How many of you starting getting sick a short time after childbirth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by praisingHim, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. praisingHim

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    Hello. Last year, 5 months after the birth of my 2nd child, is when I got SOOOOOO sick. I just woke up one morning, very exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, no appetite, and then within weeks to months came the other symtoms. Any one else get sick after childbirth?????
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  2. Lau

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    At first I thought is was my hormones, stc. Didn't seek medical help for al long time, but kept getting wose and having more symptoms or pain, fatigue, dizziness, etc. It took me many years and many visits to various and sundry doctors before I found out what was wrong.

    Please continue to follow up with your doctors to make sure nothing else is going on, maybe it is hormones or something else. Hope you get an answer soon as I remember how much energy you need to care for a little one.

    Take care, Laurie
  3. healing

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    I had my first flare the year my first child was born, including hayfever and other allergies. I attribute this to my being Rh Neg and my child (now 30) being Rh Pos. I subsequently had another Rh Pos child and my symptoms worsened. Although I've never been able to get any doc to give credence to this, I'm sure that it was the genesis of my symptoms.
  4. tes

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    I have had fm since I was 24(I am 31). Although, I have gone downhill since the birth of my first child(1998). I had a rubella shot after my delivery and wonder if that had anything to do with it. I also had 2 c-sections and know that surgeries can make it worse. I have developed too many symptoms since then...extreme lower rib pain, headaches and the list goes on. Glad you asked this question. Tes.
  5. griswoldgirl

    griswoldgirl New Member

    I had been diagnosed with CFS at that point and not fibro--that diagnosis came after him. Hormonal ??who knows

  6. Notonline

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    I think I've always ached...since I was about 13 anyways, always sick it seemed, fevers for no reason...etc.

    But it really got worse after the birth of my son...really bad pregnancy...I was sick the whole time, my son was born 3 months premature by C-section.

    He's four and doing great (thank God), I feel like a truck ran over me a few times at high speed. When I CAN sleep, it doesn't feel like I did, and I just ache, somedays it feels like someone took a wire brush to my skin.

    You may want to get your iron levels checked if you haven't already, after pregnancy, surgery, and breast feeding, and the stress of him being premature, mine were really bottomed out. That did help me some, especially it seems with the no appetite and nausea you mentioned.
  7. jmac

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    I thought I was the only one!

    Immediately after the birth of my first child (7 years ago) I started having IBS and numbness/tingling and swelling -- I thought it was post partum until family urged me to seek medical help (meds).

    Two days before my son was born I developed hypertension (currently on medication) and I couldn't sit or sleep for about 6 months because of the extreme low back/rear end pain. Of course exrays, MRIs showed there was nothing medically wrong with me. Yet no doctor could explain to me how I could expereince not one back ache during pregnancy only to be incapacitated after delivery. I currently take Vioxx and it helps keep the edge off so I can at least do day to day. Still battle the fatigue. For the longest time I just thought it was the sleep deprivation of having kids. My kids are 3 and 7 now, and I still fight it on a regular basis -- so that theory doesn't hold.

    Now it's progressing to the neurological/scarry stuff -- blind spots, loss of balance, memory problems, etc. We're not planning on having any more children. I joke that I don't have any good working systems left to mess up. I wouldn't trade my two precious little ones for anything, but I had no idea I would never be the same again. Do you think childbirth could be part of the trauma-induced FM?

  8. NightAngel

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    I had my 2nd child in 1985 and that is when I first got my fibromyalgia symptoms. The very first thing I noticed was pain in my sternum. I figured it was from carrying a big baby (he was 9 lbs. 4 1/2 oz and 21 1/2" long). Then the pain progressed to my ribs. A dr. told me I had chostochronditis (sp) and then I really went downhill in about 1988. Widespread pain and debilitating fatigue kicked in, blurred vision (which recently I found out I've been having optic neuritis problems), I developed a rare form of scoliosis (c-shape,) IBS, MVP, and many more illnesses/syndromes/symptoms.

    I am now 43. Been a long time at this.....
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  9. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    The way my mother described it to me was that she felt absolutely fine until I was born when she was 35. She never felt well again, and struggled for almost 50 years until she passed away in 1999. She was never treated for fibro, nobody knew what it was back then.

    I was sick before my children were born and I didn't get better or worse after the births.

  10. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    After the birth of my first child is when I got really sick with this. A physical therapist told me that many of the women he treated had the Fm come on after they had a baby. I will say though I had a few mild symptoms for many years before that, mostly restless legs and some tight musles but I did`t know what it was.
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