HOw many of us here have EI or MCS??

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  1. GigglePoet

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    HI my name is Dee and I have had EI-MCS for 20 years now. I also have CFS and boughts of Fibro as well as HHV6 and EBV and major depression. I am wondering who else has EI here. I could use some new friends!

    God bless~~
  2. rockyjs

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    I developed chemical sensitivities after our home was treated for termites when I was in high school. They injected Clordane (now banned) under the house and the pressure caused it to break through tiles in the bathroom and seep into the carpet.

    I got progressively worse over the years till I was housebound in my 30s. I started taking an amino acid called L-Histidine which dramatically decreased my reactions and had about 10 years with almost no symptoms as long as I stayed away from the really bad stuff.

    After getting West Nile Virus the reactions came back again and over the past three years have started tapering off as I improve. That makes me think that aside from chemical exposures brain damage can also induce MCS, especially encephalitis.

    I have had recurring EBV but it seems to piggy-back onto other viral infections. Did you ever go to one of the clinics (like Dr. Rea's)? I had many EI friends who tried the shots, rotation diet, etc, but couldn't see that it made much difference over the years.


  3. doxygirl

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    I have it now all started ( to the best of my knowledge) a year or two ago....I have always drank a lot of bottled water.............I started noticing that I would get very ill feeling when I would drink became quite clear that it was the water in "PLASTIC BOTTLES"!

    I stopped drinking water from plastic bottles and now only drink it from glass bottled water, or from a very good filter.

    If I do ever take a sip from a plastic bottle I get sick!

    I do not think that plastic is all its cracked up to be....I think glass is better especially for those of us with MCS..

    I cannot stand certain lotions, perfumes, or just smells at all.........I literlally become nauseated...and it is hard for others to believe........Ihave literally had to ask to be moved in restaurants from people that are wearing perfumes or colognes that are strong since it makes me sick.

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