How many of you have light sensitivity?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by leah9798, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. leah9798

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    I was just curious , another friend of mine has fibro and does a lot of research and she's not so sure about the light sensitivity being fibro related and may be more mini seizure related. I was just hoping some of you could give me your input about how it affects you if you have it. I was wondering just how common it is with fibro. Fluorescent lights especially make me really dizzy and disoriented with a feeling of being weak and like I am going to pass out. Flashing lights are a lot worse and if I ever thought I could have a seizure it would be when I'm around them. Now she has my mind going and it would be great if you guys could help put my mind at ease. Thank You for your time!! Leah
  2. Mikie

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    Pleas go to our library here and read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on Klonopin. It will expalin why we have sensory overload, anxiety, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

    Our library has a search feature. Search on Klonopin.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi yes yes yes, i have this terribly i have had it as long as i can remember. i have to wear sun glasses all the time. especially in winter i think its the glare off the snow. i work in a medical office and thank god we have regular lighting. altho this to gives me trouble on some days. im not sure why i have been told by my eye doc that it is because i have light eyes they are a blue green color. who knows i just know that i get a headache and funny vision from it . i hope this helps kris
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    I have fibro and i'm extremely light sensitive. Bright lights and flourescent lights give me sharp pains in my eyes and head. Driving at night is terrible, as the head lights and street lights hurt my eyes and head. And also like you, flashing lights are the worst. Instant migraine, nausea, weakness, just downright sick, and scary too. I've been to a couple weddings where they have those stupid disco balls, and i've had to ask them to turn it off. You know what i also hate, in terms of flashing. when I'm driving and the sun is to my left, and it intermittently shines thru the trees, like it's flashing. I have to fumble quickly to get my visor down and over so it doesn't make me sick. So frustrating! I've always felt this was all do to my migraines, but i know lots of fibros have light sensitivity. Just another lovely part of this stupid DD. :)
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    I can't stand bright lights and I have to really squint outdoors if I forget to wear a wide brimmed hat. I always put it down to the fact that for 6 years in the 80's I lived way out in the mountains with no electricity, only oil lamps or moonlight. But I have read many posts here about us being sensative to light. My husband is always telling me to turn a light on - when I don't he'll go turn it on for me. Makes me crazy.

  6. MrsRoseFromKy

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    My eyes are also sensitive to bright lights,
    Headlights seem to be the worse thing for me, I get a major headache from them.
  7. leah9798

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    Wow how I can relate to to the sun flashing through the trees, I feel like I have a ping pong ball in my head when that happens.LOL Thank you for your post I feel better already!! Leah
  8. leah9798

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    I have always thought it was part of the fibro. In fact when I first read about it that was one of the weird things that stuck in my head. It was so strange to actually see that written down as a symptom and people just thought I was nuts when I would say it was the lights. Then my friend started talking about the mini seizures and that kinda freaked me out a little bit. Thank you guys love to you all!!!!! Leah and thank you Mike I'm going to read the article you reccomended on Klonopin
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    Yes, sorry to say this is another one of the FM problems.

    Some lights, like in Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, are brighter than the noon day sun. These are the worst kind of lights for us. Flashing lights are horrific to me, even if a commerical on tv has them, I am scrambling for the remote to change the station!

    I have gotten very sick in the above stores, on a few occasions I had to leave the cart, and simply go home without finishing shopping.

    But there is hope! If you can wear sun glasses in these stores, it will stop you from getting sick.

    A friend that has diabetes told me about this. I could not go out in the noon day sun either, I felt so sick, I would think I was going to die. I get hot flashes, cold sweats, lightheaded, sick to my stomach, and had no idea what was causing it.

    My friend has eye problems because of the diabetes, and she told me to try the sunglasses, it worked. I can handle those kinds of lights with the glasses. But not the flashing lights, thats out completely!

    I have florescent lights in my kitchen, it was my choice as I was concerned about climbing to change light bulbs in the ceiling, so we have both regular and florenscent but the florenscent are soft white, and some are grow lights which I can handle.

    I have regluar soft white bulbs over the sink, stove and wherever I work, but the florescent are on the ceiling. Its working alright for me this way.

    Try the sun glasses, thats the only thing that has helped me.

    I found this out in one of Devin Starlanyl's books about the lights, sounds, smells, etc.

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. malsmom

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    I seem to get real dizzy when watching tv or being on the computer. At first I thought they were mini seziures but the doctor ruled that out. I am always wearing sunglasses. I never thought this was a side effect. Thanks for posting this :)

  11. leah9798

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    The hardest time I have is in the big stores and it took me a long time to figure out that it was the lights. Then I started to notice I could go from one store to the next and feel completely different and I started to notice I always darted for the carpet and the small aisles. I finally figured out it was the ligts when i went to Walmart one night and they had just waxed their floors. I went to take one step and stopped dead in my tracks, I guess it ha ssomething to do with the reflection onto the tile too. Thanks for the advice on the sunglasses, I've never really cared for them but I'm gonna try it out it has to be better than the way the lights make me feel. Thank you!!!!
  12. leah9798

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    How did your doctor rule them out? Thanks!!!!
  13. dizzymindy67

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    i have light sensitivity really bad. never before until fibro. that i remember. sunglasses always outside. i hate lights on in the house. we sit in the dark and watch tv. w/ a candle going. a light is left on and i freak. driving at night even though you dont look right at the oncoming headlights- its a killer to stay on the road.stores are bad when im in a flare make me more dizzy than anything. thanks
  14. ranger

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    It's pretty sad on a normal or sunny day, that I have to keep my shades down in the living room. Most people (normals) like the sun. I too squint and quick get sunglasses on and a visor down over the beaming in the car. All my life I've hated flourecent lighting. I get headaches and spotted vision and crabby.
  15. libra55

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    Somebody mentioned the waxed floor in WalMart, and the lights, and boy does this ring a bell. One time I took my daughters to the local mall, this was before I was dx with fibro, I had Lyme too but did not know it, just knew I never felt well. We entered the mall and the floor is a checkered pattern, they had just waxed it and it shone so brightly I nearly passed out. I had to just go and sit in the food court and leave my sunglasses on. Going out the mall I nearly fell on the escalator. My sensory system was so screwed up that day.

    Now I have become so photosensitive that I keep the shades down in my home. People think I am a hermit. I have 4 or 5 pairs of sunglasses. The clip on kind and the really dark RayBan ones, and a few more. Can't be without them. I wear 'em in Target, WalMart, school open houses (boy do I get the weird looks). My dentist is great about it; he has a pair of sunglasses waiting for me when I show up!

    Best wishes,
  16. Renae 2

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    including photosensitivity is a CFS trait. My daughter with CFS has it.
  17. libra55

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    The last post about it being a CFS trait, that's really interesting to me because although I have a definite fibro dx I am not officially dx with CFS even though I feel in my heart of hearts that I have that, too. I have awful trouble with photosensitivity.

    Peace and good wishes,
  18. smilee

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    I do. My doctor sent me to a Neurologist who gave me a seizure test - I thought I was going to die . . . yet, I didn't - the test was negative - of course - I wear glasses and right now can't afford prescription sun glasses so I got a pair of sunglasses that go over my glasses and they also are tinted on the sides. They get me through the worst of times. Some people think I look wierd, some people think I'm somebody famous! lol!
  19. ksp56

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    I have to wear them all the time when I am outside, no matter what the weather is like. Overcast days bother me every bit as much as sunny days. So, it is the 'Blues Brothers' look for me!


  20. suz41

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    Hi Leah:

    Add me to the light sensitvity list. I have been light sensitive for along time. I try to avoid florescent lightinh, which is virtually impossible. Certain lights drive my brain carazy. I'm not sure of its my seizure disorder or FM, however I suspect both interplay with each other throwing little switches off in my brain.
    Seizures can be triggered by certain strobiscopic ligts but I stiil think the lights mess with my FM its a diffrent sort of feeling for me.