How many of us are "Highly Sensitive People?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by artseyone, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. artseyone

    artseyone New Member

    Hi, Ya'll,
    Happy Monday...
    Just found a website while surfing an energy healing site and came upon an M.D. who has classified herself as overly sensitive and has written a book about this...

    Her thesis: More sensitive people suffer chronic pain than other less sensitive groups.
    Sensitives become more agitated, take in more details and become more easily overwhelmed..

    I see myself in each of her words so much so I've ordered her book, The Highly Sensitive, Elaine Aron...I found it on Amazon cheap am buying it used.

    I have no monetary interest in the above, but wanted to share w/my fellow fibromytes...
  2. srollins

    srollins New Member

    my dr. told me yrs ago that i have a hypersensitivty to my envirerment.
    i will have to check this out.might not help with the discomfort i live with but i can deal with almost anything if i can understand it.

  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    How dare you!

    JUST kidding.

    But yes, we often have very little serotonin to keep us on an even keel, we're frustrated, beyond exhausted, in pain, ignored, often broke, we have no cure available to this illness with a stupid name that gets no respect, as a result many of us have given up the life we thought we'd live, we're low on friends, we're frustrated, sad, often lonely, did I mention frustrated?!? - and very sensitive.

    Just to prove it, I keep seeing references to the Grammar Ctitique post where people are being critical of the people who critically outted themselves. Goodness me.

    Maybe we all need a break. That, or cooler weather.

    Sensitively but non-critically, (but who still can't spell)

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  4. Artyfarty

    Artyfarty New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm newly diagnosed but have had chronic symptoms since I was 27 just had a Birthday, Saturday just gone now 35! I find I cant afford to get really pead off all though I do enjoy a good anger session and why not!

    I do,meditation, cds etc Reiki Healing, hot baths, vibrating back pad (life saver)
    I take multi vit iron, soy protein shakes, evening primrose, fish oils (cant function with out ) just tried Dong qui (Tang Kuei) for muscle cramps and spasms check out B4 you try as you cant take with aspirin but you should fully check out anything your going to take anyway.

    Just come across Holosync, centerpoint and tried their demo cd and when Iv'e managed to complete my benefits form (DLA in the uk) I'm going to give their meditation course a go but I thought I spend the energy typing this up for you guys.
    Has anyone tried Activive?

    I believe in positive solutions and that drugs have only sent me bonkers in the end.

    Supper tired today
    love N good health
    Arty Clare, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. England

    What a cool site! (thank you all)
  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    yup, I think this is true for me. I think I always expect more out of me then anyone else. Then I get upset with myself if I'm easily hurt specially by words
  6. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I am extremely sensitive

    Have CFS and FMS

    I am also very empathetic and seem to absorb the pain of other people's problems
  7. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    That's it: 3 words exactly and just discussed with my psychologist:


    When I try to do more than 1 thing at the time, I feel overwhelmed and get agitated.

    Great post,

  8. monet61

    monet61 New Member

    I thought I had replied to this post earlier, but it never showed....

    Anyway, I too am hyper sensitive. Whether it's heat/cold, noise, or just sensing and responding to the moods of others it's highly pronounced.

    I've noticed recently that action packed movies bring on a feeling of panic, vertigo and lightheadedness. It's happened 3 times now and each movie was packed with sound and highly intense visuals. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and recently it came to me that I'm just too sensitive to handle the overstimulation.

    I attribute it in good part to genetics and to growing up in a chaotic alcoholic household where I was always highly tuned in to people's behavior and moods, a survival/coping mechanism that somehow has become deeply ingrained in me physically and emotionally.
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  9. Daisys

    Daisys Member


    Some of us are born sensitive. (I was the crybaby in my family)

    Some of us are from homes that are unpredictable and we learn to scope out the atmosphere quickly. (I feel like I have antennae that pick up feelings wherever I go.)

    CFIDS causes hypersensitivity to environment. (I sometimes feel like the filter that only focuses on important things is missing and I get ALL input equally, which is overwhelming.)

    FM causes tense and sore muscles and sleep deprivation. (It seems like any little thing is the last straw.)

    I'm sure there's more. But this is enough to help me understand why I've become more or less reclusive. I love people, but need LOTS of alone time, and cannot handle anyone else's stress.
  10. sascha

    sascha Member

    i get agitated, uncomfortable, kind of into a state of doubting myself after i pass a certain threshold of too much input. it happens with people i care about very much. i just need to withdraw and regroup. i get it from too much light, noise, people, things to do. i guess i've always been this way, but the situation is exacerbated by CFIDS.

    as for grammar/spelling- yes, i'm sensitized to that. then people are sensitized to people who are sensitized to grammar etc mistakes, then people are sensitized to people who are sensitized to people who are sensitized to grammar etc mistakes- and so it goes. something like that. i'm not going to look back and see if that makes sense.

    but, mainly, it's such a good thing to have this place to come and say all such things. i appreciate it very much- sascha

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