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    Hi Abdulrahman,

    I've been taking 550 mg.'s of Whole Herb Ginger Root daily for some time. Most of my treatment is homeopathic. I only take 3 prescriptions from my M.D.. I take a plethora of homeopathics my herbalist recommended I take. I also see a chiropractor monthly which helps. I think that those are the reason I was able to pull myself up and try to work again. I will try your "ginger juice" recommendation. This alleviated all your pain? At this point, I'd see a witch doctor if I thought it would help.

    For 2 years, I suffered with no pain control and no answers as doctors ran test after test. I was happy when, at least, it became something with a name. Fibromyalgia. So, technically, it's been 20, not 18 years. Regardless, I refuse to settle for a "half" life that revolves around pain, avoiding pain, running for my bed to avoid pain, and treatment for pain. I want my life back before I'm too old to enjoy any of it.

    I just tried the Lyrica for a month and a half. Didn't work at all. In fact, I was in sufficiently enough pain that, in desperation, I went back on the 3 prescriptions I had before again. I hate man-made drugs. I prefer natural answers. I will keep you posted.

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Darrae :)
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    I have very mixed feelings on this subject. A very close family member used it for at least 25 years, then along with alcohol started a downhill spiral. He said all along he could handle it. Ended up in a l month rehab to turn his life around and save his marriage. Another close member has used it for years to relax and says it doesn't bother him at all BUT I can hear the difference in his voice on the phone. I tried it in brownies once....ugh. I have no objection to someone using it to cut bad pain. If I was in terrible uncontrollable pain I see no difference in MJ or pain killers. The problem here in calif is most of it is recreational. I know someone who can buy it legally for his bad headaches but sells the extra to his friends

    Dar: I guess we were posting at the same time. I've tried lyrica and Cymbalta. Cymbalta for l l/2 years, it helped with pain but nothing for fatigue. Lyrica did nothing except bring on anxiety big time. I'm now on the lowest dose of gabapentin (l00 mg) At first it really stopped the pain for over 2 months but I was really fighting the loopiness (is that a word?) Couldn't even take two sips of wine which I love without feeling AWFUL. The last couple of weeks I've tried the wine at night.....well I can now tolerate and enjoy a glass of wine but now the gabapentin doesn't seem to be helping the pain but I've got a clear head. Go figure. I guess there's always a trade off.
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    Hi Sun,

    I just went off the Lyrica. Doc gave me samples to try. Used them for 2 months. It was fine for about a week or two. Last week I had so much pain, I couldn't take it anymore.

    I went back to the Lodine XL, Flexoril and Ambien for sleep. Within 24 hours, the burning pain across my shoulders no longer needed to be iced every night. My right leg stopped refusing to cooperate at work, (which resulted in my not walking like a duck when crossing the large lobby area). My low back settled down. My left knee began to feel better. My neck stopped pulling. My right shoulder settled down again. My feet and ankles are still very painful, but no longer "burn". I guess Lyrica was not my answer. Ah well.

    I was a "recreational' user back in the early 70's. Haven't touched the stuff in 4 decades. However, as I stated in an earlier post, I'd rather put something natural in my body than man-made. These medications are eroding the enamel from my teeth. And who knows what other side effects are they causing? I have always been a very "controlled" individual. I've never abused any substance. Don't think it would be a problem now.

    I still say, if it's still gotta be better than where I am now. I don't know how much longer I will be able to work like this. I am going to be 60 next year. I've declined a lot since my surgery 1 1/2 years ago. I drag myself to my job every day, and drag myself home. I love my job, don't get me wrong. But how much longer can I keep this up before I drop? And, I know at some point, I will drop if nothing changes. I will keep looking for answers until I run out of questions.

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    I quit my part time job almost ten years ago. I still had lots of energy back then but a strike made the decision for me. Looking back I even felt better 5 years ago but every year since then seems to have robbed me of more energy and dumped more pain on me. I'm turning 69 in dec with over 20 years of dealing with FM, degenerative back/neck problems and the latest asthma that has hit me. In feb. I had my adrenal glands checked for was up and down all over the place so that would have explained my extreme fatigue. At least with the gabapentin I can get about 5 hrs. undisturbed sleep even though I'm far from healed. Reading a book by Dr. Wilson on adrenal fatigue, he says it could take 2 yrs to heal, depending on how much stress you've had. Lack of sleep is a killer for all of us.
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    Hi, everyone. Great discussions on this.

    Wayne, so good to see you posting. I saw Dr. Gupta on TV talking about his change of mind over weed. I am hoping this will help the powers that be to see the benefits of MJ. There are those who abuse all kinds of things but that doesn't mean we shouldn't consider using them for our welfare.

    When I was still living in Denver, my kids and I took my Mom, in her 80's, to a Jimmy Buffet concert. MJ smoke was everywhere. The guy on the other side of Mom toked up and offered her a hit. She politely declined. Heck, we were all high from just breathing the air. We kidded my Mom about it for a long time.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes I would use it. It is legal here in Michigan but not too many progressive doctors to prescribe it to get it legally.

    My friend who has MS got a legal prescription but found it was much easier to get her marijuana through someone her husband works with. So she gets it illegally even though she has an rx for it. She smokes it. I would not smoke it but could use a vaporizer or cook with it.

    I sure would love to have some of those laughing jags. Just some carefree moments even if they were fleeting.
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    You don't have to smoke it to get it's benefits. It's made into tinctures and lotions and gels. I'm all for medical MJ. People are taking opiates, where do they think those things come from?
    Take care,
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    Marijuana is legal and available where I live in California. It is expensive, so once in a while I go (with the RX my physiatrist wrote for me) to the dispensary and purchase some lozenges and carmel corn. I find that when I am in the right mood (and hurting a lot) it helps to put my mind in a different place where I can cope more easily. I've had chronic pain all of my life and severe pain (just had five days of intense bursitis in the hip where I could barely walk) for the last twenty years. Pain can be very wearing and depressing.
    I know the mj helps my mind to get out of the rut it is often in and even motivates me to do some mundane chore that I'd been putting off. Most of the products that are baked are quite potent so a little goes a long way. I never drive under the influence but do find that going for a walk I notice things I normally wouldn't. It has been said many times and it is true - no one has ever died from mj. My son died from a heart arrythmia caused from prescribed methadone for chronic pain. If he could have afforded mj on a regular basis maybe he wouldn't have taken the methadone. I find it a useful tool to help with tolerating pain.
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    Since my last post here, I've added some natural supplements and homeopathics to my regimin. To my delight and surprise, for the last 3-4 weeks, I've been better! Not well, but notably better. I added B-1 to the B-6 and 12 I'd been taking along with red rice yeast and niacin. I added 500 mg. of magnesium daily to go with the calcium, zinc and potassium I take. I added a homeopathic nerve tonic, Calmes Forte, and Arnica. I added Turmeric capsules to the Ginger root capsules I take and "upped" the ginger root dose.

    I also take vitamin C, vitamin E, fish oil, glucosamine, cinnamon, and cranberry capsules. The prescriptions I'm taking are still the same, synthroid, flexoril and Lodeine XL. Since I added the above mentioned supplements a month ago, I am in less pain than I've been for 5 years. I still experience the "normal" pain associated with my condition, but nothing like what I was experiencing a month earlier. A month earlier I was in a four alarm flare. My entire body was screaming. I firmly believe that I may have stumbled upon a combination that is working.

    My daughter observed last weekend that I'm moving about more and am in better humor. I'm not feeling "beat up" and stressed out so much after work. I'm also just beginning to notice a tad more energy. I'm hoping that this is the beginning of an upward trend. Since this regimin "kicked in", I've found I do not need the Ambien for sleep anymore. I'm sleeping better without it and waking feeling more refreshed and not so groggy.

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    Hi Darrae,

    I like the cat photo, is that your personality?...cause that is one tough cat ;). Now that's good news to hear; you are taking a lot of well proven supplements which are not only supplements but can be considered medicines when taken properly. The Cinnamon, Cranberry, Turmeric and Ginger work nicely together to kill viruses so this is clear proof that one of your problems is viral overload. Now try to double your present intake of these four herbs and see the results.

    In medicine everything is dose dependent so we can make major improvements to our health when we hit on the correct medicine but also the corrrect dosage. These same four herbs also work inside the intestines to attack bacteria, fungus and enteroviruses.

    Have you tried taking steam baths? they work very well at removing Fibromyalgia pain because they detoxify the nerve layers just under the skin, so reducing pain.

    Good Luck & keep us posted,

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    Hi Abdulrahman,

    Yes. This cat is indicative of my "I can handle anything" outlook on life, as well as my somewhat twisted sense of humor. :) I've not taken "steam baths" as such, but I have used hot tubs and jet spas for muscle relief when I could afford to as a personal treat. I make a habit of taking very hot baths to relieve the muscle pain. I also bought a spa-mat with jets and a motor that sits on the floor by the tub to turn my tub into a spa, and it's heavenly! I often add 1/2 lb. of epsom salts to my hot soaks. It helps as well.

    Thank you for the info. regarding dosages. I will take your advice. It makes sound sense. I've always been cognizant of the medicinal benefits of honey, so I went out this week and purchased some locally harvested honey. A member of our houskeeping staff mentioned yesterday that a fellow employee has become an apiarist, and is just beginning to harvest honey from his bees. I plan to ask him when I might be able to purchase raw comb honey from him. Local is best, I was told, by a 99 year old friend and resident of mine. She was a retired teacher. In her 99 years she acquired a treasure trove of knowledge of a vast variety of subjects. Sadly she passed away 7 days before her 100th birthday this year.

    I have been investigating the benefits of food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I have not attempted to make or use it as yet. It must be made and stored with utmost care. Between my busy work schedule and my home being turned upside down by major construction work, I am too busy to delve any further into this particular area at present.

    I appreciate your input. I'm always open for constructive suggestions. I will keep you posted regarding my progress.

    Again, thank you.

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    I totally support medical marijuana. MM has wonderful medical benefits, you don't have to smoke it to take advantage of it's wonderful properties.
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    eventually it will
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    Darrae, I have heard many times through the years that the best Honey to purchase is local. Especially when you have allergies.
    I am so happy to hear you are doing so well with your supplements. Abdulrahman is correct on the increase of dosage if you are comfortable with that. I have been hearing and reading good things about Turmeric. Another one that might help is grape seed. Good supplement are not cheap. Everyone needs to read the labels to see what is in them. The other great thing is they all help in other areas of health too.
  16. Abdulrahman

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    Hello Darrae,

    About the Hydrogen Peroxide…I think the hesitation you are having is 100% correct and your natural sense of danger is excellent. This compound should never be taken internally as it is an extremely Oxidizing chemical that will damage health in the long term on the cellular level. Whenever we utilize medicines against organisms such as Bacteria, Viruses, and microorganism such as Amoeba, we should only use those medicines that achieve severe damage to such organisms but do not harm human cells. There are many Herbal and Food based extracts which achieve that safely, and also some minerals are also damaging to viruses and bacteria but safe for Humans [ such as Selenium in organic form, Iodine in moderate quantities, Copper in organic form]. However, H2O2 is damaging to human cells as it is an extreme oxidant…that oxidant is what kills bacteria and viruses by damaging their outer cell wall. It will do the same to your own tissues. We know that enough quantity of this oxidant will harm our Organs such as the Liver and idneys which is forced to filter this from the bloodstream but then ends up poisoned by this chemical.

    Theer are many perfectly good alternatives to Hydrogen Peroxide, with extremely few or no side effects:

    1- Grapefruit Seed Extract tablets. take 10 tablets daily, at least 150 MG of GSE extract per tablet. Why some people do not report very large benefits in infectious diseases is because they have been improperly must take 10 tablets at 5 tabs twice daily to get a sufficient antibacterial and antiviral effect. Try or Vitamin Shoppe or maybe Prohealth.

    2- Garlic Extract Oil Capsules: Garlic oil capsules with Kyolic Brand being the best, provide a strong antibacterial responce, but again you need to take them in large quantities. I would take these at 16 500 mg capsules daily for one week straight then cut that in half and continue. Please only take these with major meals to prevent any stomach problems.

    3- Goldenseal Root Extract Capsules: Goldenseal Root [ not leaves] extract or powder is fantastic in terms of killing power against bacteria, malaria parasties, and viruses. However, the trick in utilizing their zapping power is to ensure that you are geting a correct concentration of the active ingrediant to reach the bloodstream. This means you want to take six 500 mg capsules per day, preferably mixed in with a thick Soup [ aftre cooking], and taken as capsules just after your main meal. Forget about one to three capsules, dosage is critical so look at 6 to 8 capsules daily. Stay on this for one month then stop. Repeat later when necessary.

    If you combine the above together the burst in energy is huge because the immune system will not have to work hard anymore trying to fight the bugs, you are already cutting them down. The liver then transfers body energy including muscular energy back to you for use......which means you get your feeling of energy back.

    Good luck,

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    While I am no fan of H2O2 it will not get past your stomach and you will burp O2.
    H2O2 is a normal metabolite in your cells produced as a result of ATP production, normally dealt with by reducing agents such as glutathione. There is no way in hell that H2O2 taken orally will get to your cells, except maybe the odd cells in the stomach lining.

    Why on earth would anyone want to take H2O2???
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    Excellent information Abdulrahman, thanks.
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    Thanks for the herbal tips. I will give the grapefruit, garlic, and goldenseal a try. I was really leary of the food grade peroxide. It just struck me as too unnatural. Didn't seem healthy. I used to take garlic caps, but they gave me indigestion. Now I just buy fresh garlic cloves and put them in almost everything I cook. I love the taste of fresh garlic when used in dietary form. I know fresh is best, and I likely lose some benefit through the cooking process, but it's what I can handle. I am going to refill all my homeopathics again soon. I will try upping the termeric and the ginger root dosages. I think I've been on them long enough now that my system will not feel over loaded. I did, indeed, purchase a pound of raw honey from the apiarist at work. The honey is produced within 2 miles of my home. This should help with some of my allergies. It will also help with digestive difficulties, (IBS), has antibiotic properties, and a host of other health advantages. The perfect food. My bottle was from his spring/summer harvest which is great for me, as I am allergic to ragweed and other spring/summer blooming plants. I got my friend David a bottle from him this week from his fall harvest. Much darker in color due to what the bees are bringing back from whatever is in bloom. Different taste too. In that David is allergic to pig weed this is perfect for him as pig weed is a fall blooming weed.

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    I'm off to Denver in Dec. but MJ won't be available for recreational use until after the first of the year. DD says you can go into the dispensary and see a "doc" who will give you a red medical card so you can buy it. She said if I told him I have FMS, he would put that dx on the card; it's that easy. They sell it already baked in brownies. I could not smoke anymore, especially when obtaining the full benefits of MJ require dragging the smoke deep down in the lungs and holding it there. I can just picture the dogs at the airport swarming my luggage :)

    Love, Mikie