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    I would, I was a smoker before getting CFS, but smoking gives me bad intestinal cramps and spasms.
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    It doesn't need to go through the lungs to be effective. Doz, I also am a Utahn and ACTIVE. However, I have also had Fibro/CFS for ten years along with failed back syndrome after back surgery in 2007 coupled with arthritis in my sacroiliac joint. Two years ago I was ready to pack it in, begging God to bring my home. Through the love and faith of my husband, I detoxed off of all the noxious drugs I was taking. Ambien, Oxycodone, Lyrica, and a couple more all in high doses. I had been on them for years and yet the pain was still there. By the sheer Grace of my Savior I am still here. I still take Tramadol and lots and lots of Tylenol. But I am still here.
    One day when my pain was soo intense I was ready to drive to the nearest freeway overpass and make use of the nice drop over the edge, I was introduced to MJ via a capsule with coconut oil as its base. I have to tell you it saved my life. It took care of the pain, the anxiety, AND the sleep issue. HHHHMMMMMM can it be all that bad? I don't take it often, nor do I take very much, just enough to knock the worst of the pain back to a manageable level.
    Just because a medicine is prescribed by a medical doctor, doesn't mean it is right or not dangerous. I never want to get into the opiate cycle again, tramadol is plenty most of the time. I WILL NOT TAKE THE STRONG OPIATES AGAIN. I know it sounds like I am trading one evil for another, but I can't think that staying in that kind of pain is good for ones heart, and if I go to an ER for the pain, they will either A) think I am drug seeking, B) put me on an anti-depressant (after all "depression hurts", JERKS) or C) pat my head, send me to another pain Dr. and try to put me back on an opiate.
    I have no real life outside of my immediate family, but to have a life I would have to go on the heavy drugs again, and I just can't go there. For the occasional pain cycle breaker, MJ is a lifesaver.
    Hope Utah gets on board soon, medical MJ is so much less dangerous than all the opiates out there.
    Wishing you well,
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    I don't understand when people try to defend themselves when taking marijuana, always end up saying how they only take it for pain and in moderation.

    Rather from a legal or illegal source, if it works for you then great, I only wish I could still have it, it's the only thing that really gives me emotional relief from all this boredom of feeling ill all day in bed and starving to death. I can't have it because it just makes all my intestinal issues 5 time worse.
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    The Lodine XL is an anti-inflammatory of the NSAID family. My dose is 400 mg twice daily. It's supposed to be prescribed for arthritis. Honestly it helps me minimally. Like spitting in the Grand Canyon. It's also wrecked the enamel on my teeth. And, yes, it can cause stomach ulcers or intestinal tract problems. I always take it with food. Always.

    They have ok'd MJ in my state for medical use. Personally, I am going to talk to my M.D. regarding medical MJ. Tried some, finally, a few weeks ago. Pain was majorly quelled. Not gone, but quelled. I was in a much better mood. Slept like a rock. Woke refreshed. Don't sleep like that on ambien! And on ambien I wake up grogged and trying to drive to work like that. Not good.

    Would prefer legal avenues and not having to inhale it.
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    Hi Jam,

    Yeah. I'm not thrilled about the "inhale" idea either. I would much rather go the medicinal route through my M.D.. The results, however, would negate the ambien. Might also be able to stop the Lodine. That comes with it's own set of serious side effects. It states in the side effects portion of the description not to take it if you have heart disease, are prone to ulcers, or if you smoke. Worst case scenario, sudden heart attack/death. I fall into all 3 medical categories. o_O

    The doctors have all been aware of these conditions with me for years, yet all continue to prescribe it. I haven't had anybody even offer to do any follow-up blood work to check the levels in my system in over 8 years. Don't like taking this stuff. I would be into trying the Gelatin. Where do you purchase it? Would I be able to find it at a local GNC, or other store that carries a wide variety of health supplements?

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    Ok, I was a bad girl back in the 70's. I did smoke this stuff for a while, but not for long. I didn't know what was going on when I started to have side effects. If anyone thinks there are no side effects, well, you can believe there are. There are going to be side effects to any drug..for different folks. Not everyone has a side effect to this drug or that..everyone is different to different drugs. I personally had panic attacks. And, my heart would go into an arrhythmia pretty quick. Interesting that this didn't happen the first 6 months of me using it, then bam! No more for me.
    Now, not sure if it could be a whole different thing taking it in pill form or any other form..but why would I act differently? It's the same drug. So, guess it isn't for me.
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    Growers in CO have developed a strain with minimal THC which is being used in children who have up to 100 seizures a day with great promise. Medical MJ is a drug derived from a natural plant, like many of our meds, including aspirin. Any drug can have adverse side effects in some people.

    This is not a simple subject and a lot of research needs to be done. Personally, I think CO has the right idea--just legalize it for everyone and tax it heavily. It makes no sense to legalize tobacco and alcohol and make MJ illegal.

    I've seen Dr. Gupta, whom I generally like, put out some info I find very inaccurate on TV. I wouldn't base my opinion solely on what he thinks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Moving this post up so Jam can see it.

    Love, Mikie