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    This is my first post here but have been reading for a few years now. I have been in a bad "flare" since April (seemed to start while having crown put on a tooth???) anyway, i was dx'd in '03 and all I had then was various pains in tender point areas, sometimes severe, but life continued as ususal. For the pase six months I have very severe bilateral hip pain, (weird, cause it first was just the left, now in both and much worse in right) NOTHING helps the pain, not vicodin, darvocet, celebrex, ibuprofen, (which I'm not spose to take ref gastric bypass a few years ago, but i will take it anyway cause the pain gets so bad).. anyway, my main thing now is about 3 days a week I ache all over like the flu, only no fever, just aches, shortness of breath and basically feel terrible, crying all the time, wear pj's all day long and can't even hardly go to the grocery store anymore without using the buggy as a walker. sorry this is so long but does anyone else feel this way and is there anything that will help the pain in my hips? thanks, Pam in GA
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    really crappy that all I can offer is You are not alone! Flu like sypmtoms and horrific hip pain have been my number one complaints...hip pain is the worst!

    I don't know what to tell you really...I use a heating pad day and nite for my hips...but you did say you were short of that normal for you? Could be the flu coming on? or panic attach maybe? I had the flu a few weeks ago and I am still trying to get over it.

    My mom had a surgery similar to yours...she takes meds/drinks and shouldn't but I fully understand the med part...I take way too may motrin/tylenol...They don't work but I feel like I have to do SOMETHING...

    have you tried the salt/peroxide bath?

    As a child I have "pigeon toes" and wore braces on my legs for a few years...I have always been convinced that for some reason that is part of why my hips have hurt for as long as I remember...I need to do a post and see if anyone eles has had it...

    I really hope you feel better soon!!
    I'm here to talk if you ever need me...I see you are in GA...I'm in SC...need to look at your profile maybe we are close?
    Love and Hugs
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    yes I hurt all over 24/7, there isnt a second of any day when I'm pain free and its been like that for 11 years now. I have CFS (11 years but symptoms 10 years before that)and fibro started 6 years ago.

    Some days the pain is worse than others just like you described and I cant even get out of bed because of the weakness and terrible pain. Other days I manage to get around the house. Pain killers help mask the pain but dont take it away - ever.

    I've been stuck in the house for weeks and a trip to the supermarket would be wonderful but my hubby has to go alone. Never thought I'd look forward to a trip to the supermarket. lol.

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    Yes Pam I get flu like pains at the beginning of a flare, but the flu pains usually stop after abotu 24 hours of starting a flare. I still have aches and pains all over , but not like I am getting the flu. I do get a low grade fever at the onset of mine though, with swollen glands!!

    Maybe it is time to call the doctor and see if they can do something to help you , might be you are fighting off some kind of virus along with FM pains.

    Feel better soon!
  5. elsa

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    I had that feeling as a matter of course for quite a while. I did spend a year and a half treating for anti-virals with first rx, then supplemental viral/immune support.

    I had a herx response six months ago complete with the biggest swollen gland (left side throat) I have every had. After that, I haven't had those type feelings.

    My plan is to pulse Transfer Factor for a few days every six weeks or so. If I every get the feeling I need to run for the thermometer ... just knowing it's going to read 103 and find it's a little below normal ... I'll start the whole process over again.

    The process was 6 months valtrex, 6months famvir, 6months whey protein, colostrum and Transfer Factor.

    I still have pain, but it is fibro pain. To me there is a difference. The pain feels like some type of sports injury pain ... not the flu. I'm hopeing to push that side into remission soon too.

    Good luck with this. For me it was a long, boring, not sure anything is happening ride ... and then boom! The Transfer Factor produced a five day (maybe longer like 8 day) herx ... and I came out the other side much better.

    Hope this helps some. What you are going through is classic CFS. You are definately not alone.


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