How many have symptoms but no diagnosis? What tests done?

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    Just curious about what testing I sould be asking my doctor to perform?
    I have been diagnosed with numerous problems which have been confirmed ie. long thoracic nerve injury, winging scapula, shoulder tendonitis, spinal stenosis and cervical bone spurs, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel depression and IBS.
    Since the PT for the FS about a year ago, I have developed the all over body muscle pain and tightness, pressure headaches at the base of my skull, pressure in my ear, very dry eyes, sensitivity to odors (comes and goes), pain and numbness in my hands and feet, insomnia and extreme fatigue.
    My doctor says I do not have FMS because I don't have the 18 trigger points necessary for this diagnosis. He is one of those docs who believes that chronic pain is caused by depression and not visa versa.
    When I developed the new symptoms a year ago, he seems to have stopped listening to my concerns (must be a limit to the number of symptoms a patient is allowed). I have asked if my thyroid and blood sugar have been tested. He said they are fine (although my Triglycerides are through the roof).
    Thanks to this wonderful board and others, I have learned a great deal. I began taking MSM, calcium/magnesium, flax seed, multiple vitamins with extra B vitamins. Amazingly, the muscle pain has not been nearly as severe since doing so. When I mention this to the doc, I get that "look" and he rides me for taking supplements. I am presently taking Oxycodone to treat the nerve and neck pain (all NSAIDS, antidepressants, muscle relaxants were useless for either of these painful symptoms). I honestly believe that my FMS symptoms have improved dramatically with the vitamins and supplements, but it troubles me that I really don't now for certain what is causing them without a true diagnosis.
    I think I should press my doc for further testing, but I am not certain which ones...can anyone help out here?
    Is there a test for B12 deficiency? Are thyroid blood tests accurate? Is an ANA truly indicative of anything concrete? What about a bone scan...would this rule out Osteoporosis?
    Regardless, I know my doc will give me a difficult time with this...he's still stuck on the depression diagnosis.
    Please don't suggest I find another doc...if that were possible, I would have done so long ago. In Ontario, doctors are few and far between, the wait to see a specialist is very long and with our medical system the way it is, you do not have a choice of physicians (and are supposed to consider yourself lucky if you have a GP).
    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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    I am also in Ontario and I know what you mean about the Doctors or lack of. I was just diagnosed after 10 years of symptoms. Have you seen a rheumatologist? They are the ones who are knowledgable about these dd. Press your GP to send you to one.The first one I saw was "no damm good", my GP's words. She sent me for blood tests and ordered a bone scan. When the scan was negative she dismissed me with "you don't have Lupus". My G.P pressed on and sent me to a second Rheumy. I waited 6 months to get in. This one worked by excluding everything, which was difficult as I have always had a positive ana. 1:160. She did more extensive bloodwork and also tested me for Fibro. I only had 6 tender spots but she told me that can change. She left me with a diagnosis of Fibro (which makes sense to me) and told me if I should develop more symptoms to come back. I am thankful that my GP always told me " there is something wrong with you, we just haven't found it yet".Good luck and be firm with your G.P. They are not the expert.
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    Dear wingingit

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties, If you look at the NIH website you appear to have a great majority of the symptoms for FM, each person is so individual in there symptoms. You may want to get a second opnion with a physician that is familiar with FM. Perhaps a rheumatolgist. The lab tests sound fairly accurate and they are done to rule out other disorders first. Check with your local community health center or hospital to see about a second opnion. Depression is often secondary due to the frustrations and worries not to mention the aches and pains, but for many docs if they can't figure it out or don't believe in FMS its an old satndyby. The way I look at it is what do you have to lose by seeing another doctor.

    Hope you feel better and get some answers