How many of you are on HRT?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lexied, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Lexied

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    I was just wondering if Hormones might have anything to do with FM. I guess that's a silly thought since men have it too but this disease doesn't seem to "follow the rules" does it? I had to have a total hysterectomy when I was very young because I had severe endometriosis. I had several surgeries to try to get rid of it but they only made it worse. It was so bad that it had wrapped around my intestines and was slowly killing me. Needless to say, the doctors put me on Hormone Replacement Therapy immediately after my surgery. The HRT caused me a lot of problems including severe chronic migraines and I tried a lot of different forms of HRT to find a method (pills, shots, pellets, patches) that worked for me. The patch was the lesser of the "evils" so I used them for 13 years. I THOUGHT I was getting enough to keep me from developing osteoporosis but I found out 2 years ago that the patches had NOT been putting enough in my body and I did in fact have Osteoporosis as a result. They told me I had the bones of a 90 year old woman. How appropriate! That's how old I FEEL anyway! (Ha!) Anyway, I discovered all this while being tested for the "strange symptoms" I was having at the time which turned out to be ... you guessed it, Fibromyalgia / Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome!! Now I wonder if there is a connection... at least with me, or is it just a coincedence that I got all this at the same time?!?

    Just Wondering - Maybe Thinking TOO Much!!

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    Wow, sounds like ya had a rough time of it
    Yep I am on HRT after a total hysterectomy also when I was 37 I was put on Premarin 1.25 and also took added calcium and love cheese and milk (can't get enough dairy it seems)
    but after a fall, I was squatting and landed on my rump and fractured my T12 like a light bulb, of about 6 inches and a density test I found I had it bad.
    My FM and CFS wasn't diagnosed until this year but I am told I may have had it all my life but definately for the past 10 years. Since an auto accident in 96 just brought it out there was no way for a long time to determine which symptoms went with what for a physician.

    Hope this helps
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    For me it was the opposite. Right after I was diagnosed with FMS my periods stopped permanently - instant menopause! So who knows? I think there are many reasons people get FMS and everyone is different. I don't think there is just one cause.

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    That is/was not the only things but I would practically have flu symptoms with my period and my FMS problems would ALL flare. I would get under the covers in my bed in a fetal position and just shake from the pain and all the other sensations my body was feeling. All of the sudden at 37 they discovered I had zero estradial and put me on HRT. Since they had no way of knowing how long I had not had that hormone I could not go the "natural" route like many choose to do. Then, about 1 1/2 years ago my periods just stopped. I was 40. My body does much better as far as pain and flares. No more pain down my legs, extreme fatigue, thick fog, etc. I spun my wheels for quite a while. For two weeks I would just plummet with before, during and after my period. Then spend the next two weeks getting it back together only to have it all happen again.
    You are right. Everyone has different things that seem to be connected with their FMS. For me, I know that hormones absolutely are directly related to mine. But, others have no correlation between hormones and FMS symptoms. That is what is so frustrating. We are all so similar but so different too.

    Lynda B.