How many here eat the "correct" diet or are you like me?

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  1. Bellesmom

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    Hi, all. I am trying to keep a food journal for the naturopath I go to. I'll admit it - I don't eat right but I'm in bed all the time, don't cook, don't WANT to cook and even if I am told to eat right don't think I can all the time. I was just wondering how the rest of you manage this eating thing.

    I guess if I put more time into it I could come up with something better than just grabbing whatever is handing (which usually isn't "good" for me) but I just plain don't feel like it most of the time.

    What do the rest of you do? I might mention I am on a limited income and only go to store 2, 3 times a month so fresh things do get old. I am too fatigued to do all that sorting, sealing thing.


  2. catgal

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    I am 53 and will be 54 in May. I was born with life-threatening asthma/allergies and almost died several times before I was 5. At age 15 I developed FM/CFS. I graduated college exhausted and immediately went out into the working world, and my drive and ambition battled constantly with the FM/CFS. I married at 25, tried for 3 years to get pregnant, finally the 5th year I did, and I had a massive miscarriage in the 4th month and had to have a radical hysterectomy. Then, my husband left me. I was 30 years old.

    I later developed osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis. Always suffered with IBS, the severe asthma attacks and constant allergies. Two years ago I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease [ddd] with multiple back problems and a cluster of pinched nerves in my neck/shoulder area. A month ago I was diagnosed with comprehensive nerve damage due to the ddd.

    I have had to work all my life, and am my sole financial support now even though I can only work 3 days a week. I have no benefits, no retirement, no health insurance. My medical expenses run me close to $600 a month. There is no extra money for recreational activities, frills shopping, or a night on the town. my age I am going to eat whatever I damn well please; whatever titilates my taste buds, drives me wild with pleasure, and is lip-smackin good!

    For all throughout my younger years, I tried everything that offered hope to help me feel better. I spent a fortune on vitamins, herbs, diets, and every FM/CFS fad that came along. Yet nothing ever stopped the pain, the aching, the flares, the exhaustion, the attacks.

    So..............with what time I have left, I am going to eat all the ooie-gooie, mouth-watering, delicious, delectable, sumptuous delicacies I can get in my mouth. And when my time comes to leave this earth--I'll be packin a Snickers in one hand and a slice of chess pie in the other...........and a big ole smile on my face.

    [I warned you this was going to be a terrible reply!]

    But, I hope you do get some good suggestions and that you find something that will help you. Best Wishes, Carol....
  3. Shirl

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    The eating 'thing' is very hard for me too. I used to be a terrific cook, and fast food and junk food has no appeal to me, plus it makes me sick and bloats too.

    I have very little appetite for starters. But I do make sure I stay away from white flour, gastric foods, sugar, or anything that will upset my very sensitive stomach.

    When my husband is at work (he works for an oil company and is gone for weeks at a time), I make egg salad, that is great for a quick sandwich and it is protein and on honey wheat bread. I eat oatmeal with milk, another easy one. Bread and real butter, oatmeal cookies with rasins. Toast with natural jelly no sugar in it.

    My husband will cook stew, gravy, vegetable soup, stewed snapbeans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and a few other dishes, and we freeze them in small portions for me when he is not here.

    We take a couple of days and just cook and freeze foods, that way I only have to warm it and add a salad.

    I also eat puffed brown rice, puffed wheat, grits or cream of wheat, and I drink Ensure to make up for what I don't eat in meats. I am not too good with meat, it does not digest for me too well.

    I eat a lot of eggs, fried, boiled, salads.

    Sometimes we bake a turkey, freeze it, and I make a turkey salad, or just eat a sandwich with the white meat. Same with baked chicken.

    Hope this helps a little. Its hard for me to get to the store too. I go about twice a month. I do eat fruit, canned or fresh.

    I only drink water, decaf tea, decaf coffee, and fruit juices, no sodas at all. I will also make lemon aid and ice tea (decaf).

    This is not a whole lot, but its more than enough for me.

    When my husband is home, we go out and I will eat fish, shrimp, oysters, but I don't cook it anymore, too much work and it makes me hurt to stand and cook. We have these home type restaurants here, and the food is home cooking, not fast foods. So I do get to sea food often too.

    Hope this helps a little, I know how hard it is to keep trying to find something that is good for you, and not have to work for hours to just eat for five minutes!

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Bellesmom

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    I like getting to know you and especially when you make me laugh.

    I eat oatmeal, too much cheese because it's way too easy, packaged salad and whatever is there. It's not good and I just know this doctor is going to try to get me to let go of my one or two cups of REAL coffee each day. That's the only vice I have left and I can't believe that's what made me sick or is keeping me sick.

    I always "see" everyone on the board as being sicker than me, yet I can barely get out of bed so I must have SOMEthing wrong, right?

    I got a lot of good hints from you - thank you. My husband is 76, works 50 hours a week and I can't expect him to do any cooking so I pretty much try to help HIM so he can keep working. I just do it at a crawl and then I stay in bed until I see him again. We don't even go out to each because I just can't drag to do it and have a real hard time walking.

    I miss my life but so do all of you, so I'm not complaining, not as long as I can pull myself to the computer once a day and visit all of my friends online!!

    Oh, I gave up working, have been turned down twice for SS Disability, am 62 years old and would be really happy if this old syndrome would pack up and leave. It's been WAY too long since we've been to Reno!!

    Take care - I agree about supplements, etc. I am very skeptical about most every new "cure" that comes along and am scared to death of most of the prescribed drugs - they do a real number on me for the most part.

  5. Tattoopixie

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    I try to be good, but it's so darn hard. Catgal's reply was such a hoot! When I am being bad...I eat everything from Godiva Ice Cream to Pringles. When I am being 'good' I make frozen veggies in the microwave & use fleishman's olive oil spread on them instead of butter. I buy alot of fish at the super walmart & microwave them w/garlic/herb seasoning. I also buy bbq chicken wings & eat those alot. About once a month I will get a nice rib-eye steak & cook it on the stove. Sometimes I will cook up a bunch of pork ribs on the stove & freeze what I don't eat so I can microwave them later. Canned fruit & cottage cheese is another easy thing. Eggs done in the microwave. I think I have learned how to make everything except cakes in my microwave!!! LOL!!
    Take care,
    ~ Pixie ~
  6. roro

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    I have been doing atkins for two years now, and I love it. I am on the maintainance level now. i mostly eat lots of vegetables, meats, eggs, fats like butter olive oil, mayo, cheese, nuts and a little fruit. many of my health problems went away when I went on this plan. i always had chronic heartburn and nausea. it went away as soon as i started atkins and it comes RIGHT back whenever I eat any grains. this is the first time in my life I have ever been able to maintain my weight loss before, and I have tried them all (diets).
  7. Bellesmom

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    Thanks again. I'll be trying some of these - the easy ones, that is!!!

    Starting with egg salad today.

    I just know my naturopath is gonna love it all.

  8. ssfromsc

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    Hi, Pam,

    I'm new to this site and didn't see many questions comcerning diet. I recently started following the Pain-Free Living food plan. It is quite restrictive and involves a lot of label reading--BUT it has really been a miracle for me. It sounds like you may be in worse shape than I was. I got out of bed, but would rather not have. My husband loves a good meal, so I cook. I don't eat much of what I fix for him as this plan eliminates most of the stuff he likes--potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, corn, and 3 more pages of ingredients that are classified as excitotoxins. I've been on it for about 6 weeks now and unless I eat something not on the plan, I have very little pain. I can work in the yard 5+ hrs without a break etc.
    It's not a fun way to eat, but I'll stick to it rather than hurt. Good luck to you