lot when going somewhere unfamiliar plus people tend to give you more respect when you have one.
    Good luck!
  6. granmama

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    Hi Contessa,

    I was at Kroger (food store) and went by the pharmacy. I saw some blended colored canes with a shiny finish. I thought to myself at the time, if ever I needed one, that would be it!

    I have "considered" a walker without wheels to have nearby my recliner. It would enable me to pull up easier and not have so much stress on my knees and they fold for easy storage. I tried using a cane to pull up on, but I don't have the strength with one arm.
    My sister & brother-in-law use quad canes and suggest having large gripper tips for more stability.

    I too inherited my grandfather's cane, but it needs to be shortened.

    Also, even though I may just be browsing, I always grab a cart to lean on and it helps to keep from carrying a purse on your arm too.
    A cart keeps me from getting off balance while walking.

    take care,

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  7. garyandkim

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    don't have the little one in a coach oe strollor. Use what you need don't think of it as giving in or up. Hay, we use toasters and all that to help our lives why not a cane. Just one more conveniance as with any aid.

    Don't feel funny using it, just do. Good luck, Kim and Gary
  8. LindaD.

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    and I will tell you why. I was falling a lot. Seems like I just couldn't keep my feet up under me - or I would trip on the least little thing and fall.
    Hubby got me a curious cane on our 30th anniversary while visiting Chattanooga (a present from our daughter and her family - and they met us there and we did all kinds of things). Anyway, it is made of some kind of wood, carved beautifully, and the end of the wood serves as a handle. My son-in-law drilled a hole very carefully in the "handle" and put a leather strap in it so I can have more control of it.
    I use a buggy when I go with daughter shopping - but here lately, she demands that I sit in one of those little "go-carts". And, when I go to the airport, which is rare, I am in a wheelchair and porters are great with assistance.
    I used to be kind of embarrassed about the situation, but you know, this is for me. For my welfare and well-being, so my embarrassment has been overcomed.
  9. kredca4

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    I am saving my coins for a Scooter, a Sundancer actually, and it's gonna be Red, lol.
    Really there are days that I can't walk as well as I do, and as far. I have been walking in the am's for years, and I use to walk in the pm, but with all the extra things I have to do around the house now, I find I can't make it to the afternoon/pm walks.

    I forgot my cane yesterday when I left the house and I thought oh well let's try a day without it. My knees started hurting and I really was sorry that I didn't go back and get it.

    I bought a wheelchair for when I want to go somewhere that has a lot of people or I know I'll have a lot of walking to do, like the Mall, or the Farmer's Market, or a Parade, people will get out of your way, and I don't get stepped on or knocked down, and I have the Best Seat in the place. lol.

    Hope you all have a great day,
  10. contessa

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    I really wish I'd bought one of those big carved canes when we were on vacation in Arkansas. But I think the Oriental Imports in Madison WI also sells nice carved ones. I know when we were throwing out my dad's stuff after his death, I made my husband keep dad's walker, just in case. Funny, when I was little I used to have recurring nightmares that my legs would give out and I wouldn't be able to walk. I can't help wondering if my body already knew it's future.

    Besides, if I have a cane I can beat some sense into the disability people with it, right. I mean if I go postal with a cane, wouldn't that prove something is reaaaally wrong with me?
  11. motg

    motg New Member

    I am trying to find a fold up cane to fit in my purse. Then I can use it when I get to tired and my balance is off. I to love those shopping carts.
  12. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I started using a cane around 1980 or 1981. That was due to multiple sclerosis, not fibromyalgia, but I've learned a lot about canes and other mobility aids since then. (I still use a cane at home, but when I go out in the community, I use my scooter.

    First, regarding a place to get fashionable canes, I suggest that you look online for Boserupp's House of Canes. (Sorry, but I don't have a URL handy. If I find it and people are interested, I'll look and post it to the group.

    House of Canes used to have a store in West Los Angeles, and that's where I got my "designer" cane. They were great. Not only did they have a wide selection of beautiful canes (many of them far from inexpensive, but others in a moderate price range), but the husband-and-wife team that ran the store took the time to size the cane and showed me how to use it properly. That's important! If you use a cane that's too long or too short, you throw your body off balance and/or out of alignment. The same is true if you don't use the cane correctly. In generaly, you hold the cane in the hand *opposite* the leg you want to support. The cane handle should be around your hip bone. Most people naturally swing their arms forward and back a little as they walk. When you use a cane, you're supposed to do the same thing, except that now you have a cane in your hand. If your left leg or side is the one that needs support, you hold the cane in your right hand, and as you take a step with your left foot, you swing the cane forward with your right hand, with the cane and your left foot coming down approximately at the same time. This forms a triangle, with your right foot in the back and your left foot and the cane in front. The triangular shape tends to be very stable and provides good support. I think the House of Canes web site may have more information about how to use and size a cane.

    The important thing is to get the cane sized properly and to learn to use it correctly.

    When I first started using a cane, it was at least six inches too long, and I was using it as if it were a crutch (i.e., using it on the same side as the leg that needed support). I was very upset when somebody pointed this out, and I had to practice using the cane in front of a mirror for a while before it started to feel comfortable. Now, it's almost as if it's a part of my body, and it has provided wonderful support. I used to call it my "endurance insurance."


  13. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I'm really miffed at the doctor who said not to use a cane because "he didn't want me to think of myself as disable[d]...." I have been involved in the disability rights movement for many years, and I find that doctor's attitude offensive, ill-informed and potentially dangerous. I'm glad that you decided to get a cane anyway. Many doctors are so afraid of the possibility of becoming disabled themselves that they project their fears and prejudices onto their patients. Of course, that isn't usually necessary, since most nondisabled people share those fears and prejudices anyway. Living with a disability is a picnic, but it doesn't have to be the great American tragedy, either. In fact, that doctor's attitude contributes to the environment that makes living with a disability more difficult.


  14. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I found the web site for the House of Canes. It's at . Part of the web site is a very valuable page of general information, at . This explains some basics about using a cane. And you can order canes from this web site as well. I've had mine for about 20 years, and I still get compliments on it!

  15. teach6

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    My scooter is in and I will have the lift installed on the 19th. That will allow me to go wherever I want, whenever I want and by myself. This is very important to me because I am single and cannot always depend on having someone around to push me in a wheelchair.

    In nine more days I'll be cruising through my neighborhood and the malls. Watch out! Here I come!

  16. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I'll check the store site out. I was concerned about the height issue because I'm a 5'12" and most regular things are way too small for me. We even have extra height added to our kitchen and bath cabinets so I don't have to bend over. Enjoy your day.
  17. dd

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    Hi All - I am new here, have only posted once before. I was diagnosed with CFS, FMS, Hypoglycemia and Hypothyroidism about a year ago. I have been sick for over 5 years though but it took the doctors years to find out what was wrong with me.

    I am a 38 year old female. I do use those motorized wheelchairs that are available at Wal-Mart and K-Mart when I feel the need to. At first I felt embarrassed but we all have to do what we need to do to survive. My husband and kids were also embarrassed to be seen with me at first but now my little one likes to sit on my lap when I am scooting around the stores. I started using them even before I was diagnosed because sometimes I just could not make it thru the stores. I would get to the very back of a store and have to find a place to sit down for a while and then try my best to get back to the front. My legs would turn to jelly legs and give out on me. If I am having a good day I will try to do my shopping using a shopping cart to lean on. On those days I do have a bit of anxiety once I get to the back of the store because I never know when I am going to give out.

    I do get strange looks, especially from the older folk. They probably just think that I am lazy or something. It took me a while to adjust in my mind that what I am doing is none of anyone's business. I feel so much better about myself now because at least I am getting out. I was housebound for almost two years because of the muscle weakness.

    Better health to all of you.

  18. Harmony

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    I am buying a wheel chair today! I found a used one for only $40 and it is like new, only used twice. I have used the scooters at the stores that provide them and they are a big help. I prefer the scooters, but I'll take what I can get for now. I tried walking, but only to end up miserable and in tears. I have to put aside the pride and do what I can to get out and enjoy getting out.