How many here take B12 injections

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  1. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI ,
    Doctor has had me taking Vitamin D capsuls but am hearing a top thyroid doctor say that after a certian age we can not make use of this supplement in vitamin oral capsule and really recommends vitamin B12 shots, so I have been thinking about the B12 injections. If you do get them have they helped you?

    Thanks so much

  2. cookie1960

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    Hi Giggle,

    I do get monthly B12 injections - but I actually have a real deficiency that oral vitamins cannot treat. (I found this out via a blood test) I also take a Vitamin D oral supplement, but this is to help in the absorption of a Calcium supplement. This combo is to prevent osteoperosis.

    I'm 48, and none of my dr's have ever been strong believers in vitamins/supplements of any kind. And, yes, I have heard that as you get older, your body does not absorb certain supplements enough to really make a difference.

  3. spacee

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    And for the last 20 years or so Dr. Cheney and Lapp have recommended 10,000mcgs daily. That is a huge amount and it can be difficult getting a doc to let you try it.

    I took 5,000 mcgs three times a week for 16 years, stopped for 4years. Now on 10,000mcgs daily. My doc says that I have expensive urine but I don't care. It is suppose to help pull the toxins out of the brain. I give the injections with allergy syringes in my stomach at bedtime.

    And you have to order it from a compounding pharmacy. I just googled and picked one in Birmingham Al since it was fairly close to Florida for mailing purposes.

    There are a number of people who do take them.


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  4. nightngale

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    My new neurologist is having me give myself B-12 injections twice a week..i think at 1000 mcg each time. They taught me at office. I think it is helping a bit...I also had a D deficiency so I am supplementing with that, my level was very low....overall I feel a bit better, but not sure if it is from one or both. D and B are different vitamins, I am not sure I understand how you can get the same benefit from B-12 as D? I think you would need to take both. I don't think i had the B deficient but he feels it will help with energy levels.

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  5. mbofov

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    My doctor has me doing four 5,000 mcg. B12 shots a week. I do them myself. I don't feel any different, even though that's a lot of B12, but I might notice if I stopped for awhile.

    I remember a long time ago when I was healthy, if I took a B12 lozenge (sublingual), I noticed a difference - it gave me a boost. But now I don't notice anything after doing the shot. But my tests always show very very low levels of B12, sometimes undetectable, hence the shots.

    But I don't think they have anything to do with vitamin D.

    I have heard that if you swallow a B12 vitamin, you'll have trouble absorbing it, and it's best either to get it sublingually or through shots.

  6. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    but I cannot take them often, maybe once a week or every other, tried daily and started to feel disgusting, must have been herxing...

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