How many live alone?

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  1. sisland

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    Hi All
    iv'e been an empty nester for almost a year now! Kid's are grown and gone! never thought i'd live through that!!..........................................Yes it's very quite and peacful but also lonesome at times! have the puppies - Tv- pc and neighbors to visit with!!...................not complaining just wondering!! sydney bump
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  2. sisland

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  3. Rene

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    I live alone and have no kids. Its been hard as I'm am home 23 hours a day and lost all friends yrs ago as i'm sick for 7 yrs.

    I have a mom and she is really bad off physically and lives 30 minutes from me.

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  4. teacher

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    But parents and niece live about 20 minutes away. Since they are aging, and she's 15, I relish the time alone!

  5. shootingstar

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    I have a little bichon (mix?) dog. He's been a blessing in many ways, but has his moments. My daughters and grandsons live out of state. Have extended family near home, really great.

    I don't know what I'd do if I actually lived with someone at this point. My energy can be less than existent. I feel guilty accomplishing as little as I do for myself and sure wouldn't want anyone else to have to put up with the drag. I enjoy times out with friends and family, try to keep the house from falling in shambles around me -- that's all that can be said for it and I regret not having more stamina --, and I have the luxury of a really flexible schedule for sleep etc. since recently deciding to quit an unpredictable part time on-call job.
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    wow can i relate to the ( trying to keep up on the house work thing!!) i try really hard!! but yes as you say the stamina is not what it used to be!! this illness really takes a toll on your self esteem as well!!.........................................but my oldest daughter lives 10 mins away so i get to see her when she's not to busy at her work!!'s really nice to have a flexiable sleeping schedule!! but you know it's probably better to have the place to yourself when we are in the flare situation!!....................................sisland
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    I've lived alone now for about 9yrs. I'm gonna be 49 in Aug. Was DX with FM in 98. I have to honest I worry all the time about what I'm gonna do when I can't work and have no income at all. I'm already wanting to cut back cause Im getting sicker all the time. I have family that live nearby but noone I caould live with. It's a scary thought for me. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. I've read so many stories on here about how long it can take to get SSD. I'll lose everything and possibly have nowhere to live. I'm very worried and of course the stress is bad for us.

    Take care all, Keke
  8. NyroFan

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    Alone and I love it. Got rid of the ex a few years back and took him to the cleaners: he paid for his intolerance to disease.

    I can do what I want, when I want and answer to nobody.
    I can rest when I want and indulge in my 'hobby'.

    Yes, for me 'alone' is good.

  9. Fibrolady37

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    live with my 12 year old daughter & my 3 cats.
    My daughter spends 2 0r 3 days at her dads so we both get a break.
    So wen she is at his house i live alone but have my cats wen my daughter isnt here.
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    Hi All

    thankyou for the great replies!! I'm actually fairly glad to have the place to myself!!....................Although the kids come and go ! My youngest will be home for the summer from college but she only stayes with me part time and her dad the other part! I have to agree about the Doing what you want when you want!!!................................... thanks!! Sydney