How many of us developed this have surgery?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin21, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. lin21

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    I had surgery in September and it seemed that this DD spread after that up until that point all we thought I had was torn cartilidge. I read that many of you out there started with knee problems, how many of you out there seemed to developed this DD after surgery?
  2. AnnetClo

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    I think I have actually had it for 5 or 6 years. But the symptoms were always milder and didn't last more than a few days. But I fell down some stairs in April of 2001 and after that the symptoms seemed to be somewhat worse but after I had the cervical discectomy in May of last year they have been quite severe. Of course at the same time my husband was really sick too. He has end stange renal disease, on dialysis and has had repeated bouts of peritonitis. So I was worried about him too. Add in some more family problems and this DD was off and running. Almost as if your body takes and takes and takes and then when it's into overload, FM takes that opportunity to rear it's ugly head and grab hold of you with a vengenance.

  3. lin21

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    I think I have had it for over 3 years. All that time we thought all the pain was from torn catilidge. In July I broke my toes and the pain was worse. I decided to have surgery to correct the knee problem because I couldn't live with the pain at that point and suddenly everything worsened. At first they thought it was a disc problem, then maybe MS and then I was finally diagnosed with this DD.
    Now that I look back, 3 years ago I was under terrible stress in work not to mention I had a 5 year old in Kindergarten. I was getting frequent migraines and I had hair loss, so that was when it began. I just wish it didn't take so long to progress because I had left my full time job to work part time at that point and if it developed sooner I would have been in a better place as far as benefits. I wish I could prove that's when it began because I would definitely pursue a suit!!!
  4. griswoldgirl

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    generally have an underlying condition causing it such as RA, MS, etc. yes there are folks with the DD and that is it. My surgeries have been due to DDD and DJD which has nothing to do with fibro--cannot blame everything on fibro and if there is a painful joint with swelling it is time to talk to a rhewumatologist.

  5. Reg1

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    I had surgery in l995, before i had the surgery, i was a super super woman. After about 4 weeks into recop, i started getting really bad pelvic pain, to the point wheras i had to get a morphine pump. It never went away, only got much worse, well heree i am now with FMS. I definately feel mine was related.
  6. 2BPainfree

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    I attribute mine to trying to trying to be supernurse(12 hour night shifts with an occasional 16hr shift when they were short staffed...was always trying to work extra to make ends meet) Not getting enough sleep, trying to be the perfect mom at home, yada, yada.

    Mine started in my knees as well...just woke up one day and could barely walk. I'm sure I had fatigue symptoms all along, but I never payed any attention to what "I" needed.
    After multiple surgeries everything became worse, downhill, to the point I couldn't work anymore. I have a home based business now and have trouble doing that because of the severe fatigue. (sometimes think it's MORE stressful than working outside the home) Just don't have the stamina to stand & work. I also have besides the fatigue, RA...FM endo ect.

    Honestly, I don't know if this was just in progression or if all the surgerys I have had made it worse.

    Susan B
  7. Reg1

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    It's ironic, my surgery was also a hysterectomy. Hmmmmmmmmm, very interesting, isn't it?
  8. lin21

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    Guys, why do I feel these could all be related somehow? Endometreosis, husterecotomies, FMS? Anyone else?
  9. toots2

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    I had a horrible experience with a frozen shoulder which I would not wish on my worst enemy. Had surgery and months of very aggressive PT. I noticed my feet hurt when I walked. Then came the horrible back pain. After about a year of tests and going from one dr. to another, I diagnosed myself. Saw a rheumy who confirmed I had fibro. Toots
  10. puggggggs

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    I also had a hysterectomy and three shoulder (rotator cuff) surgeries. Since my hysto the pain in my hips is torturous. I thought they (the docs) left an instrument in there. Had another micro surgery to find out and nothing. I have constant pain in the hips. I also have RA and now Fibro-What the hey????
    I'm angry!
  11. dolsgirl

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    FMS went into a definite exacerbation after two separates surgeries that I had three years apart. Also, very bad exacerbation after two separate motor vehicle accidents, also 3 years apart. Stress makes it much worse also. dolsgirl
  12. sybil

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    right cervical rib removed........1997
    left cervical rib removed.......1999
    septoplasty,sinus surgery....2001

    i was DX'd with FMS/CFS july 2002

    a link with surgery,possibly.the sinus surgery was atrocious and i was ill for ages after,contracted 2 viruses shortly after,so it could have been responsible,who knows,

  13. Spoonerpaws

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    ME ME ME!!!

    I was diagnosed 10 years ago with FM, but it was tolerable.

    After C-section and laparoscopy, the symptoms became unbearable and yes I had endometriosis.

    Personally, I think I have a low tolerance for drugs and the anesthesia is what did me in

  14. ckball

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    I had hemmeroid surgery 7 years ago only to find out it was a cancerous tumor and not a hemmeroid! I went thru chemo and radiation & menopause. I have been sick ever since. I was dx in Sept with fibro & RA. They put me on predinose 10 mg a day and it has helped me with the pain but the fatigue is unbearable. I don't bath for days or leave my house becuse of it.

    I wish you the best but I do feel there is a link. CB