How many of us attend church?

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  1. Asatrump

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    I am wondering how many of us on this worship board actually go to church? I am not asking what religion just want to know if you attend.

    My history was I walked out of an organist job. ( a new choir director had been hired, and no way I could work for him: incidentally he was asked to leave after one year contract was over) Forty years I either directed, played for, sang, etc. and was in church every week, in all weather.

    It has been nearly two years since I quit. In my years of church work I met some fine people, but also met some almighty egos. The last pastor was definitely "do as I say, not as I do". I found it difficult to listen to her preaching knowing so much of her life.

    At Easter this past year I came to a personal conclusion. I just no longer need a middle man. I pray, I play hymns and music, and I can concentrate, when I was working I had to constantly anticipate the next piece of music etc.

    I came to the decision no more organized churches for me. This is not what is right for everyone. Just me.

    I used to joke and tell my husband that paid attendance didn't count. Another organist recently told me to think this way~~~~~~ I only charged them for the first hymn, the rest were free..... A lighter side of a serious topic for me.
  2. morningsonshine

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    You never now what or who you will influence by going to church.
    Your influence,example, kind words, maybe just what someone needs that day.
    So often we go to church for what we will get out of it, never thinking how God may use us to touch someone else.

    If you have a poor self-esteem, like i've struggles with,
    You do not believe you matter to others or have any influence.

    God has shown me by others responses to me, that i really can make a difference for the Lord. Just by being me (in christ)

    I believe we are told to fellowship, and difficult people can be used by God to shape us.

    Also believe we need to find the right church, by asking God's guidance.

    All that being said i have missed more church the last two years than in a long time. I no longer feel guilty about that, sometimes i need to stay home and rest.

    But i also make sure i get some kind of personal fellowship. I belong to a very small intimate bible study of 4 ladies, we only meet twice a month.
    That has maintained me more than church sometimes.

    WE (my family)had belonged to a very small fellowship, for about 8 years, it was harder to miss that because of the size, you were always missed.
    We've recently rejoined a church, and i must admit it's easy to stay home, and let hubby take the kids at times.

    For some, who are extremely housebound, and can't get out, i don't think they should feel guilty about missing church.

    But i do believe in finding some sort of fellowship, and on going teaching too. We have a fabolous christian radio in our area, that has some excellant teacher on it.

    The bible says that we need to constantly renew our minds.

    There is alway the oppisite side of the coin, sitting in church every sunday, year after year, is no more edifying, or spiritual than the person at home diligently seeking God. especially if that's all they are doing, and they walk out of church and forget about God until next sunday.

    Once again, it's more about the heart of man, what's inside, only God can see. Not about what we visablely look like to others.
    If we aren't going to church only because of bitterness, that isn't good neither.

    Well just my 2 cents, gotta go get ready for church now!LOL

    God Bless

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  3. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to write so much. It was very intersting.
    Unfortunately I am very well known here after 40 years in town, and any church I would enter I feel would drain me wanting my professional skills.
    Thank you for all the food for thought, I appreciate it so much.
  4. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Thank you for taking time to reply. Interesting material and I will read it several times.

    I thank you for the birthday wishes, am surprised you knew, but Happy Birthday back to you. In the scare last week about googling our names, I got scared and deleted my entire bio.

    My feelings for right now are to stay away from anything organized and in town. Who knows, at some point that may change.

    I am changing things in my life right now. This week I am ceasing my piano studio. I have been giving piano lessons since I was in eighth grade, frankly that is 49 years . I can no longer deal with the snow, clearing the walk, the wet boots, the hand prints on the wall, the standing and waiting to see who will stand me up, the germs that come along with students , and the aggravation of hearing excuses. Were I to have students willing to actually work on this skill I would gladly give lessons free.

    I have also stopped being a substitute teacher, no more come quick calls . I barely function in the wee hours, let alone have the strength to get through a day of children I don't know. Again, a high demand for my skills, and I would get called nearly daily. Age and FMS has said time to stop.

    I am no longer able to entertain at nursing homes either. I used to do sing alongs at up to 8 places per month. Often driving through blizzards so as not to disappoint them. I had to stop that when I felt they would hold me hostage as I looked and felt worse than some of the residents.

    Maybe along the way I will have some people come to my home and we can hold a church like worship. I know many people who have left various churches, disenchanted by the organized groups. They work for most people, but there are always a handful that get hurt.

    Thank you for sharing with me. And Happy Birthday. I have reached the magical one where SS begins.
  5. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Thank you. I find these days I have far more peace in my heart and soul.
  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Are you still doing music request?
    Will you do "how great thou are"?

    I just posted to bluesky, about how we are having fellowship right here.

    Personal sharing, reaching out, The Word of God, music, and Prayer.

    For some this maybe all they can get to, That's one of the reasons i started posting God's word here.

    Blessings to you asatrump
  7. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I would be happy to play "How Great Thou Art".... It is also a favorite of mine.

    I do miss the almighty and powerful sound of hymns played on an enormous pipe organ. It is definitely the King of instruments, played with both hands and both feet.

    Now I settle for the grand piano here in the music room but I will gladly play it for you dear.

    Blessings morningsonshine
  8. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    but I usually attend on Saturday night. 2 years ago our church started a Sat night service as an out reach to others in the community, and for those who can't attend Sundays due to work, etc.
    It has been much better for me as mornings are almost impossible for me. I work every other Saturday, and am in town already so my family just meets me there. It is very casual and relaxed, but you do miss out on seeing the other people who go on Sundays. But, they don't talk to me anyways, so it doesn't really matter!
  9. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I wish I could.I just don"T have enough energy to get ready to go. I"ve been between churchs for the last few years. tried a few different ones. the last one was last fall and the pastor announce that they where mainly for famlys with children.
    well we still attended until I got so sick. they called and I told them I was sick haven"t heard a word from them.
    but I"m like you, I read the bible and know that God is the most inportant relatioship I have in my life.
    we watched Joel Osteen this morning. I really enjoy him.
    and I watch the copelands every morning before my husband goes to work. so right now me and Jesus got a good thing going its, whats in your heart. God bless, and thanks for playing He Touch me for us, J&S jerry , sharon


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Most of the reason being....I'm just not able to go like I use to due to health....especially on Sunday Mornings....for me mornings through mid-day is usually the worst for me.

    I truly miss going very much and I do feel if able it's good to gather together and be feed(hear the word), me and my husband both use to attend our church on a very regular bases, but for now I do enjoy watching preacher's/sermons and teaching on TV.

    As someone else said, I to believe we need to find the right church, by asking for God's guidance.

  11. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Thanks for your replies. It is interesting that we are prayer warriors yet for one reason or another are not physically in attendance each week.
    Razorqueen if Sat. night helps, that is great. I function poorly in the am. So many years of unlocking churches and facing santuaries with no heat on yet. I was supposed to warm up, but often after 20 minutes of practice my fingers were stiff with cold.

    Sixtyslady I am sorry you have not heard from the church. I have seen my share of that happening. People being dropped from church mailing lists because they aren't keeping up a $ pledge, or are there to physically participate.

    Bluerose I hope that you will find the right church for you, and meantime glad you can find something appropriate for you on television.

  12. Pottersclay

    Pottersclay New Member

    I go to church every Sunday. My family also goes on Sunday evenings and most but not all of the Wednesday night services. I wnet to the womens bible study while they had it. I want to grow closer to God spiritually, know God more and be a better witness, I want to be more like Jesus. To have others see Jesus in my life.

    A good speaker on Sunday mornings is Charles Stanley, or D. James Kennedy.

    My husband and I were listening to Joel O. Sunday evening. He forgot to mention sin and repentance. He talked about the "Good blood." When it has been "washed" with the blood of Jesus and repentance and asking for forgivness.....THEN it is good blood.
    He has had some good messages.

    FOR PEOPLE WHO STAY AWAY FROM CHURCH BECAUSE OF BEING BURNED BY PEOPLE........No one is perfect BUT Jesus. People will fail you in and out of church. Baby I know!!!!

    A good quote to think about:
    "When you look for the bad in people, you will find it every time!"~Abraham Lincoln
  13. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    What irony that you should post to me today of all days regarding piano lessons. Tonight is going to be my last students. Ever. I am totally retiring.

    No more snowy/muddy boots, no more waiting and waiting for those who are late or stand me up, no more germs sitting here each week.

    I HAVE BEEN GIVING PIANO LESSONS SINCE I WAS IN EIGHTH GRADE. That is 49 years of students. My piano is nearly 100 years old, and I am getting just normal SS starting in July.

    A time for every season, unto heaven.
  14. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I surely do realize that being burned by people is not a reason to attend church. I likely have heard more sermons than most. Sometimes you run into people giving those sermons who are the worst of the bunch. Knowing most of them locally and personally, that is exactly why I am at such peace doing my own prayer, mission and study.
    I look on the internet each week for the bulletin of the last church, I can follow along on scripture, gospel and prayers for the week and concentrate far better than when I physically was there.

    No matter what I select mentally, the old body now dictates what I may or may not do.
    Thank you for taking time to reply I appreciate it very much.
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  15. ckzim

    ckzim New Member

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on the Worship Board, and I wanted to say Hi...My name is Kathy.

    This subject caught my attention, as I haven't been to church in 3-4 yrs.?..I lost count actually...

    I use to attend every Sunday..Wenesday..Saturday, helped anywhere I was needed... for years...

    One evening service, I got up to pray,my legs gave way, and I fell like a clump on the floor. I bumped my head, and was semiconscience... I was so embarrased!

    The people next to me, grabbed a wheelchair,made sure I was ok.. and took me to my car...I was in tears by this time, ...and I have not been back since. (This Fibro has taken so much from me...)

    I simply won't risk that again, not only did it embarrase me, but it really did interupt the service, and I felt bad about that.

    But what added salt to the wound...was I receieved nothing from the church, at all, about why I haven't been back? or if I am ok, not even a call? Zilch...notta...nothing...for all they know, I've already been taken home.

    I kept telling's a huge church...that can't call everyone, quit feeling sorry for yourself..

    I cried over that for awhile then remembered..Even Jesus said...He had no where to lay His head...and I knew...He understood what I was feeling, and He's been helping me along the way ever since.

    There were other things that happen along the way with the church... the last couple of monthes I was there, and (that's all I have to say about that)...but it was the fall that did me in.

    Now I have Christian fellowship with my sister, and her husband, quite often, we do Bible Study when possible.
    As they don't attend church either, they also attended for years...until they no longer felt they were being fed. Which I am finding more and more common latley?

    I do have a on line Pastor's wife, in Texas, I write too often, who helps me along the way alot... I help her, by just is so very busy with the church.

    I watch sermons on TV every moring over coffee (latley it's been Andrew Womack out of Colordo)...before I start my day...then again on Sundays.(usually Joyce Meyers) It lifts me up, and sets my day on the right path.

    I do miss going, I was one of those "1st one there people", couldn't did enjoy it sooo much.

    I miss all that I had there...and I have been praying for along time, for the Lord to guide me in this area.

    I miss the fellowship the most...being around the family of God's people...being a witness outside the walls has really taught me alot of different things, that I might not have had the oppurtunity had I been glued to the church as much as I was.
    I see that now....I couldn't see it then.

    With that all said...I'm looking forward to fellowshiping with you all.


  16. Pottersclay

    Pottersclay New Member

    There is a verse that talks about how we should go to church to grow together in the faith. To encourage each other, to grow closer to God, to hear messages too.Unfortunately I don't remember where it is at the moment.

    We have peope in church that the church calls, "shut-ins." People who are no longer physically able to get out and attend church anymore. Our church anyways makes copies of the sermon for anyone who wishes to have a copy. Members take copies to shut-ins.

    Sorry to say but I think there are people in all areas that don't live or behave as they should. Example: Pastors, congregation members, POLITICIANS, friends, family, co-workers, etc...I try not to let them get me down or pull me away from the Lord Jesus. I know I am not perfect, so I try to not act in a way that would hurt another person.

    I think it is okay if a person at least gets into God's word on their own and if you could hear messages on either tape, radio, or television will help us grow spiritually. There is a radio station here in New York where they offer the messages that have been aired ont he radio to be played on the internet. ( They have MANY translators so a LARGE chunk of New York State can hear the radio station even if they don't live anywhere near by the station.

    Sorry that your church experience was anything but a good.

    For always a friend,
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  17. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    I am at every service unless I am sick. We are commanded to not forsake the assembly in Hebrews 10:25. Love to all, Carla
  18. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I am blessed with a small intimate Assembly of God church that is 5 minutes from my house.

    We serve breakfast (donuts, pastries, bagels, etc) in the kitchen at 9 am and my husband, daughter and myself go and lay that out along with another lady so we get there around 8 am.

    Then Sunday school at 9:30 and worship service at 11:45. Sometimes I am barely conscious but the singing ALWAYS lifts me up.

    The bible says that God inhabits our praises and I can really feel Him there. It is a very spirit filled church and there is even one other lady there that has FM.

    I thank God for my church family and I pray we all can find something like it