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  1. PrsJah

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    Have hypoglycemia? I've read that HG and FM often go hand in hand. My HG is nearly out of control but I don't exactly eat the way I should. My HG is making crave sugar like a raging beast! And let's nt even get into caffein. I am sooooo addicted to Dr. Pepper! If I dont get my sugar I actually get panky like there's nothing to eat. But....I am trying to eat healthier on the side....mixed green salads and frutis and veggies. Anyone else deal with the sugar monster?
  2. NutsInAlabama

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    I don't know if mine is just the craving or an effect
    Mine goes back and forth from sugar to salty foods

    It is a vicious cycle for me

    I am fortunate to have been able to control my weight to a certain point but.... let me know if you find something safe to take for the cravings

  3. averilpam

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    I find the more sugar I eat, the more I crave it (especially chocolate which has it's own addiction anyway)

    I try to keep it in check by eating plenty of fruit which keeps the craving at bay and is a whole lot less harmful than refined sugar.

    Fortunately I've never particulary got into drinking sugary soda (the diet kind is even worse, with aspartame etc)
    I drink organic elderflower cordial (made with sugar but no additives at all) and dilute it a lot with fizzy spring water. Also pure fruit juices, also diluted a bit with water.

    I'm also cutting down my tea and coffe and then mainly having decaf. If I drink caffeinated tea or coffee, more than one cup, I get light headed and shaky!!

    It's hard isn't it?
  4. Mikie

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    If you cannot stop the carbs, you will probably eventually end up with Type II Diabetes. Get your hands on the Atkins Diet or The Suzanne Somers Diet. Eliminate sugar and Neutrasweet, white bread, white rice, white potatoes, and processed foods, including soda pop.

    I know it sounds impossible, but once you are eating lots of good natural fat in your diet, you will not miss the carbs. On either of these diets, you can have meat, fish, poultry, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, butter and cream. With the Somers diet, there are even desserts which you can have, even on Level I of the diet. If you have no weight to lose, you can go on to Level II with even more food.

    Hypoglycemia like ours leads to Syndrome X which is just another name for insulin resistance. Read the doctor's forward in Somers new book, "Fast & Easy" It explains how this leads to high cholesterol, poor lipids, and high blood pressure. Eventually, if eating habits are not changed, Type II Diabetes sets in.

    Diet is very important to our well-being and health.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Seagull

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    But, I follow a low-glycemic food listing to keep it under control. When I was not following this type of eating, my sugar cravings were also very high. Now, however, I do not have those cravings anymore and that is a relief. My energy level is better now than before, too.
  6. elaine_p

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    I too have hypoglycemia. I found a book that might be helpful: "The Glycemic Revolution". Don't remember who it's by and my book is on loan right now.

    I went off sugar last year after having obvious reactions to sugar--don't remember the reaction except that my stomach hurt. Anyway, that obviously meant no candy bars either. Fruit took care of the craving for sweets, even though I wasn't craving fruit.

    Maybe you could try to find a juice that could replace your Dr. Pepper.... (I was a Diet Coke addict, myself, but have been off it for a year. After total avoidance for 6 months I let myself have 1 can every 1-2 months--that's down from 4-6 a day!) When I need carbonation, I drink plain old carbonated water--you can buy lemon or lime flavored.
  7. klutzo

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    ...but,in the long run, any sort of fruit juice, and any high glycemic index veggies like carrots are part of the problem not the solution. Re-read Mikie's post since she said it all. Syndrome X is nothing to fool around with, and I know, since I have it, after being a vegetarian most of my life and eating sweets on top of it. Anyone who eats too many carbs can develop Syndrome X eventually, and it will dramatically reduce your quality of life,as well as shortening your life by an average of ten years. You may be amazed how much better you will feel when you have been eating high protein/ medium fat/low carb for just a couple of months.
  8. babyblues68

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    Listen to Mikie. She's right. I get hypo and could kill for sugar. I was also diagnosed borderline type II. It takes a while and patience to get off the white stuff. In the long run you'll be able to tell a difference. Atleast try it.