How many of you are on or have tried antivirals for ME?

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    Due to a recent crash my Herpes viruses have grown out of control. My doctor has put me on Valtrex. It took me two weeks just to get use to the drug. Each time I took a tablet, I would feel sicker for hours. Then it would be time for the next dose and on it went.

    I am now in my 4th week and am tolerating the drug well. Unfortunately I have not noticed any improvement in my symptoms.

    So I wondered how many patients here on the board are on or have tried an antiviral and what were your results?

    If they helped you, about how long did it take before you noticed improvement?
  2. Nanie46

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    I tried antivirals several years ago. I did not notice any improvement from them.

    I did notice improvement from eliminating cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup and gluten.

    A couple years later I did have significant improvement from long term antibiotics and bioidentical hormones.
  3. ladybugmandy

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    antivirals for ME have been tried by many many patients for years. some respond and others do not. usually, it is those with high antibodies who respond.

    i myself tried years of valtrex, valcyte, and even a few months of cidofovir but did not respond much.

    feeling worse for a time can be a good sign.

    good luck!
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    I've been on them for 18 months. I was told and I prepared to feel worse when I began was on taking them. I was told to start on a lower dose, and only 2x a day then I worked up to a higher dose 3x a day. It is helping, but it isn't the magic bullet I hoped it was. My leash is longer, and when I push it, my sore throats and fibro pain are less severe lasting less time. The first thing I noticed improvement on was my cognitive abilities improved. I read this is normal. Also my POTS is better. I've been sick for over 20 years, so I expect it to take a long time to get better.