How many of you experience Fibro worse in the legs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marcus1243, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. marcus1243

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    Just curious because when this thing started out over a year ago, the pain and stiffness was entirely in my neck, shoulders and arms. Now those areas are barely affected by Fibro pain at all. Now it's my legs that bear the brunt of it and they really are murder -- stiff, painful, achy, crampy, arthritic wooden-feeling joints, tingling and burning, sometimes weak. It's almost as though the FMS is travelling down through my body. Anybody out there with a similar story?
  2. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    Just curious because when this thing started out over a year ago, the pain and stiffness was entirely in my neck, shoulders and arms. Now those areas are barely affected by Fibro pain at all. Now it's my legs that bear the brunt of it and they really are murder -- stiff, painful, achy, crampy, arthritic wooden-feeling joints, tingling and burning, sometimes weak. It's almost as though the FMS is travelling down through my body. Anybody out there with a similar story?
  3. marcus1243

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    Because I have cold, pale feet, toenails that blacken and bruise really easily, circular red rashes of taut, dry skin on my feet, and on my legs, I have crescent shaped patches of complete hairlessness (looks really odd!) exactly where the calf muscles join the leg above the shin. I also have hundreds of tiny, purple capillaries that are threatening to burst through the skin on my ankles and heels. I've been fearing MS with these leg symptoms -- now I'm wondering if there's more likely a vascular complaint here...? (I get tingling mostly after walking -- a feeling like circulation is returning).
    Or could all this be fibro too?
    This thing just drives me nuts!!
  4. Kar

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    Marcus, you have company - I could have written the same message!

    I do alot of walking - my legs have always been my strong area. The last few months have been terrible. I keep making excuses, thinking it could be tendinitis, or walking on uneven ground (lawn), or needing different shoes/soles, or going from carpeting to hardwood floor surface, but I think I'm kidding myself. I was going to try a stretching class next, thinking that may help. Hopefully this will run its course as the shoulder/neck/arms thing did, and we will go on to our next tolerance "test"!

  5. Joannie

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    I can understand and sympothize with you. I used to be a waitress in a very busy restaurant. Leg muscles were amazingly strong. Now I can barely walk period. I hobble around. Can't shop unless the store has carts for me to lean on. I have the blueish calves, the foot drop and everything. If I walk much at all my left foot expecially turns fire red and I can not stand to have even the sheets touch it it, is so painful. Mine began with the low back and leg and has spread up to my neck and shoulders. Pretty weird I have thought. Usually it travels down they say.

  6. marcus1243

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    It's kind of perversely comforting to know that there are folks out there who are suffering the same way I am! But seriously, thanks for your replies and please post an update on your progress now and then, okay?
    This board is great -- it really feels like we're all fighting this thing together.
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  7. ggks

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    Yes, yes, yes I have them too. Sometimes my legs feel like they have no circulation, just ache and ache. I have planter fasciitis and a heel spur on the right foot. I was going to a chiropractor but after 4 treatments he said he could not help me any more. Now what do I do. Pain, pain. Oh woe is me. I was told to rub peroxide on them and one person said to rub natural apple cider vinegar on them. I haven't tried that yet. ggks
  8. Shirl

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    Yes, mine started in the same places as yours. Then I had my knees, feet and hips hurting (the hips put me in the bed for a week).

    My husband has a saying about my pains; 'I have ONE pain', and it travels all over my body! I think he is right.

    Shalom, Shirl
  9. darlee

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    My pain is worse in the legs and always has been in my lower back and predominately in my right leg until I fell 2 years ago and sprained my ankle. Then it switched to the Left leg predominantly. It is severe sciatica with a swollen ankle which will never heal they say- I have had all the tests mri's full body scans the dye test-all negative -I have 5 different ankle and leg braces all useless- after 5 minutes of wearing them, the pain on my ankle skyrockets- so I'm on neurotin, just started that 2 nites ago- if it works I will start walking( which I loved to do years ago- 2 miles every day. I have no blueness, but coldness in foot and hot spots running down side of leg.I soak in the tub and use microwave rice bags and my husband massages and squeezes the bottom of my foot- so hard he thinks he'll break it- but somehow it is soothing when he's doing it. ohhh well hang in their

  10. karmageddon

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    Ditto...I started getting cramps in my feet a couple of years ago, but now if it hits it's both legs all the way up.

    I was always a salt person but I got hooked on Dots wild berry candy and it finally dawned on me that eating that much sugar at one time was a trigger.

    I gave sugar up and have not had cramps that made me wonder if I should call the ambulance...aaack.

    But, dayyammm, they were good!

    Commercial fisherman swear by vinegar and will chug down pickle juice on the spot. Asian cooking includes a portion of something pickled, too. So it might not hurt to have a slice of pickled something every day... just one more of the 1,000 things it takes to keep up. : )

  11. Annette2

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    My FMS started in the hip and pelvic area and that's my worst spot! I have always had bad feet and having FMS hasn't helped it any. And having an "ample" bottom doesn't even help, darn it!!!!

  12. LindaGa

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    Ive had trouble with my left leg,hip and sciatic nerve it but me in a wheelchair that time and i fought back to my feet,but its back again and back to the walker and wheelchair again,I have fms and low back and scolois,I started nurontin 6weeks ago and am finally able to walk with a walker im on 600mg 3xda and had to work up to that level as soon as im doing better im going back to the gym and do weight lifting low weight to start it worked last time.God Bless,LindaGa
  13. luv2nap

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    Sorry, to hear you suffer from similar problems. The pain and weakness is absolutely the worst in my lower back and legs. The more I walk the worse it flares. Sometimes I can't walk at all due to the pain. Neurontin and Amitriptyline at bedtime have helped me alot over the years.
  14. Nikki

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    My leg pain started approx 2 yrs ago. At night my legs would ache terribly. I learned that if I would lie on my back and place a pillow under my knees, the pain would eventually subside. Then in Apr, I began having pain in my legs during the day. By June, I was in a full-blown flare. My ortho dr dx'd me w/shin splints & tendonitis (there was no injury involved). I was sent to PT where I was treated w/ASTM (augmented soft tissue massage). I found it very painful. The PT scraped hard acrylic instruments up & down my legs from my knees to my ankles (front & back). This was to break up scar tissue, then create new scar tissue (by re-injuring my legs) which in turn would be stretched w/exercise. I was black and blue and could hardly move afterwards. But, I continued once a week (they wanted to do it twice a week but it was way too painful) for about 6 weeks.

    But, now I believe the PT just "chased" the pain critters further up my body. One day I woke up and the pain seemed to be everywhere . . . my hips, my arms (awful tendonitis), my shoulders, my upper back and my neck. But, hey, my legs seem a little better. I can walk for longer periods now.

    So, back to PT I go hoping to get some relief. They tried exercise and electro stimulation w/moist heat (felt good at the time, but as soon as they stopped, the pain returned). The last thing they told me was they needed to start ASTM on my arms . . . I said good bye, see you later.

    Went back to the ortho dr. and he said I think you have FMS. Talked to my PCP . . . same thing. Could not get an appt w/Rheumatologist for 3 mos. . . but here's the kicker, the Rheumys will dx FMS, but they will not take any new patients w/FMS. A lotta good that does me.

    I called around and spoke to several PTs, and finally was given the name of an internist that treats FMS (she also has FMS). Made an appt . . . she seems a little eccentric (but very nice) and she's all I've got right now.

    I think my long journey is just beginning . . . each day brings "exciting" new hurdles to jump (jump . . . LOL), mountains to climb (climb . . . LOL) yada, yada, yada.

    I am curious about the ASTM and whether or not anyone else has had this treatment.

    Hope tomorrow's a better day for all of us.............nikki

  15. polliwog

    polliwog New Member

    Yep, that's been my major symptom for years, and it still is my major place of pain. Polli
  16. toots2

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    My worst pain site too, along with the buttocks and lower back. I also hobbel around taking very small steps especially upon arising and before going to bed. I have very rarely had pain above the waist so it could be worse. Toots3
  17. phenom

    phenom New Member

    and gradually moved to knees, then hips and back.... next came shoulders, elbows and wrists....... then i was diagnosed - i think the only thing certain about FM is that its uncertain!

  18. fibolady

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    this morning above my ankles feel like someone kicked them , sore, and soo, no one was in bed with me last night! yes, i get the red feet syndrome sometimes too, it is very weird.then at night my blood vessesls on my feet look like they are going to pop right out of my skin, huge.

    a self massage seems to help the most, and of course, the warm, moist heat helps. you can wrap the rice socks around your ankles or legs.

    warm regards,
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was experiencing horrible pain in my hips, thighs, and knees. One doc told me I probably had arthritis. Later, in my 40's a doc x-rayed my hips and told me I had no arthritis. It was not long afterward that the mycoplasma infection triggered my illnesses full blown. I also have pain in my neck and shoulder on the right side. This is where I had viral meningitis in my 20's.

    Love, Mikie
  20. marcia41

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    Hi Marcus,Well I started with neck and shoulder pain about 9 yrs. ago.It varied from just achy to severe off and on until 5 yrs. ago,after I was diagnosed with FM.Until then and many drs. and tx.'s(none helped).After the diag.,and tx. with Paxil,klonopin and Lorcet I got some relief from upper body pain,but slowly began to have pain in hips and legs.Again,some more tx and a neurologist(due to bulging spinal disks and some degenertive disks)who said an anti-inflammatory would help,and maybe some PT.None of the 6 different anti-inflam.'s worked(stomach pain from all)and the PT helped for awhile,but that stopped when the PT was over!Now,my pain is always in my hips and legs & feet at times.The upper body pain is mild now.I am on Methodone,10 mg.every 6 hrs.,Klonopin 1 mg. Effexor 150mg. and am doing better than I have in years.The Effexor has helped my depression so much(the Paxil had lost its effectivness 1 or more years ago).Still have hip and leg pain everyday but it's tolerable most of the time.I do have to do things slower and can't sit or stand for more than an hour,but walking is much better(can walk for 2 or 3 hrs)before pain starts getting worse.By walking I mean shopping,doing things around the house ect;).So,don't know if I'm going to stay this way or get better or if everythings going to stop working some day!This new tx has only been a month,so am hoping to get even better!Also plan to start a stretching exercise and water therapy soon,so may actually feel there's hope for a better life for me and maybe others who get their pain and energy under control!
    Hope this helps and mostly,hope you can get some tx that works for you.Bless you and please keep posting!
    Your friend on the board,