How many of you have OSTEOPOROSIS?

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    When I first started having "mysterious symptoms" and deep bone pain my doctors sent me for a testing marathon trying to find out what was wrong with me. I had MRI'S, CAT Scans, X-Rays, Mylograms, Bone Density Tests, Bone Scans and even more tests I can't remember... talk about feeling like a Lab Rat!! I'm sure many of you have gone through the same things or worse on your quest to find a diagnosis. Anyway... they found that I had CMPS, RA, FM/CFS, Bulging Discs and OSTEOPOROSIS... And I'm only 37 years old ... I never dreamed I'd have that. They estimated that I have the bones of someone between 75 - 90 years old. I was devastated. I have always taken calcium, not as much as I needed to, but I tried to at least include it in my diet. I had a total hysterectomy at a very young age because of a serious case of endometriosis, and since that time I have been on various methods of Hormone Replacement Therapy so I really didn't worry about any damage to my bones. I tried a lot of different things like pills, pellets, shots and patches... the patches worked best for me, or so I thought! I am convinced that for years I haven't gotten enough estrogen through the patches... and that's why I've got this problem now. I know there are lots of women who use the patches and I guess it works for some, but I think there are a lot more that they don't work for! I just wanted to know how many of you have been tested for Osteoporosis and how many of you have it along with FM.

    Thanks for Reading!!
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    Wow! Sorry for your troubles, but it's nice for me to connect with someone young who has osteopososis.

    I was diagnosed at age 19, and yes, I was treated like a lab rat for and out of hospitals for all kinds of testing. In the end, all the specialists didn't know why My bones were porous.

    I connected to information re: hyperthyroidism that explained this disorder may leave someone predisposed for osteopososis (I had been tested for other disease that might leave you predisposed for osteo. Results were all negative at that time).

    I was actually researching hypothyroidism, because I was having those symptoms. It is possible that I had hyperthyroidism as a kid. I recognized the symptoms as I was growing up.

    It's good to have the complete panel of thyroid tests done. Under the thread "Thyroid Stuff", this is discussed at length.

    I'd like to talk to you further. I'll post my e-mail in my profile. Hope to hear from you. By the way, I'm 49 now and am growing in to my DEXA results.
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    The nurtritionalist I asked about my osteoporosis said most women need more magnesium.This is some info I have found out about magnesium. The deficiency symptoms sound like it was pulled out all the FM/CFS symptoms.

    Over half of the body’s Magnesium is in the bones, ¼ is found in the muscles, and the rest is found in the body fluids and soft tissue. Calcium is not laid down properly in people with low magnesium.

    Magnesium converts carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy. It also cleans out toxin from you body, like ammonia. When people die of heart attacks, they usually have low levels of Magnesium in their heart tissue. So low levels are a risk factor for heart attacks. Higher levels of M also help your chance of surviving a heart attack.

    In Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), women tend to have lower levels of Magnesium. So, Magnesium treatments can relieve some symptoms of PMS, but not all of them. Headaches, dizziness, and cramping can be helped by Magnesium.

    Magnesium deficiency affects all tissues. Heart, kidneys, and nerve tissues are mainly affected. Symptoms for a normal Magnesium deficiency are depression, growth failure, muscle spasms, hypertension, convulsions, and nausea, lack of co-ordination and concentration, and muscle weakness.

    Advanced Magnesium deficiencies are just as bad. Swollen gums, loss of hair, and damage to the arteries can happen. Magnesium also plays a part in respiratory disorders, such as asthma. A Magnesium deficiency can add to the effects of asthma to make it worse.
    Most of this is off a Wellness site. I have been taking magnesium noticing that I have less HA (migraines) and my asthma is better.
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    I'm looking forward to begining the supplement.

    Lexied: I posted to you. Hope you see it.
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    hoping to get this to the top.
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    but, I have Osteoporosis and Gary Osteopenia. We take Actonel Me amd Gary Fosomax. Has helped the bone pain so far and will find out after a year and a new bone scan how it is working.They are supose to stop bone loss and increase bone.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    Found out I had osteoporosis at age 45 (now 51) when I broke a bone in my foot while walking the dog. I've got a hugh dog--long story! Anyway I was put on Fosamax and couldn't tolerate the stomach thing. Now, on Actonel, was surprised this year's DEXA was a lot worse. My T scores are in the -3 zone. Can't figure it out--I take Cal-mag and lots of vitamins. Now, I don't exercise very much (tough with FM) and even though I live in Florida I didn't sit out in the sun much. Heard sunlight is important for the Vitamin D to work. After many blood tests to test for metabolic problems, the results were all negative. So we are back to square one, on Actonel and trying to increase exercise and sunlight. Next year will be an important DEXA.
    Do you think there is any link between CFS, FM and osteoporosis?
    It will be interesting to see how many post on this subject.
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    bumping for more
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    I had the most difficult time trying to find answers and treatment. Each doc thought he'd be the one to unravel the mystery, but it never got unraveled. I just got pushed from one specialist to another. It was very disheartening to be so young...barely getting my life started.

    Anyway, i've said this before....I am 45 now and I am growing into my osteoporosis dx. Every year, the stats look better because I am 1 year older!!! Without humor, I'd of given up long time ago. But I'm still hanging in there.

    My best to all with poros bones no matter what your age. Step gently and walk lightly.

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    Hi Lex

    Was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago. I am now taking Fosamax and due for another scan. There was a slight improvement previously when I was on Rocaltrol. Hopefully the Fosamax will have been more effective. I also have RA as well as FM. Mellow
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    I have osteoporosis along with FM. When my nutritionalist ran some tests, I was low on magnesium and Vit C. She said a lot of women need extra magnesium and Vit C to build bone. Suggest adding some extra of these. Check the internet for more info. Just adding calcium without the others will not help as much.