How many of us get bad headaches everyday

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  1. shelbo

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    I always have one ranging from severe to just plain bad every day with facial sinus pain and feeling sick with the pain...even my eyes ache and burn....any one else have this and has anything eased it? I have no med that helps and feel that sometimes med just make things worse anyway by making our immune systems weaker.

    I would love to know I am not alone in this and would love to get rid of them or even make them less frequent or intense if any one has been in my place and has found anything's helped? I am only 30 and my health hasn't been good since I was about has slowly and very gradually deteriorated till I was hit in Sept 2002 with severe fatige and mindblowing headaches and facial pain.

    I think it was someting to do with the heating levels in my place of employment at the time...I was not ill with Fibro or CFS when I started there in March 2002 (hadn't even heard of Fibro) in my first year till I returned to my job(after the school holidays as I worked in a school)in the same September (2002) and this is when I got sick. The heat really bothered me and I was only exposed to it for 3-4 weeks before I got ill really bad with Fibro and was later diagnose with CFS aswell. Now I find, even though I lost my job through illness, that cold winds and artificially heated places make me feel ill.

    I had one remission in the Summer of 2003 when I tried eating more healthily (Candida diet) and then got really ill when I went back to my job again in Sept, despite continuing with diet, when the heating came on again . I thought when I was dismissed through illness that the winters would be easier but they're not - it's like the damage has been done now!

    Now I seem to be extremely sensitive to chemicals aswell (I was always mildly allergic from about 19 onwards) but since the Fibro/ CFS even natural facecreams and cosmetics can bother my sinuses (which is a problem as I have blonde lashes and need to use mascara to darken them - still have not found one that doesn't make me react at all and I have rosacea which gets realy sore and very very dry if I don't use cream...a bit of a catch-22. If anyone has MCS and has found cosmetics brands or face creams they can tolerate, esp. mascara and face cream, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

    Before I got ill I was an extremely active person. As a teenager I ran for the Liverpool Harriers and competed nationally. I was so fit. Now I can barely problem is the headaches prevent me from exercising at all and if I try to exercise the headaches get even worse.

    I am really fed up with this constant exhausting pain, headaches, buring face and eyes....I took a five minute walk (very stupidly) in quite a cold wind and my eyes have been severely burning since and the headache is atrocious!

    I need to know there is if not a cure a way to feel a bit better!

    Tia and sorry for going on!


  2. Britain

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    I'm sorry to say that I have suffered with daily headaches for over a year now, and I have had 3 or 4 headaches a week for as long as I can remember.

    The pain meds I was on were less for the FMS symptoms and more for the headaches. We found that my left eye's optic nerve was swollen, and as it has gone down, my headaches have been somewhat better.

    I wish I could say that I have found a cure or answer, but I haven't. My newest doctor seems to think that botox injections could help a lot. She also said that not sleeping each night will cause bad headaches. Maybe together we can figure something out. You aren't alone.

  3. mjgkennedy

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    I can relate to your headaches. I started getting violant headaches about eight years ago. I went everywhere looking for help.

    I suffer from TMJ disorder which can cause terrible headaches and also Arthritis in my neck.

    For the TMJ I was put on Elavil which also helps nerve pain which I also suffer from. I used have the pain in my face and jaw and a burning sensation. I still get some pain sometimes worse than others but Elavil really helps.

    I also got Biofreeze roll stick which is great and apply it to my jaw neck and back at least three times a day.

    I also have an Indian Head Massage which is great.

    Hope this has been of some help.

    I see you live in Liverpool. I live in Southern Ireland just across the water.

  4. renae1979

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    I also get chronic daily headaches. They are terrible!! I started getting migraines at about 10 years old. Those are bad enough, but to get these daily headaches is worse. They do feel like major sinus pressure. The headaches are usually above and around my eye area.

    I also have terrible eye sight (nearly legally blind), but I have never been told anything about checking the nerves of and around my eyes. That is a good suggestion.

    Migraines and sinus problems run in my family, so I have always assumed that my headaches were due to these factors.

    My fibro onset was also around the age of 18 or 19 and my health has steadily deteriorated. I am now 25. There are days when I just have to take a sleep med or tylenol pm to just knock myself out because the headache paid is so severe.

    I hope we can all find some answers and something to help with these headaches!!
  5. jbennett2

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    I have had chronic daily headache for 27 years. They range from typical migraine type, to mild (rarely). That is actually what started me on the search for relief and I was discovered to have FMS. The more tired I am, the worse the headache. I have gotten some relief from a chiropractor. Neurologists tried every medication in the book and gave up on me as soon as they received the report from the rheumatolist.
    I hope you have better luck getting rid of yours!
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    Hi Shelbo

    Yes I keep a headache eather a migraine (have had them since i was 9). Or sometimes its at the back of my head.
    But I go to bed with a headache and wake up with one.

    So you are not alone.

  7. jbennett2

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    As an adendum to my previous post - I received Botox injections - they didn't help. My insurance didn't cover the cost - but the hospital wrote it off, I assume because it's still considered experimental.
  8. Jillmom23

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    I was really glad to see this post. I seem to constantly have a headache. I usually take Motrin & it goes away.

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.
  9. ljimbo42

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    I get headaches every day,and not only do they very in intensity from day to day but also from hour to hour sometimes.They can be mild to excrutiating.

    I also have the burning eyes which is very uncomfortable to say the least.I do take pain medication which helps,but no where near 100%.Just thought i would let you know you are not alone with these symptoms.good luck,i hope you find your way to better heath!
  10. bunnyfluff

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    Really, most every day. And the eye burning is about to drive me wild.

    I had to give up my old mascara, but Almay is working okay for now. I won't give up mascara no matter how bad my eyes burn!

    Headache help, please.
  11. grtdanelvr

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    oh wow, yes I know daily headaches. Since a child, about 7 I think. Eyesight was always fine but deteriorating rapidly now. 47 yrs old. Need check-up on them. Nothing helped my headaches. I literally eat aspirin, nothing else works on me. Have tmj too chronic sinusitis, narcolepsy and add. Have found that a sleep aid, over the counter, helps the most with sleep and headaches. Never had reached stage 4 sleep. I don't know if I'm in remission or what, but I feel much better at higher elevations. For the past 6 years I lived at sea level in virgina and suffered everyday, being in flare almost always. It seemed the nicer the weather the worst I felt. Didn't leave my house for almost two years except for drs. visits. (one month that was 14 times.) Right now I,m in PA and the higher elevation dryer air seems to help. Does anyone have reynauds also and if so are some years not as bad as others?
    The past couple of days the flu-like symptoms are coming back though and I'm waiting for a major flare. I,ve lost all my medical/prescription coverage and ran out of all meds entirely by November 2004, so it should be interesting to see how it goes. One med that did how tremendously was REQUIP for both the fibro and the narcolepsy. Ran into an old high school boyfriend this week that I've had no contact with in years and he also has fibromyalgia. Weird.
    My neighbor in VA, one door down also has it and she and I have the same career, Parlegals, although neither of us is working. Just got turned down on my disabilty appeal that my attorney assured me I had won, so now I must appeal at the federal level.
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    Yes, I get them too. I take Topamax and that helps a little bit. I have trigeminal neurology I believe anyway, the neurologist wont admit it to me. Of course, he think I'm a hypochondriac as it is, only he does admit my migraines are real and is why he gives me the topamax. But when I go out in the cold and have to wrap my head in scarves and hats to barely be able to see out b/c the breeze triggers a migraine, I know that nerve is sensitive! I've had MRI's and I flat out asked him if it shows my nerve and he wont answer me. I'm so sick of dr.'s.
  13. scotlandrose

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    Yes. I get these headaches. They are caused from brain swelling, at least mine are. They can be HORRIBLE. I do know how you feel.

    I went on Heprin to fix the blood to get more oxygen and they worked for about 5 days. I had a reaction to the Heprin (pig form). It has anti-histimine properties and made me really sleepy. I am on a synthetic kind now and NO HEADACHES! Not sleepy either. Hate 2 shots in the belly, but better than headaches!

    Good luck.

  14. scotlandrose

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    2nd day on new synthetic heprin..think it is called lovenex or something like that. Hate the pre-filled syrenges..the needle is like a harpoon! However, 2ND DAY NO HEADACHE!

  15. peking

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    Oh my God, I get headaches and face pain almost every day. I have had 3 sinus surgeries (and there have been blockages) which have helped me breathe better.

    But I thought I was continuing to get sinus infections even though I am not blowing anything out. I just posted a question asking about this. I cannot miss any more work or I may lose my job. I can't keep putting my husband thru this. How does everyone cope. NOTHING helps, even vicodin.

    Is there anything that is helping anyone?

    Soft hugs to all,
  16. Mar19

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    Sadly, one of my earliest memories is crying in my crib (I would have been 3-4 yrs old) because my head hurt. On the *very rare* day I do not have a headache, the feeling takes me by surprise. I'm so used to having some degree of head, neck, face pain that when I don't hurt it's a very weird feeling for me.

    Nothing has ever gotten rid of my headaches completely. I'm on atenolol, both for bp and to help with the severity of headaches; that works to some degree. I was on Topamax and went off of it. I think I may go back, but at a lower dose. Hindsight being 20/20, LOL, it did help with my headaches and sleep, but did nothing for the FM pain.

    I have Imitrex for the really killer headaches. Used to use the injections, but they started making me really ill. I now use the pills. Again, limited help.

    My life-line is Fioricet w/codeine. I've been without it over the years from periods ranging from days to months, each time was marked with unbearable pain. I know rebound headache may occur from using this and other meds, but if I was free of it for months I doubt that rebound headache could be applied. Right?? I take at least one Fioricet w/codeine every day. This med gives me some quality of life.

    Don't you all wish there was *really* some way to get rid of this miserable daily companion???

  17. dbird

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    i get them too. and sometimes i have to lay down.
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    unfortunately. Headaches are part of my life.
    I am suffering badly with Tmj and this definately makes them more intense,as well has horrible facial/neck/shoulder pain- no meds really touch the pain.
    Ive always had bad sinus pain/headaches too and nausea and when I get that bad there is nothing to take the pain of that away either. I give up!
  20. natrlvr2

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    I have a headache every day of my life.I get about 9 migraines a month.(hormonal usually)My headaches are from my neck.No not STRESS/TENSION!Over the yrs.(since 1987) all the Drs. kepts saying was my neckache was from fibromyalgia.Which I am sure it is also combination of things.
    I have done it all with meds. and therapy.But I have not found relief AT ALL yet.My last MRI in 2003 says different.The dr. said they found NOTHING and it looked normal. But when I read the results online this month,it says I have bulging discs.I should have been told since I already have deg. disc disease in my lower back.