how many of you are houseound?

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    and what age are you? sometimes i feel like i am the only one who has no life at all i cant sit stand drive shop go out to eat about the only time i leave my house is to see the dr i am only 37 and everything is layed on my husbands shoulders thanks charlene
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    My husband did everything when I first got sick. For 3 years, he did all cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, plus my AND his jobs at the office where we both had worked for years. It's amazing he didn't kill himself. If I could go back to when I first got sick, here's what I'd do:

    give up all wheat and dairy, eat nothing with a food label on it except for treats now and then of healthy, gluten-free snacks, no butter or margarine on anything!!

    drink green veggie juices

    eat lots of veggies cooked, some raw, eat lots of rice and beans

    no red meat or fat except olive oil on salads, take EFA supplements, instead

    small amounts of chicken and fish

    figure out which fruits are not tolerated, for me papaya, pineapple, citrus fruits and bananas are not things I should eat

    take easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and amino acids

    I just turned 41 on Dec first. By far the stupidest things I've done that have set me back again and again until I've finally learned have all had to do with diet. You just can't eat what you want. At first I kept trying to eat some of the same things I ate before. Obviously, pizza and lasagna were out early because they are indigestible. But even granola is not something I can eat because of the sugar, oats and coconut.

    My diet was keeping me housebound. Now I go to the store with my husband. I walked around the store for 20 minutes the other day! Of course, all it accomplished was showing me a bunch of food I wished I could eat!

    best wishes,

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    I've had CFS/Fibro/Lupus for many years; in my 60's, and have had more & more episodes of being housebound.

    Haven't been able to do cooking, cleaning, shopping for the most part, but when I'm able, put me on a safe horse & I feel normal.

    I'm with Karen. Just got out of the hospital from having a huge GERD attack, which was brought on by stress of coming off a horse, and my diet needed to be reviewed again.

    She gave you a great recipe for increasing the quality of your life.

    Thanks Karen for sharing this for others to see as well.

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    When I got laid off from work, I was up for max 4 hours before it was nap-time. Using Transfer Factors, Olive Leaf Extract, low sugar diet, I've improved. Dr. Carol Ryser says that even if you can eradicate a virus, it takes 6 months for the body to rebuild the cells enough to overcome the fatigue.

    Sugar is my biggest "sin", since "viruses breathe sugar" William Wong N.D.

    I get disorientated when I drive. I feel lost. This has gotten better. I was having anxiety attacks and heart sensations that felt like it was going to stop.

    The anxiety attacks are much better with a GABA/Theanine supplement.

    The heart sensations have gone away since I started DMSA chelation. I just sent in my hair analysis...I know: Cart before the horse, but I don't make much sense with my Brain Fog at times.
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    So... six years?

    2000-2002 I could go out for a while once or twice a week. Bedridden after that. 2005 able to use the computer again some days, though still lying down the rest of the time. Mid to late 2006, not so well.

    I've changed my diet and stuck with it for years, eating mostly fruit and vegetables and protien, did the strictest candida diet for several months. Diet has not made a big difference for me. I am glad that it is helping lots of people, and certainly eliminating certain foods is a good thing to try.
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    I go out to the doctors and on RARE occasions to the stores (one a trip).
    I don't dare stay more than an hour and don't dare go without VERY comfortable shoes. I don't do the electric carts just for the exercise of it, though at times I should.

    I pay generally for a day and night after an outing. My whole neighborhood has changed and a freeway gone in less than a mile up the road while I was in the house unaware in the last year.

    I don't drive any more, haven't in over 20 years since we moved back to the city with insane drivers and the freeway to maneuver. I take pain meds also and don't think insurance would cover me if I had an accident though I never feel less than normal. It's the traffic mostly though that keeps me from driving.

    My husband has done the grocery shopping etc for the last 8 years since I got severe. I go occasionally if I'm having an extra good day but try not to waste my times out on groceries and save them for FUN trips.

    My husband has Diabetes and a genetic
    back problem and so he has lots of pain himself. Many days he doesn't feel up to walking around a store when I DO feel like I could. So I pass on those days too. It's always a decision we have to make AT the moment when we BOTH feel up to it and are prepared to possibly pay for it.
    It isn't a great deal eh? Bambi
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    I DONT go out. im not agoraphobic or anything...i WANT to get back out there. limited.
    not to mention i have 2 kids w/ me all the time ( 1 is only 4 months and too heavy for me).

    Naturally with this much to deal with i just stay home.
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    guys i feel like im in a sinking ship and the only way out is to jump like that would do a lot of good charlene
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    The following web site has some well written, well thought out articles written by people with CFIDS and people with FMS. They talk about coping with the many challenges of CFIDS.

    See the hotlink below:

    I wish you continued strength and hope.
    P.S. I am not housebound, and have more FMS symptoms than CFS. So with my extra energy, I wanted to bring you some support and comfort. I hope you enjoy some of the articles posted here.
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    thanks that was so sweet of you to take the time to answer my post my biggest problem is chronic myofascial pain it stops me from sitting or standing long charlene
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    I am 40 and am disabled with CFS. I've had it in some form or other since around 1987 or so, but became completely disabled in March of 2005.

    I cannot stand up for more than about seven minutes. I can't walk more than about thirty feet, I can't stand up in the shower, and I can't drive. But I am able to go for rides in the car, and I have an electric scooter and wooden ramp, so I can ride outside and down the street to the park. My wife packs up the scooter and puts it in the car when we go anywhere.

    Since I used to be a full-time teacher who climbed mountains or went skiing on the weekend, adapting to such limitations has been the biggest challenge of my life.

    My wife has to do abolutely everything. I'm not quite sure how we're managing, but we're making it. And I'm finding that I have a lot of interests that I can explore, though considerably less physical than before!

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    Mine is NOT diet related that much. That is me not others.

    For the first 6 months I could only eat fish and baked potato three times a day...lying down. At that point I could still take care of the laundry/cooking for the fam./ even cleaning. I was extremely organized when I first became ill.

    Then we moved and the 2 year old had to go to nursery for the afternoon and we hired a housekeeperfor major stuff. My husband was given a book right before we moved called "Thriving on Chaos". It was total chaos for about a year.

    Klonopin/heart med and kutapressin were the three things that got me going again...

    My "story" is in my bio.

    Hugs to all.


    PS Dr. Cheney does say that some get wonderful results with dietary changes.
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    I am housebound at the age of 29. Just was diagnosed with FMS in Nov. Know that I had CFS it hasn't been told to me by a DR, Suffer from alot of the symptoms. My rest is never refreshing. Who diagnoses CFS in the past? I go in for a sleep study at a sleep clinic. I have not worked in about 2 years. Have filed for SSDI JUly 06
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    I consider myself housebound due to my many health problems.

    I can drive places and run errands, if there are drive-thru's (like banks, etc) or if you can park right in front of the door! I can go by myself to some of my doctors--whose where there is valet parking and have volunteers to give you a ride in a wheelchair to the doctor's office.

    My daughter takes me twice a month to a WalMart Supercenter for grocery shopping, but I have to ride one of their motorized carts. While my daughter has me out, we run all the errands that I need to have done--getting stamps, etc. I normally wait in the car and she runs in to do what I need to have done. This way, I don't have to ask my hubby to do this stuff (which he would just mess up anyway!!).

    If someone takes me to a mall or someplace where walking is a must, they have to take my wheelchair to push me in. I love getting out, but I always "pay for it" the next few days!

    If I ever get this pinched nerve in my back "fixed" and after I get my knees replaced, I will be running my own errands, etc, no matter how much pain it causes -- I am so tired of having to have assistance in going places!!!

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    I am 57 and housebound and have been pretty much for about 9 years.

    My husband does all the errands and we just recently fired our cleaning girl so we are trying to do the cleaning ourselves. I do the dusting, hubby does the bathrooms and kitchen, and my adult son does the vacuuming. I hope it lasts a good while. You can't find anyone who does a decent job of cleaning anymore. My husband works full time and so does my son who lives here.

    I can sit and can drive to the beauty salon and doctor's but if I have to drive a long ways I like my husband to be with me. I don't see that doc but every 3 months, so it isn't all that bad.

    I haven't been in Walmart for about 9 months. I just can't do the walking and it is too busy to get around with the electric cart they have.

    Take care,
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    I'm thirty-seven. I got sick in 91. I've been pretty much housebound all these years. I rarely get to go anywhere. When I do, it's either to a doctor, to the grocery store on rare occasions, or to a lawyer for a bankruptcy since I'm so poor from the illness I can't pay for anything. I'm not well enough to do anything else. I feel very much like a prisoner in isolation most of the time. But I'm not well enough for visitors and social calls. It's a horribly isolating disease. If not for the internet, I wouldn't have any social life at all.
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    hello, i am new to this site am 54 and like u so very badley housebound with this damn pain which gone from bad to worse since was dignosed back in 2004, just ran out of ideas of how to cope and like u only have to go out when got doc or hos appos, and thats not easy task at all, ahh i just dont know what to do, cry of pain is d only thing can do anyway hope to chat soon.

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    more than i thought are sitting at home like me i read so many post about people working and i think to myself how right now we kicked our tenant out i just couldnt believe when my hubby took me there to look what a mess the doors are all busted the wall are falling down and every screen in the house is busted we are not slum lords this women was very distructive it is going to cost like 2000 dollars that we dont have anyway my point is if i was well i would be there to help and i have been thinking way too much about this and feeling frustation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank to all that answered charlene