How many have stomach pain every day?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onesmileymyley, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. onesmileymyley

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    I experiance stomach pain each day. some day's better then others. It is however always their and I was wondering how many others suffer from the same thing? I have had all the wonderful tests that go along with the tummy and all have been very normal....
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    Yes, I have stomach pains everyday too. Newly acidic type pains in the actual stomach, but I've had intestinal problems for years which have been diagnosed as IBS. (You know, the crampy, bloating, sometimes stabbing and all over achy, my intestines are on fire pains.) Basically I guess they don't know either which is why you get another "syndrome" for a diagnosis!

    Hope you feel better. Maintaining a healthy diet helps a lot for me.

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    That is excatly what my pain feels like. do you have bouts of constipation as well? I know some get the craps but it is so oppisite for me. my oh my is the spelling something else today. thank you for your reply
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    Well, since we're having stool talk.....

    As a matter of fact it is constipation with me too. (Not very often I get the runs but sometimes I do, and when I do, "runs" is the most appropriate name anybody could have ever come up with!) I just feel that I'd physically feel so much better if I could go poo on a regular basis if you know what I mean.

    Just doesn't feel like my bowels are moving properly. And adding any opioid pain killer makes matters worse for me, that's why I prefer Ultram. Recently I've been taking one Senokot at night before I go to bed and it has been helping tremendously. Directions say to take two but I have a hard time getting up because of pain and stiffness in the morning that I can barely walk let alone "run"!

    With one I don't wake up with the runs and even better, I don't wake up with that achy painful sick to my stomach intestinal feeling anymore. It's says not to take it on a daily basis though, so I guess I'll try to go without it for a few days and see what happens.

    Wishing you a good bowel movement.........~LISA
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    thank you for replying. I have found that for me drinking alot of tea helps me get a bit more regular. what a conversation piece. lol. i was also told that most people that have ibs suffer from constipation not the craps and that the craps are from leakey gut or something like that.
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    There are lots of things that can cause stomach pain. You should get it checked out and not presume it's your DD. I have had stomach pains caused by gallstones, food allergies, meds gone bad on me, the flu, my Reiter's Disease...I could go on and on. It's best to get checked and rule everything out. A good thing might be to get an IgG Food Sensitivities Assay done (check out Immunolabs website). I discovered through this process that if I separate my fruits/nuts/grains by two hours from any meat/fish/dairy, I feel LOTS better! Who knew??? These are little things you can find out if you investigate with the help of a supportive physician.