how many of you are guilty of this?

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    Dehydration is an under-recognized leading cause of fatigue. Many people don't drink water at all during the day; instead they drink soda, energy drinks and coffee, all of which can cause even further dehydration. Dehydration not only causes fatigue, but a variety of negative side effects including:

    -Joint pain
    -Dry skin
    -Muscle cramps
    -High blood pressure
    -Build up of toxins in the body
    -Weight gain

    Dehydration is the sole reason may people experience fatigue. Luckily this is an easy one to fix; drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration.

    I know I'm guilty of forgetting the WATER. When I get really down with the fatigue that's when I remember and start pouring the water down.
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    I know I am guilty of not drinking near enough water. It actually makes me nauseous!
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    In 2008 I was seriously dehydrated and very ill. I never drank water; didn't enjoy it and it made me nauseous.

    I drank diet pepsi and coffee. After my illness I found a flavored water I could tolerate.

    In 2012, this year, I was told by my GYN, one of the reasons for my leg/ankle/foot/abdominal swelling could be attributed to drinking too much water.

    I drank 86 ounces a day, or more. I cut back to four 16 ounce bottles a day, about 2 weeks ago. The swelling still comes and goes. I have a bottle in my purse . . never leave home without it. It certainly doesn't help with my frequent/urgent urination, but I stop all drinking around 6 p.m. except for the sips I take with my sleeping pill.

    Unfortunately, water intake hasn't helped my fatigue, expecially in the past few weeks. I'm barely making it through work and on weekends I take 2 or 3 naps.

    Also, my blood work was horrible when I was dehydrated and the muscle cramps were crippling. That's what caused me to see my doctor.

    Valuable topic . .

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    I do beleive that I am a "wateraholic" lol I drink a gallon a day, everyday.

    With the summer heat about to bear down upon us, it was a timely post Sans.

    Thanks for putting it up. Dehydration does indeed cause many things in the body to dysfunction. We certainly don't need anymore "help" in that area, do we?